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Former DC Metro Police homicide detective and Fox News contributor, Rod Wheeler joins Jason Goodman in the wake of the dismissal of his defamation lawsuit brought against Fox News. Wheeler’s case was dismissed, together with a separate case brought against Fox by the parents of DNC staffer, Seth Rich. The latter lawsuit claimed that Fox colluded with the White House to propagate a false, politically-biased narrative about the murder of Seth Rich.

On July 2, 2018, Federal Judge George Daniels of New York’s Southern District dismissed the parents’ complaint in its entirety, finding that the suit did not meet the legal requirements to proceed. The parents’ lawyer, Suyash Agrawal says they “look forward to vindicating their rights on appeal.”

Wheeler had been hired by the parents of Seth Rich to investigate the murder of their son when he found himself gagged by their lawsuit, which stemmed in part from statements that he’d made on the air. Wheeler was subsequently fired by Fox.

Now free to speak, Wheeler says his statements were misrepresented by reporter, Marina Marraco from Fox’s local DC affiliate, Fox 5. Further, Wheeler says the subsequent online article published on the Fox News by Malia Zimmerman contained the same misrepresentations from his TV interview that he says originated from Ed Butowsky and that these were politically motivated. Butowsky is also a former Fox contributor and a Republican fundraiser in Texas who had actually paid Wheeler on behalf of the parents to investigate Seth’s murder. Butowsky and Zimmerman were exonerated by the New York Judge’s ruling.

Butowsky has claimed multiple times that Seth’s accomplice in downloading the DNC emails was his brother Aaron Rich, who currently works in cyber security for Northrup Grumman and that the two were in direct contact with WikiLeaks. Wheeler asks why Butowsky never told him that, seeing as he was paying him to investigate the case? When Wheeler recently asked Butowsky this very question, the latter’s response was, “I can’t tell you everything.” The two then discuss Butowsky’s editing of audiotapes that he surreptitiously made of both Wheeler and of journalist Sy Hersh, who did not know he was being recorded and who says the recording was not representative of their conversation.

Aaron Rich has sued Ed Butowsky and Max Couch of America First Radio for their remarks implicating him in the DNC Leak and in yet another lawsuit, former DNC media consultant, Brad Bauman is suing Butowsky and Couch for defamation and injunctive relief.

Of course, proving that Seth Rich, with or without the help of his brother leaked the DNC emails to WikiLeaks would put a nail in the coffin of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation into Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, Russian state actors “hacking” the DNC’s server and “meddling” with the 2016 Presidential Election.

In the first half of this interview, the Skype connection suffered from network congestion issues but it gets better and better as the interview progresses. Wheeler says he was getting very close to solving the case when he got pushback from the family and the DC Metro Police but that he doesn’t want to give any details for fear of finding himself in another lawsuit.

“There was one individual, Jason that really concerns me in this investigation. This person knew a little bit too much than they should have known with regards to the death of Seth Rich. I’ve listened to this person on various media channels…and I’ve always said to myself, ‘How did this person know that?’…They really should not have known unless they were involved,” says Wheeler.

Goodman raises his doubts about whether Seth Rich was even murdered, based on the 2017 interview he and George Webb did with him, in which Wheeler stated that there was “No autopsy report, no ballistics, no death certificate…there’s body camera footage that’s gone missing…”

Drawing from his own experience as a former Detective at the DC Metro Police Department, Wheeler explains the bureaucratic process involved with filing a case from the scene to the dispatcher, etc. and why he believes that Seth was indeed murdered, although he has complained from the very beginning that he wasn’t getting the typical responses from the Police Department and he can’t rule out Goodman’s suggestion that a Federal agency was inserted into the police case.

The two discuss the recent press conference put together by Republican activist Jack Burkman radio host, Matt Couch and the new witness to the murder, “Luke” who claims a former DEA agent was hired to kill Seth. Wheeler asks why isn’t the police department and its trained detectives questioning him?

Wheeler says he’s positive that the case can be solved. Many more fascinating details are to be found here. For followers of the Seth Rich murder mystery, this video is a must!

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    • I don’t know but according to Matt Couch, who has made it his mission to investigate the murder: “At approximately 4:19 AM CIC Shotspotter reported shots fired in the area of Flagler and Northwest in Washington, D.C. Six Officers responded to the shooting, and NO LOOKOUT or BOLO went out, or has ever been released by Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police, why?”

      • As of 1979, there were close to 300 murders per year on the streets of Dc> Somebody close to me was one of them. The cops filled out their paperwork and told us up front that they doubted anyone would be found to be a culprit.

        They didn’t investigate it.

        It was being run by urban progressives and it still is, just like Detroit, Flint, LA and 30 other slimeball progressive inner city filthy excuses for cities in what has become this God forsaken country.

        Find Seth Rich’s killer? Hell, Reagan’s real killer was never brought to justice.

        What happens on the streets of DC stays buried on the streets of DC/Chicago/LA/San Fransisco/ Cleveland/ Miami/Houston/ oh what the hell.

  • Is it possible that the parents of Seth Rich were bought off? They were so committed to finding out about the death of their son that they hired this retired DC police detective, but then turned around, let him go telling him to discontinue his interest in the case in absolute terms, and then actively blocked any effort at further investigation he attempted on his own. I find this highly irregular and suspicious. It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if the Clintons didn’t make them an offer they couldn’t refuse to shut the case down. Meanwhile, the slaying of Seth Rich serves the Clintons as a warning to anyone attempting to out the abject corruption going on across this whole country from the highest offices of our government down to the smallest local jurisdictions. It is appalling the way America and Americans have discarded anything that looks like ethics these days.

    • Lisa, it’s a valid question and yes, their behavior seemed suspicious to me, as well. Look at the faces of Seth’s parents. Do they look heartbroken to you? Jason probably chose this image for the thumbnail because he doesn’t believe Seth was killed. To me, their faces don’t look like their son was murdered. I lost my mother a few months later and if you took a picture of me holding a picture of her, I would not be looking like that. I would be looking heartbroken.

  • I find it VERY Strange that this black man is working for “Homeland Security”…a Germany NAZI creation adopted by the USA…You know, the country that actually LOST WW2 to Germany.
    They really wanted to create FASCISM Here even BEFORE the war was started (Around the 1930’s) The book written by former 5 star General Smedley Butler (War is a Racket) documents HOW this was attempted.
    If this BLACK man KNEW all about the entire Black raced beings treatment through out HIS-Story (White mans version) by the WHITE race…He wouldn’t have ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM!
    To involve a BLACK man in all this Seth Rich stuff, is but ANOTHER slick way to cover up the White man’s Legacy (His-Story)
    Find Black people that DO NOT KNOW THEIR OWN-Story and use them to make it appear the the White man is NOT Racist, is an Ideal tactic they use to cover-up themselves.
    Lets REMEMBER…The White race CREATED “Racism” in the First place…aND are Still very busy at trying to COVER-UP, OUR-Story (All God/Woman Beings)
    A Study OUR REAL Story will uncover ALL this racist BS, via White raced Man-Kind and their efforts to CHANGE Our-Story into HIS-Story.

  • Two GLARING problems with Jason’s comments here:

    1. He implied the Seymour Hersh audio tape was not credible, was edited, was otherwise confusing, because “it wasn’t an official interview on CNN or something.”

    2. He just nodded along and agreed with Rod that the DC Police, who are obviously implicated in this thing, should be the first point of contact for every step of this investigation. How is this true, in any sense?

    The only credible revelation here was that Rod revealed Butowski had not told him that Seth Rich’s Dad in early 2016 said openly that Seth had leaked the DNC info to WikiLeaks. But still, why isn’t that case closed?

    Then they spend a ton of time trashing any and all other info generated by other investigations like America First and Big League Politics. What a freaking circus. Do they even believe Seth Rich was murdered at this point? Jason thinks he’s not even dead? There is all kinds of countersignaling and dead ends by these people, and I don’t like it. A lot of “it’s unfortunate,” and “it is what it is” coming from Rod’s end. Meaningless tripe.

    • I think the extreme litigiousness around Seth’s murder is why neither of them are being straightforward about their opinions, so I would take that into account before you start slamming this as “meaningless tripe”. Combined with the obfuscation by the DC Metro Police Department, one practically needs to have made the Seth Rich case a fulltime job to read between the lines of what the two saying (and not saying).

      If Seth Rich was the DNC leaker, it is a HUGE story, because the FBI, DOJ, etc. have been trying to impeach the President based, in part on the premise that the DNC was “hacked” by “Russia”.

      Historically, analysis has not been Jason Goodman’s focus. He is a producer/cameraman, not a writer/director. He’s preoccupied with the complex content-creation, with all of the live-switching between multiple inputs and the scheduling and booking of guests. He produces multiple videos daily. He’s not lazy! We all have our strengths and weaknesses. His strength is in getting access to the players and in providing content that we can analyze.

      This, for example was an up-to-the-minute live broadcast of a breaking story on the day the cases against Fox (including Wheeler’s) were dismissed in Federal Court. I’m grateful for all of Jason’s work and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t see this until a week after it was livestreamed! We can study his documentation and fit it into the puzzle with the other data that has emerged.

      Somebody is clearly financing the Rich family’s “lawfare”. If they could not afford to pay Wheeler as their PI, it stands to reason that they cannot afford the lawyers who are representing them in several lawsuits – AND in their appeals! Brother Aaron filed a defamation suit separately, as did former DNC media consultant, Brad Bauman, who claims he’d volunteered his services to be the Rich family’s spokesperson earlier this year.

  • Agencies don’t insert themselves into police cases…no, not at all. JFK, MLK, RFK, JFK Jr, Vegas, every single school shooting ever, what?

    C </b<L O W N S *in* A M E R I K K K A

    • C <L O W N S *in* A M E R I K K K A

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