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Betsy and Thomas (Tyla and Douglas Gabriel) have a running series that is a tongue-in-cheek send-up of the Q phenomenon, where they decipher Trump’s tweets or “T-drops” but these really just serve as a springboard for Douglas Gabriel to do a deep dive into his ocean of knowledge about global corruption. (The Krazy Kat art in the thumbnail is there to confuse YouTube’s censor bots).

Among so many other things that we learn here is the gobsmacking detail that the twelve branches of the US Federal Reserve have been actively investing in the stock market, with many taking huge positions on the Tech Giants, otherwise known as the  FAANGs, an acronym for Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google.

Might this explain why these Silicon Valley companies are so wildly overvalued? Might this over-inflated value be a way for the Fed to manage the inflation of the US dollar? Nearly one third of the US central banks’ assets are currently being traded in the stock market. Does this give the Federal Reserve Bank the ability to crash the stock market? The answer to all of the above is Yes and Trump wants to end it.

If Trump were to freeze the Feds’ assets, it would have a very chilling effect on both the FAANGs and the dollar. Gabriel maintains that the US Government’s debt to the Fed is “Odious Debt” and that the President has the right to simply refuse to pay, as a “National Defense Action”. Way to lose that $21 trillion albatross!

He explains that the same European aristocrats and US political bigwigs who own the Fed and who own the electronic voting machines, also own the Avid program that delivers the same ISIS Management teleprompter script to all news readers of the Mainstream News; they’re the same people who created the EU and who just passed Article 13, which destroyed not only free speech on the Internet for EU members; it hobbles the most fundamental function of the Internet, which is the embedding of hyperlinks or any non-proprietary media in an an online post. These are now seen legally as copyright violations, if not first cleared by means of a rights purchase prior to publication.

The crime p0rn detailed here is so internecine and massive, yet it’s pleasurable listening, because it’s liberating to finally understand the history of our enslavement and the nature of the beast that we’ve been laboring under our entire lives!

Gabriel makes an analogy between the manatee-killing release of Lake Okeechobee’s poisoned waters into the Gulf of Mexico to the reason why Trump hasn’t publicly spoken about all of these crimes; the swamp must drained in a controlled fashion, or many more people will die from toxic shock.

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  • FBI was originated by a cartel to protect their interests. FBI has never served the American People. JFK,RFK,MLK all murdered with help from FBI. WACO, Ruby Ridge, Cover up of OKC bombing, FBI has exact knowledge of event from Carolyn Howe, an informant. TWA shoot down cover-up. JFK jr. murder cover-up. 911, 100% participation in this horrendous criminal conspiracy. They murdered their own acting Director! FBI crime lab falsifying evidence and resulting in hundreds of innocent people in prison. Allowing Communists to run the State Department for 75 years. It goes on and on!!

    FBI cannot be changed and needs to simply be defunded.

  • No! The FBI is terminally corrupt and many employees are aware of the corruption and still work there. The fact J. Edgar Hoover could claim for decades that the mafia didn’t exist is an example of the early on going corruption and the fact they covered up the JFK investigation and now, of course, we have them committing numerous illegal acts against the Trump administration.

  • One of the biggest lies is that “Trump is draining the swamp.” Nonsense. He’s not only not draining it, he and his family are profiting off it with their business interests. Plus, he’s added his own “Trump swamp” to the mix.

    You want major policy influence, then pay the $200,000 yearly dues at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Or spend lavishly at his hotel in D.C. while hiring lobbyists to get a meeting with him.

    Trump’s EPA’s rolling back of environmental regulations that protect the environment so some businesses can make even more obscene profits(which never trickle down to the workers) is just one of many problems Trump will be responsible for when it all backfires as major catastrophes down the road.

    • A $200k membership at Mar-a-Lago might sound like an entré for corruption to you but Trump had that place for 3 decades before he entered politics, whereas the Clinton Foundation has been conducting multi-billion-dollar pay-to-play throughout its existence – and prior. It’s about to come out that it was not even legally-registered.

  • To answer the title question, yes the FBI will recover their reputation with the help of MSM.

    Think a minute about the history of the FBI and it’s prominent role in Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the press, radio and television.

    Like a dripping faucet, skillful public relations programming wears away nearly all resistance.

    I’m old enough to remember how gosh darned beneficial and healthy cigarette smoking was for you, even recommended by medical doctors. Edward Bernays the advertising guru had everybody and his brother sucking on them for the R. J. Reynolds tobacco family. They believed their own lies and they all died prematurely of throat and lung cancer or emphysema!

  • FBI, CIA, SS, et al have been corrupt for years and years. This quote from a man maligned so much that one would never attribute it to him: The criminal is the product of spiritual starvation. Someone failed miserably to bring him to know God, love Him and serve Him. — J. Edgar Hoover. The Hoover bashing began so that the FBI could be corrupted into what it is now: an org to protect the corrupted elected [there are some uncorrupted elected]. For instance, the Weiner laptop has sunk from sight [Weiner was the husband of Hillary’s consort, Huma Mahmood Abedin]; it for sure must contain the depraved actions of the Clintons and Obamas, and it but one reason it has disappeared. Weiner called it his ultimate ‘insurance.’ I’m surprised he hasn’t been Seth Riched.

  • As long as WE as God/Woman-Beings Think we NEED Money to survive, we will become Enslaved to those who use it to CONTROL US…UNDERSTAND ANYONE???
    The FBI is a tool of the Bankoholics, thus will NEVER be useful for anything for OUR real benefit.
    Actually ALL the so-called “Alphabet agencies” are up to NO GOOD, for OUR benefit…They represent GOVERNMENT….which we NEVER needed.
    Remember THEY Cause problems so as to keep US “Dumbed down” for THEIR Need…and evidence is piling up daily of their failures all over the planet!

  • Yes, in a controlled fashion. And as much as I am perturbed at Trump for only going after his own FISA court abuse, it does show what’s been happening and the corrupt culture at the FBI, symbolic of a much larger corrupt Federal Gov.

    “If Trump were to freeze the Feds’ assets, it would have a very chilling effect on both the FAANGs and the dollar. “

    I hope that he does. We’ll recover but shed ourselves of an ugly multi-millennial monster on our backs. If the FAANGs falter, bright entrepreneurs will develop new models. If the dollar falls, so will China and others who abuse our patents and steal our ideas. I’m on board with this bumpy ride. Americans should prepare themselves.

  • So now you think you understand money. Congratulations. Why aren’t you rich?

    People who truly understand money are rich, plain and simple. The same way that people who truly understand computers invariable have a gadget that can do a lot of things the average gadget still can’t, or that people who truly understand fashion invariably look their best when they are in public. It just goes with the knowledge.

    If you think you understand money but aren’t rich, you are like the idiot that got oversold some gadget that actually isn’t much good, or the silly person who is wearing something unflattering because some harpy suggested it. Basically, you are pulling down your pants (or skirts) and showing your ass to the entire world.

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