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There is a lot to unpack in the Soviet Union’s – excuse me – Big Tech’s de-platforming of Alex Jones – and in the horrid censorship, often by covert, algorithmic means towards the Alternative Media in recent years. This stealth shadow censorship kicked into high gear during the early days of the 2016 Presidential Election, which I experienced directly and observed Internet-wide.

According to a Supreme Court ruling, “Hate Speech” is NOT unconstitutional and it is protected in the US under the First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Alex Jones was not in violation of any US laws in his activities with InfoWars and he is now demanding the right to a Congressional Hearing.

Jones did, however run afoul of the whimsy of numerous corporate social media platforms’ indistinct Terms of Service (TOS). These corporations all pitilessly “un-personed” Jones in one fell swoop, like ninja synchronized underwater assassin ballerinas.

This is Fascism. For everyone who hates Alex Jones and is glad that he was de-platformed: You have ceased to be an American. My advice to you is to go to the EU, where the censorship and libel laws are really strong, that is, if you don’t prefer China. Go live the Globalist Dream.

The major social media platforms are all monopolies. These monopolies have been enabled by US lobbyists who claim and lawmakers who agree that they need to remain monopolies, in order to remain internationally “competitive”.

I have argued, as have others that since these centralized, information-gathering Tech Giants have been and continue to be heavily-subsidized by the US National Security establishment (with US Taxpayer funds), as the most amazing spying tools in history, they are already defacto utilities and should become formally recognized as such.

Either these Tech Giants are impartial public free-speech platforms or they are publishers. Legally, they need to clarify which of these they are to their users. You can’t curate-out someone, like Alex Jones, with a hardcore following of at least 6 million people and call yourself an open, free-speech platform.

James Corbett says the Tech Giants are dying to be acquired by government entities and to be classified as public utilities. He also reminds us that we can simply #WalkAway from Facebook, Google, etc., the same way that many of us did from MySpace (remember them? There are still bikini pictures of me on there and I need to shut down that account, which I haven’t visited in over a decade and it will take an hour of password recovery to do).

Truly, without us, these platforms are nothing, they are made of our user-generated data. We could make them dustify and drop at free-fall speed, like the WTC towers, if we wanted! Hahaha! We could all do this in one coordinated action, the same way that they de-platformed Alex Jones, if we so chose, or we could just mosey on out, on our own time and let these guys go out in a whimper.

Tell me what you’d like to do!

Going the regulatory route, Corbett reminds us that smashing monopolies, as happened with Standard Oil, only ended up creating more mirror-companies and more wealth for the shareholders. This may be why lawmakers have not enforced the Anti-Trust Act against Google, Facebook and others.

Who needs these bastards? I mean, really? Ask yourself if these companies represent a significant income and/or valuable social connectivity to you. If they’re not serving you, why should you be serving them? Why should you be giving them so much data about yourself? Why should you be giving extra to the gargantuan surveillance apparatus of the Obama Administration?

The SGTReport recorded this roundtable of YouTube creators, in response to the deletion of Alex Jones’ personhood, the incremental censorship and take-downs that they have been experiencing and how they propose to move forward.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The USPS is an abbreviation for the United States Postal Services which is a vast group of members contributing towards the development of the nation.

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  • The only way forward is open soure. Why, because Big Tech, working for Big Brother, buys up any firm that achieves enough subscribers. So even if you trust a small guy, he will someday or other, disappear into the belly of the beast.

  • What’s Happening Here is Alex Jones is being sued buy some of the family members of Sandy Hook for calling the incident crisis acting there are also incidents where he’s identified children’s as crisis actors those family members are suing as well now Facebook YouTube well Google collectively are being sued because Alex Jones is on their platform I think this is not a second amendment issue I believe they shut his platform down because of the lawsuit I could be wrong but my research tells me this is what has happened

  • If you’re an alt media channel on YouTube, it would do you good not put all of your eggs in one basket, create a channel on BitChute, and (along with YouTube) upload your videos there as well. If you do this, and start gaining a following on BitChute, you’ll be grateful that you did this when or if YouTube shuts you down.

  • Alex Jones isn’t the only one removed…it looks like Richie From Boston was also scuttled. This really has to stop. We need to stop supporting these companies that have assisted in blocking our brave bringers of the truth.

    • V, you just hit that nail on the head. This is the exact reason why legacy media has shut down Alex. They simply cannot have some some mega pro-Trump channel with millions of subscribers pushing Trump momentum before the mid-term elections, let alone in 2020.

  • Living somewhere in the EU I can only say opinions are far more reserved where I live. What one says outwardly doesn’t necessary lives on the inside. EU is still countries slapped together and EU officials with big ego’s aggrandizing themselves.

    The most problem with social media is it feeds ones own wishful thinking. It ferrets out fast what ones likes and feeds it back at you ferociously. No wonder people are hooked.
    The biggest fallacy of social media that it is a platform where you can learn lots of things.
    It is good for feeding ones own aggrandizing thru spreading lots of different ideologies thru psychological/physiological trickery. Indeed, the narrowing down and tweaking of internet that serves the elites was inevitable.

    I learned more from a few subscription sites that reverence to books and occasionally docu’s.
    The world and it’s wisdom is not on internet.

    None the less I detest censorship whatever people use internet for.

  • If anything, this move has been an eye opener. After the group talk, it’s clear that the monopoly of FB, You Tube etc. needs more input from the people that contribute and have built this information exchange and given America a platform from which to give and receive ‘ALTERNATE IDEAS & TRANSPARENT NEWS.
    There is no way I could accept going back now. We are growing into our responsibilities of keeping the media on track and demanding it stays that way, THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOUR FOR YOUR HARD WORK & PASSION.

  • I, too, would like to see the social media sites regulated like utilities. Maybe it will happen someday.. who knows. Until then, these are corporations that can make their own rules and regulations, like it or not.

    Meantime, Alex Jones was not thrown in jail nor was his personal website taken down. He’s still welcome on Twitter and some other social sites. His fans still have access to his videos and whatnot that he offers.

    Mike Adams has started an alternative to YouTube that is: He says he’sll take all videos with no censorship. Check it out if you have any controversial videos you want viewed.

    I don’t agree with most of Mike Adam’s political views, but he does have good nutrition advice.

  • I am deeply disturbed by comments on facebook regarding WW2 stating the Holocaust never happened. I am 86 and I lived during WW2 and the war’s atrocities were painful. I know a book was written by an English woman stating that the deaths of 6 million jews never happened. There are, or have been survivors of the Holocaust that would say differently. I am not Jewish, I am alot German and some of the survivors have lived in counties surrounding mine. I experienced WW2 growing up by the rationing, and collecting of metal,rubber, anything that would help the war. I know many Truths are being revealed at this time, and I don’t care if they never got to the moon…someone is already there, but can I get some help with this subject. Thank you so much.

  • OK, let’s go through things slowly:
    1. Libel laws are not “stronger in the EU”. It depends on the EU country. If you want to get away with saying all sorts of hateful things, the UK is a pretty good place to do so, and repeatedly proven to be better than the US.
    2. Media platforms aren’t a monopoly because the government helped them. Newsflash: the government just about recently figured out what Facebook is, let alone started thinking about helping them out. Facebook’s share of business from government is so small, they didn’t even bother to check out the nationality of people paying for campaign adverts, because it was such small change for them.
    3. Another newsflash: Monopolies DO NOT need governments to exist. Repeat: Monopolies CAN appear rather naturally. There is NOTHING in free markets that prevents monopolies. Repeat: Competition NEVER DID, and NEVER WILL prevent monopolies. This is just a BIG LIE that has been repeated to you long enough that you no longer question it. Monopolies appear in free markets ALL THE TIME. And that’s one of the main things wrong with free markets. They don’t do the things they told you they do. There is nothing intrinsically fair about free markets. You got the best, provably best social media platform, and network and scale effects will guarantee you will get a monopoly. No government intervention needed. In fact, it’s places with strong governments, like the EU, where tech monopolies are broken most often. It’s the EU that stopped Internet Explorer from becoming a monopoly browser.
    4. Social media platforms aren’t free speech platforms because that’s what the users wanted. Yes, users insisted that Facebook police pages. Facebook would rather not, it makes them employ people when they would rather not employ them. Maybe you aren’t one of such users, but the success of a social media platform depends on what most users want. Get used to it: the people have spoken, and people would rather not have free speech.

  • Reminds me of book burning. Anti-American at its worst.

    The left always seems to stumble over the traps laid out before them and then shout about the hate of the trap owners.

    To say that the movement is sick, devoid of ethics, morals and true courage is self-evident. BTW, direct action is not courage if you do it as a group. That is group think, coercion and garbage foisted in the faces of people who will now also learn to hate you.

    The modern left is sowing the seeds of destruction of society as we knew it and for themselves. I call that sick in the group think mind.

  • To Add I have to AGREE about the TITLE of this post; THIS IS “NOT” AMERICA!
    Otherwise This country will fold away just as ROME did.

  • Actually from already knowing that AJ is Fraud, this supposed move against him reads more like “Reverse Psychology” which has the REVERSE effect on his media circus called “Info-wars”.
    It is actually designed to give him MORE “Credibility” in view of whats going on around this planet
    UNDERSTAND anyone???
    So-called “Alternative press” anymore has Slowly being turned Around into what is being called Right and Left /Mellinials/Etc…MORE like Fascism.
    AJ actually goes a long way into PROVOKING the Sheeple into ATTACKING the “Establishment” (Religion/Government)…Which the cabal WANT them too, so as to justify even MORE oppression to the Sheeple.
    As far as AMERICA is concerned…The REAL Americans have been “Covered Up” or exterminated Culturly.
    Remember America was INVADED by Europeans and the “Natives” whole THEIR-Story being destroyed.
    HOW in the world can they expect to make this country to become “Great Again”?!? With THAT HIS-tory???
    There seems to be more of a movement to CURVE YouTube from posting REAL TRUTH about OUR-STORY.
    YOU TUBE is being LOADED with videos EXPOSING THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT “OUR-STORY”…Which White raced people are trying DESPERATELY trying to HIDE!!!
    I STRONGLY suggest “Awakened” WHITE PEOPLE watch a video called: OUT OF DARKNESS
    Its Really a Vatican/Zionist take over of the entire planet…WAKE-UP SHEEPLE!

  • I haven’t listened to the video, simply read your commentary.

    Corbett’s argument is specious. Why? The reason YouTube, FB, etc. are monopolies is because the data and infrastructure costs required to maintain and sustain these environments are enormous. In addition, they require USERS to maintain their hold globally.

    These social platforms were funded to the tune of hundreds of BILLIONS by the US govt and taxpayers to grow to the size they have. This facet alone makes it difficult for latecomers to the game to replicate anything approximating equivalent success.

    Lawmakers have not enforced the Anti-Trust Act against Google, Facebook and others not because of Corbett’s specious argument but because the Demons in Congress in the Uniparty know that anti-trust legislation removes their ability to arbitrarily censor content that they don’t agree with.

    FTC coupled with the USA 1st Amendment is the way to go. The aspect of FTC control that benefits humanity is the REQUIREMENT that all be provided EQUAL ACCESS. That negates these bought-and-paid-for-by-the-American-taxpayer media giants the ability to de-platform voices their progressive, whiny, “liberal” (fascist) politics dictate.

    Given these facts the FTC is the way to go. FTC needs to be in control before the 2020 election cycle or LIES and FAKE NEWS will dictate election results, not FACTS and appropriate, BALANCED public discourse.

    • Corbett is rarely ‘specious’. In this case, having not even listened to the p;resentation, I suggest that you calm down and not further embarrass yourself.
      The EU has over 2000 internet service providers. Therin lies the core problem of access, no competition. The FTC needs to bust up AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Sprint…

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