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    Alexandra Bruce
    February 10, 2014

    Edmund Druilhet, Executive Producer of the new film, ‘The Banksters Madoff with America’ here, interviews 20-year former Senior Council of the World Bank, Karen Hudes about how the NWO is crumbling under our feet.

    She cites an immense gold account in Hawaii and War Bonds, issued during WWII which with accrued interest, could more than pay off the US’ US$16 trillion debt but which the leaders of our country don’t seem to want to let happen – and over which she has taken several congresspeople and the the head of Joint of Staff, as to why they want a weak America?

    While Hudes says that Rothschilds are involved, that they are minor players in the ultimate control of the world’s purse strings: She cites Spain’s King Juan Carlos, the Netherland’s Prince Bernard von Lippe-Biestervelt, who died several years ago and who was the Founder of the Bilderberg Group meetings. Hudes basically implicates rhe entire royal family of the Netherlands, here.

    Prince Bernard was married to Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, whose daughter, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands carried on with their “traditions” and whose son, Alexander is the current King of the Netherlands. The first King of the Netherlands, Willem I, van Oranje Nassau, was the inventor/founder of the Nederlandse Bank AND of the Bank of England…

    She explains the real reason why both JFK and Abraham Lincoln were assassinated. She tells us how a nuclear war was averted in Syria and how two recently-dismissed commanders, in charge of the US Navy’s nuclear arsenal recently prevented a false flag nuking of Charleston, South Carolina, detonating the bomb 600 miles off the Carolina coast.

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