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    This is the trailer for Steve Bannon’s new Trump-supporting film, ‘Trump @War’, to be released on September 9th, on the 2-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s “Basket of Deplorables” speech and just in time to potentially influence the November 6th mid-term elections.

    Meanwhile, Michael Moore has come out with the trailer for his new Trump-bashing film, ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’, to be released on September 21st, the poster for which I used as the thumbnail in this post, showing a corpulent Trump playing golf on the White House lawn while a combination alien death ray, straight out of the 1996 Hollywood blockbuster, ‘Independence Day’ and a nuclear mushroom cloud zap the Presidential residence.

    Bannon’s trailer is a compilation of commentary, both from fulminating detractors, like CNN’s Don Lemon and worshipful supporters, like Fox’s Sebastian Gorka, the latter of whom ask what are the Democrats running on? “Are they going to vote on, ‘Let’s bring ISIS back?'” (Haha).

    What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been, since the 2016 Election. There hasn’t been such a divisive social engineering campaign aimed against the American public since the Boomers’ 1968 Summer of Love/Generation Gap/Vietnam War Protests, which had an indelible impact on popular culture that has now transmogrified into Antifa through their Millennial children – with the help of Soros bucks.

    The Antifa chants heard at the end, “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all,” tell you exactly whose side they’re on and with whom the Democrats have unfortunately aligned themselves.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Is Trump up to speed with the kind of issues and topics we talk about here do you think? I’m assuming he is and Michael Moore isn’t

      • Yes and yes. Moore’s trailer is so crappy and just shows how totally out of touch his faction is.

    • OK, so you think that the US going into Vietnam for reasons that were never made particularly clear to the public, and eventually having to withdraw because it was a total mess, was a brilliant idea, then?

      Have you considered that maybe, just maybe, people hate Trump for the same reasons they hated the Vietnam war: it’s a truly terrible idea that just makes every single other country in the world think they’d better have as little to do with the US as they possibly can?

      Would you trust a bunch of guys that go all guns blazing into a little country with no plan and no obvious reason? Would you trust a bunch of guys that pick the most volatile and unpredictable guy to lead them? The obvious answer, for any human being of any ideology is: HELL, NO!! Stay as far as you can from those crazies!

      • Trump is volatile on *Twitter*. He doesn’t start wars (which destroyed Iraq & Afghanistan), like Bush or create ISIS (which destroyed Syria and Libya), like Obama. How can you say that Trump is worse than them? Where was your outrage when GW Bush did 9/11 and killed 1M Iraqis?

        You are being manipulated.

        • Most people on the left were outraged at the Iraqi war started by Bush/Cheney with lies about WMD. And some conservatives didn’t like it, either. That whole war was widely debated in all media at the time and opposition to the war was up front. Did you forget this,

          The people and countries behind 9/11 are still unknown, although you and some others think you have it all wrapped up. Many theories out there and each side throwing some scraps of evidence out as their reasons behind their views. That may never be solved to everyone’s satisfaction, for a long time, at least.

          The rebels fighting the Syria dictatorship of Assad were helped by the U.S. under Obama. Some of those rebels were tied to ISIS. The whole complex quagmire of a situation in the mideast was discussed and debated numerous times on the MSM during Obama’s two terms. That Obama created ISIS is a far right kook theory that I haven’t heard in a long time.

          Many are predicting that Trump is itching to start a war with Iran and just may do it if his political troubles really get bad. It’s the old “wag the dog” routine to take the heat and attention off his troubles. We’ll see.

          • Puh-LEEZ. Obama is 3rd-generation CIA. He was helicoptered in. Who ever heard of this guy? (And I grew up in Chicago). Obama did what he was told.

            Trump is not “itching to start a war”. If there is any president who has stood up to the MIC – and the Globalists, it is he!

            Everybody knows that a war with Iran would not be winnable. Unlike Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria, Iran has a large population and a large military – and an impenetrable geography.

            Trump is not waging hot wars, he’s waging economic/trade wars, in case you haven’t noticed. Is this not preferable to your Obama’s horrifcally fatal and unproductive drone strike tactics?

            Trump’s persona and tweets are objectionable, I’ll grant you that – but I’m looking at substance over form and Trump is preferable to any president in this regard since I’ve been alive – and I am a lifelong Liberal/Democrat, who graduated from Brown University – THE most Liberal university of them all.

            I still identify as a Liberal. I think the Democrat Party today sucks and the people there are corrupt, uninspired thieves, at best and anti-American traitors, at worst. I am happy to vote them all out and hopefully start over because there needs to be a political ratchet against Corporatism. Today, Corporatism is represented by the Left.

            The largest corporations on the planet are the FAANG Big Techs, who are Left-Fascsists. I have watched this whole thing develop from a front row seat, starting as a fellow Leftist publisher and becoming increasingly appalled at how anti-American (Globalist) their agenda is.

            You have not studied the situation as much as I have, IMHO.

            • Alexandra Bruce you are absolutely correct. I have been studying this daily since December 2014 when I was shocked into reality. Great synopsis btw.

      • It was Democrats Kennedy who took us into Viet Nam, and Johnson kept us there.

        Republican Nixon ended it in his first term.

    • WHO…is actually STUPID enough to fall for all this “Trumpism” BS??? He is Adolf Hitler’s “Wet-Dream” of a Tyranical WHITE leader (Blond Hair;Blue eyes!)Did anyone study the WAY Hitler came into power here?
      He is following the EXACT scenario Hitler did…American NEVER defeated Germany in WW2…Instead they “Paper-Clipped” over 22,000 Nazis in Key places around the planet (Mostly USA)
      The Nazi’s have been using the “Boiling-the-Frog” method in taking over America…EVERYTHING about America SMACKS of FASCISM…as their Corporate Mother does; The Vatican.
      Am I the ONLY one who SEES through this “Smoke-Sreen” of a man Here???
      OUR Future will NEVER come through Religious/Political means, because THEY are OBVIOUS FAILURES!
      Folks MUST get a copy of “Out of Darkness” to SEE what’s REALLY GOING ON!
      It may be hard to find for OBVIOUS reasons…but SEARCH for it…You WILL be Happy you did!

      • I’m curious – what particularly is Trump doing that has you unnerved? Ending the CIA’s stranglehold over N. Korea and making the first real overtures to peace there – (at least in my lifetime?) Doesn’t sound very Hitler to me. Bringing back industry and jobs (clean industries are the wave of the future but we have to get the money flowing back in first.) Crafting stronger laws against human trafficking – there’s been more arrests and more women and children saved in the few months he’s been in office than in both of Obama’s terms combined? And I mean a LOT more. Look beyond the rhetoric.

    • As an European I worry because Europe does anything in it’s power to become as batty and unhinged a society as the US currently is in emulating it.
      Time for Europeans is running out because the breakdown of culture for the most part leads to this unhinged social battyness in my opinion.

      • Actually, we Americans look at what’s happened to Europe, with unrestrained immigration and social policies that take away medical choices, etc. as a lesson in what not to do – unless it’s already too late. Personally, I think we got Donald Trump in just in time.

    • Good lord.
      How many staged, faux and false as advertised “events” can be packed into one trailer…
      Most of these politically-charged “confrontations” that went viral are hired actors playing carefully-scripted roles.


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