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On October 1, I sent a short clip from this interview of German journalist, Dr. Udo Ulfkotte, author of the bestselling book in Germany, ‘Bought Journalism.’

In the book, he describes how he and his colleagues were controlled through bribery by the CIA to write US propaganda, instead of reporting the actual news, throughout his 25+ year career, as a leading journalist in Germany, which he describes as “still a [postwar] colony of the USA.”

This extended version of the interview reveals how the “sausage” of news is made and it is toenail-curling, it is so disgusting.

He says there is currently a terrible pressure being exerted by US agencies on journalists, worldwide to promote World War III and that he wants to do his part to stop this.

He says that he’s had three heart attacks and has no children, so that if they come after him, it will only lend more credence to his confessions, of which he is horribly ashamed and feels morally compelled to share before he does meet his maker.

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