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Warning of incalculable damage to the economy, the CEOs of Delta Airlines, United Airlines, FedEx, UPS and others sent a letter to the Biden administration warning that C-band 5G radiation disrupts airplane instruments that could make “huge swaths” of the US fleet unusable.

As a result, AT&T and Verizon held off on rolling out 5G within two miles of airports.

“The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and our nation’s airlines have not been able to fully resolve navigating 5G around airports, despite it being safe and fully operational in more than 40 other countries,” they sniffed.

But the rest of their 5G networks went live on Wednesday.

Does anybody feel anything different?

5G has been foisted on the public without any human trials, the same way the COVID vaxxine was pushed out. Apparently, they only want to let those who can withstand constant bombardment by millimeter wave radiation and 5G-activated microcircuitry embedded in their tissues to survive past 2030.

‘5G Apocalypse’ is a full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G threat to humanity, featuring weapons development experts, biologists, molecular and cellular biologists, activists, as well as leaders who bring to light the dangers of 5G technology.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Do not be afraid of death, learn how to exit victoriously so you don’t have to experience the matrix again—

  • So, knowing the disastrous likelihood of the inevitable devastation that would come from 5G (from all ‘generations’, really), they devised a plandemic /vX that would intentionally interfere with the human studies that had and are being conducted on the adverse effects of 5G ?? How brilliant. Sinister, but brilliant.

    Some thoughts: At T43:19 where Thomas Joseph Brown speaks about the biotoxic molds that form when surrounded by emf: this explains the mold /fungi that can be seen on rooftops, decks, even dripping down along the sides of homes and buildings. Here I thought it was ‘just’ the “wireless” technology fallout (the barium, strontium, aluminum, etc.) making itself a little too evident … Lichen, it is said, thrives on radiation, hence the reason that over the past decade and a half we see so much of it covering our trees and manmade wood products that remain outdoors.

    Another thought: Where several of these scientists and experts refer to the “emissions” and “pulsations” (like from what I refer to as obummerbulbs), is it safe to assume that all of what we see today as ‘safety’ lights – annoying, flashing, strobing endlessly, as well as those equally annoying, ear-piercing backup beeper noises installed on heavy equipment, delivery vans, etc. – simply being used not for ‘safety’ but for pulsations that aid in transmission ???

    Too, at T1:13:02, where Marco Ruggiero, MD speaks about technology that is a “light at the end of the tunnel … a ray of hope”: If I didn’t know better I would say he is referring to the c’vid vX, in that he implies it will protect those who receive it and thus leave all the ‘unprotected’ unvXd to slowly die of 5G poisoning.

    Finally, with the ‘motherboards” shown at the beginning of the presentation, I was hoping to learn something more about the terrestrial /geographical ones (I call them their “MotherEarth-boards”) of which, if you open to google maps and click on satellite view, then zoom in closely, you will soon see what I am referring to. Start with the Mojave Desert areas and work your way east.

    Anyway, my heartfelt thanks for sharing. I, in turn, will do likewise <3

  • The savings grace for humanity here is women. Women naturally supporting motherhood, and will revolt if they are unable to become mothers.

  • I was the head of environmental section in a major electric utility. I received occasional complaints from customers living near high voltage transmission wires about emf health consequences. The can answers was the transmission lines were there first. And your email exposures from the microwave and heated blankets is way higher.

  • I don’t know if this has to do with 5G , but I had the most sickening sense of heat that night. I felt like I was boiling

  • Yes. Loss of smell and taste. That is supposedly also what the vaccine can cause.
    See Medford, Oregon in the 1970’s. (Too bad info is gone now)
    Medford, Oregon is Very close to a military base.
    Well, the residents, without their knowledge or consent were being experimented on by use of ELF extra low frequencies, which can and do cause insanity.
    There were many many suicides that ensued.
    Thanks, America.

    • Thank you for that link djf.
      Do we dare return to our normal breathing rate now? Have they really been placed on notice? Will the world’s LE agencies follow up and REALLY arrest these monsters?

      Forgive my doubt. They have been running over this world like demons from hell for many decades. What makes us think they’ll suddenly get a blast of conscience and go willingly along with arresting officers?

      Last observation, if this had as much weight as I’m praying for, it would hit at least ONE of our news orgs here stateside, but there’s been not one peep about this since Jan2, 2022?

      There is ALWAYS at least ONE SOUL who will leak a story, especially one as fantastic as this one out of Canada! Pray God blesses us ALL and exposes the reprobates in His Perfect Timing. <3 <3 <3

  • Trump is a big fan of 5G he wanted the US to skip to 6G to make us the world leader in microwave toasted brain tumors. The leading cancer type in the US especially affecting children . The doctors can tell if you are right or left handed based on which side of tour head your tumors are on. They place these towers on public school buildings the school district administration gets money to allow the cell operators to blast your children with dangerous levels of microwave radiation. The bad news they have been trying to kill us for years The good news we are as hardy as cockroaches which they must have mistaken us for. If the consumers knew about the risks would they stop using the phones around their children or quit altogether to save themselves, sadly the answer is no. Oh well at least the airplanes will be safe.

    • President trumps uncle worked with Nikola Tesla, after the death of Tesla, tasked by the US defense department oversee patented inventions.
      There is a theory, and I truly hope it’s true, the Trump has worked on a safe wireless technology. We will soon find out which one.

      Professor Charles Lieber, head of chemistry department at Harvard, have patents people should find out about, dealing with nano wires nanotubes and 5G. He was arrested towards the end of Trump’s term.

      If the untested military weapons of 5G or unleashed on us, there will be a proliferation of businesses selling protective equipment for homes and bodies, maybe even cars. There’s always that…….!!!


  • The Wolves are guarding the Sheep.
    5G and graphene oxide that self assembles in your blood system are a real joy to think of.

    On a side note, why was the law that kept Muslims from holding public office revoked in 1990?
    To install Barry?
    Or to prove that anyone from any country can be an American president?
    Thank you for your continued efforts to enlighten people, Alexandra.

    • ThANKS for your post, I have often wondered why so many took Obama as the first black president when his mother was white, and her family raised ob, with no help from his black father?

    • 80 pct of our politicians are men with little hats and have dual citizenship to Isreal that is a big number . Read there most holy book the Talmud will open you eyes Goyim

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