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    The Tech Giants are taking a lot of heat in the independent media lately but they’re really just privatized arms of the US intelligence apparatus.

    The rise of Big Tech can be correlated to legislative and technological developments created for achieving “Total Information Awareness” in the wake of the 2001 Patriot Act and the 2007 Protect America Act, which directly enabled NSA’s PRISM surveillance program. These Silicon Valley datamining and social engineering platforms have since grown to have the greatest market capitalizations of all other corporations on Earth.

    Skirting the law, the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is being used to compel virtually all big data corporations, from phone companies to ISPs to social media platforms to supply NSA with their user data. In 2013, The Washington Post reported that “98% of PRISM production is based on Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft.”

    One begins to understand why newspapers and TV truly are the Dinosaur Media. While their one-way data flows of Fake News may have some propagandistic utility, their low interactivity and low correlation with reality create a Garbage-in-Garbage-Out dissonance which interferes with the project to construct a digital facsimile of everything on this planet and beyond, aka the Internet of Things (IOT), the Global Information Grid (GIG) and all of the machine learning that will be needed to drive autonomous vehicles, etc., using the 5G network.

    So, what’s all the rush to roll out the IOT? We’ve heard that data is the new money, which is literally the case with cryptocurrencies and this is germane to the Global Currency Reset people have been talking about for the past 10 years. With Saudia Arabia vowing to go green, US-sanctioned countries circumventing the petrodollar and many European jurisdictions planning to phase out gasoline engines in just a few years, it’s clear that the age of invading oil-rich countries to control their resources is coming to an end and with it, the petrodollar that dominated that era.

    The Empire will need to dominate the next era by controlling all of the data, hence the GIG and making everything into a giant Sim City, where everything and everyone will become a node on the network and if your social credit gets downgraded, well, that’s life in the emerging technocracy. That’s actually life right now.

    The Truth Factory does a great job of explaining how the Tech Giants were incubated and fostered by the CIA and the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum into becoming the illegal monopolies that they are and how something’s got to give.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why can’t I find a good woman with a good head on her shoulders. Instead I run across one’s who can only believe what the MSM tells them is true. I just gotta keep on looking.

      • Maybe you’re looking in the wrong places… have something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done.

    • Let me explain to you why Google was incubated by the Pentagon and CIA: because ALL innovation in the USA that is worthwhile in any way gets incubated by the military. The USA is a military dictatorship that likes to dress up as a democracy. Stop supporting your troops so much, and one day you might, you just might, become an actual democracy where tech innovation doesn’t come from the military.

    • Wow! What a SWAMP! and it’s all true!…….even more horrendous! What can be the REAL purpose of having all of this information collected? Where is this taking us? Humanity ceases to be….when everything that makes information useful is sucked up and into a nefarious organization.
      It separates ‘real people’ from the psychopaths. You know the ones that look like, act like (most of the time) live like (ditto) the majority of us but prey on the misinformed! Like shooting ducks in a barrel. Our world has turned into a fearful and very ugly place to live. I know the pendulum swings ….. sometimes not quickly enough

    • Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

      Torturing conscientious objectors and activists
      agents kill people on lists

      HAARP heating the sky engineering weather events
      suspending social safety net; “too much money spent”

      Central intel steals others’ natural resources
      suspending social accounts; not approved speech of course

      Mind controlling with thoughts from cell towers
      they watch you while taking your shower

      Nobody coming to save you
      If you want to stay free show up soon
      11:30pm the curtain soon closes
      what they have for you is not a dozen red roses

      Don’t mind the implants all over you
      with suggested actions, thoughts and feelings artificially true
      no worries? go eat your hot Apple pie
      GMO Apples, Glyphfosate and other Monsanto lies

      Tools of torture being tested; hyper game theory fun
      dissidents provided, super compter profiles done
      A new law written to cover their asses
      torturing all those American lads and lasses

      Undoubtedly you still wave the red, white and blue
      mythic anthem lyrics no longer true
      promise one thing and I’ll end this now
      just don’t say nobody ever told you about it

      Stupidity and ignorance will now soon diverge
      opposing one way lanes with no return
      the road you’re on can change with blinking turn
      when you realize its you they’ll soon burn

      Don’t step out of line and you’ll be okay
      or at least that’s what they tell you today
      an argument got me into this mess
      I’ve seen America’s worst and I’ve seen her best

      Nobody coming to save you
      If you want to stay free please show up soon
      11:30pm and the curtain soon closes
      what they have for you is not a dozen red roses

      God bless folks, I’m tuning out. Take care out there!

    • It is STRANGE this post was delivered to my “Spam account” on MY Email…When I usually receive THIS subscription in my regular email…Hmmmmmmm?
      Anyway, I learned long ago the CIA (Actually Vatican created) is involved with just about EVERYTHING.
      I Stopped using ALL those so-called “Social-media” control freak outfits long ago, because I knew they are Compromised by THEM (CIA).
      Not to mention those so-called “Smart Devices” which are ALL slow poisonous to ANYONE using them…Its a VERY Good idea to keep LOTS of “Magnets” around your home and BODY, along with LOADS of “Crystals” too.
      I stay away from so-called “Wireless” Tech as MUCH as I can.
      GREAT post though!
      Ps: STOP using Gmail and Google/Facebook too.

    • I have been saying “CIA” for a long time now. And that money was raised in Afghanistan on the backs of poppies . And the CIA was raised in Nazi Germany. Anybody need a paperclip? Never mind, no one believes me any way.

      • You are Dead-On about THAT James, and to THIS day America has been taken over by Fascism since WW2 ended via the Bush’s.
        It tried to happen BEFORE the war started and good read about HOW this was carried out is contained in General Smedley Butler’s book “War is a Racket”
        Trump is the NEW “Furor” NOW!…Because EVERYTHING about the WAY he was presented follows EXACTLY the way Hitler came into power.

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