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Last week, the Mainstream Media had some snarky fun ridiculing “Q”, a decentralized movement of Trump supporters galvanized by posts made to anonymous online chatboards by “QAnon”, a self-described government agent with a top-level security clearance who posts purported clues about what’s really going on behind the scenes in the Trump Administration, with assurances of “sealed indictments” and imminent mass-arrests of corrupt government officials.

This 4-minute video was created either by the “Q collective” or by a group self-appointed as such and it could be seen as Q’s latest “State of the Union”. I cannot vouch for all the claims made here but it’s a full frontal assault on the corrupt DOJ, FBI and the Mainstream Media, so I love it.

Readers of my site will know that I’ve largely ignored this Q business, referring to it as so much “hope p0rn”, while also recognizing that people I respect and who clearly aren’t stupid are avid Q followers, including radio host and YouTube personality, Lionel (aka Michael LeBron).

I remain as uninterested as ever in verifying the validity or the accuracy of Q. However, I am interested in where the followers are going with it. To the degree to which this Pokémon-Go-esque phenomenon gets people engaged with their government, I have no complaints.

This video, called ‘Killing the Mockingbird’ refers to Operation Mockingbird, an early 1950s CIA project led by Frank Wisner and said to have been created to counter alleged Kremlin bribery of US and European journalists to disseminate views supporting the Communist cause.

Frank Wisner had been a member of the OSS during WWII and he helped to integrate the newly-formed CIA with the knowledge base of Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen. (Yes, I know).

In 1948, Wisner recruited Phil Graham from The Washington Post to run the project within the news industry and within a couple of years, Wisner is said to have “owned” respected members of The New York Times, Newsweek, CBS and other major news entities. In 1977, the once-great, now-shill Carl Bernstein wrote in the once-great, now-pathetic Rolling Stone that by 1953, Operation Mockingbird was overseen by CIA Director Allen Dulles and had gained major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. Given Bernstein’s heroic roles in breaking the Watergate story and in covering the Church Committee hearings, one wonders what has caused him to slink to such depths as to stump on every media outlet these past 2 weeks, pantomiming outrage over Trump’s statement that the press was the enemy of the people. If it wasn’t shot already, Bernstein’s legacy is now officially garbage.

The basic modus operandi of Mockingbird was to provide CIA-developed reports to journalists (whether witting or not), which would, in turn be repeated or cited by other reporters and throughout the wire services. According to Bernstein, the main players in this operation included among others, William Paley (CBS), Henry Luce (Time and Life), Arthur Hays Sulzberger (The New York Times), Alfred Friendly (The Washington Post) and Joseph Harrison (The Christian Science Monitor). The ideological bent of the operation at that time was Liberal, pro-American-big-business and anti-Soviet.

Following the Watergate scandal in the 1972-1974 Church Committee hearings in Congress, it was revealed that the CIA maintained an international network of several hundred people to influence opinion through covert propaganda. Domestically, it was revealed that, “Approximately 50 of the [CIA’s] assets are individual American journalists or employees of US media organizations…More than a dozen United States news organizations and commercial publishing houses formerly provided cover for CIA agents abroad.”

In 1973, CIA Director William Colby claimed that he would stop this practice and in 1976, CIA Director George HW Bush went further, announcing, “Effective immediately, CIA will not enter into any paid or contractual relationship with any full-time or part-time news correspondent accredited by any US news service, newspaper, periodical, radio or television network or station.”

However, in 2014, Udo Ulfkotte, Assistant Editor of Germany’s main daily newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung revealed that Operation Mockingbird was alive and well when he went public about having been one of many major journalists who were bribed for decades by the CIA to write propaganda articles in support of US State Department objectives. Ulfkotte was dead two years later, at 56.

The English-language translation of Ulfkotte’s book, ‘Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News’ can only be purchased used, from $900!

It would be nice if Q is not just hope p0rn.

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  • The U.S is bombing the mid-east once every twelve minutes, meaning more bombs are being dropped there now more than ever. Trump is more similar to Obama than might first appear. Yemen being one example; re-supporting and funding the White Helmets another. If Q really is a threat to the deep state I wonder why he hasn’t been taken down. Is Trump draining the swamp by supporting Netanyahu? Why does Assange regard Q as fake? Trump’s appointments don’t seem too anti deep state to me. Perhaps this is a factional war where we look at what is being presented as strands of light through a prism. The colours we “see” are what we want to see..

    • Anonymous has declared war on Q. because q is a disinformation agent. Or well agents.
      So heads up y’all, anonymous is doxing q supporters. Because q is not anon.

  • Check out the Corbett Report episode 344 for something to do about “social media”. What to do about it. Very concise.

  • I’m anonymously posting feedback from a subscriber, here:

    “You’re smart enough to know a potential rabbit hole trap; if this were a psyop (or more laughable a LARP) it could ruin years of good work by being endorsed. My article was the first mention of it and it was still arm’s distance stuff.

    “I am convinced that it is real, or at least some of it is. The early posts were by a an Army SIGINT guard unit in Utah attached to the ‘No Such Agency’.

    “Cursory investigation drew a straight line from Admiral Rogers to the president to them; too much connective tissue to ignore. Other military types
    came upon the same conclusion. There has been changes, there has been hacks and phony Q posts since.

    “But the wall of empirical evidence is getting pretty high; this fire engine on the tarmac when the prisoners were returned had ‘Q 74’ on the door;
    no fire engine has a designation such as that, and it was also shot through the window of AF 1 with Trump in the foreground. 74 is the number of the
    key post.

    the photo:

    You may stick your big toe in the water now…”

  • A bit off this topic, but…I recently (this morn) clicked on my YT handle thinking to audit subscriptions and found that page completely blank…no subs, no commented on videos, no anything…guess they’ve come down into that level of censoring, pathetic. That’s nine years of my comments and viewing…!!

        • addendum…I went back to look again and low and behold, under ‘playlists’, today’s activity shows up where there once was viewing history and under ‘channels’, the entire subscription list is back…ever feel like yer being watched?

          • I can’t stop…also, the date was changed to Sept ’10 and I know that’s wrong because I was making interview videos for a local political party in ’09 and sub’d at that time…ain’t life grand??

  • Isn’t it OBVIOUS too anyone, that the whole “Disclosure Movement” has been high-jacked…Including MOST so-called “Light Workers”…Like to so-called “Alliance” which SMACKS of SEPARATION and not UNITY,
    Its all about US and Them…They all buying into “Trumpism”, which is promoting a FASCIST dictatorship EXACTLY as Adolf Hitler did.
    All this crap about “Draining the Swamp” has turned into a VERY Bad Joke…40,000Plus so-called “Indited” folks who have NO Names…A GESARA (NESARA that will NEVER happen…A SECRET Space Program/Force that ONLY “Certain People” know anything about…NO ONE is telling the REAL Truth about OUR REAL ORIGINS (OUR-Story)…We are being sold a version called HIS-Story, which is being PROVEN A LIE by the hour.
    A CONSTANT “Delaying” of ANYTHING really happening…LOADS BS each day about it.
    Its a GOOD thing that, at least ALL this BS is being EXPOSED…Via the REAL “Divine Beings” while the FAKE ones are being exposed by THEIR OWN LIES EACH DAY.

    • Time to ditch all the popular “government controlled” formats? I have friends who are fed up and doing it…….and they are’nt even “truthers” or “conspiracy” advocates!

  • It must really suck…

    to hijack a nation’s legacy
    steal their culture
    make slaves from a free press
    mind control their leaders
    frame the debate
    divide with fake issues
    weaponize for war local police
    outspend the gdp
    make debt your bitch
    cause neighbor to spy on neighbor
    steal the resources from every land near and far
    assassinate anyone threatening
    be pawns for bitches Rothschild & Rocky
    have to kill billions for your overlord

    but that’s what you get for losing your souls

    Don’t kill the mockingpress, kill the bitches and their assassins.

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