In February 2018, CNN (CIA) began to lean heavily on YouTube to make them terminate Alex Jones’ YouTube channels but instead, several medium-sized alt news channels took the hit, including the utterly innocent Bombard’s Body Language with 265k subscribers and the Richie Allen Show with 76k subscribers. The latter was eventually restored, after vigorous lobbying, while others, like the SGTReport (351k subscribers) and Crowdsource the Truth (65k subscribers) have since experienced their own dramatic take-downs and restorations.

You can call Alex Jones “controlled opposition” all you want but you can’t deny that the other shoe has now dropped, with his stunning mass de-platforming on Monday by YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MailChimp, etc. in the latest installment of this ongoing behaviorist study of public reaction to the demonetization of free speech.

I’ve been chronicling the saga since it happened to me in December 2014, when Google AdSense demonetized the ads on my website from one day to the next, with no warning or recourse and I went from having a comfortable 6-figure job to scrounging to eat and pay my rent. When I tried to tell people about this, they thought I was crazy. A year later, it started happening to lots of others. And now, it’s happened in a very public way to Alex Jones.

My first shocking episode was way back in August 2011, when my mass emailing company at the time, AWeber deleted my account without warning and no opportunity of backing up my data. They told me that complaints over a post about SmartMeters caused one of the 3 biggest Internet Service Providers to threaten them with blocking all of AWeber’s other clients’ traffic, unless my account wasn’t immediately deleted.

American Intelligence Media (60k+ subscribers) recently explained how all of the above has been part of a “controlled demolition” of free speech and that we are in a race against the Globalist technocracy, who are clamoring to implement a 5G Global Information Grid, which will coincide with a system of “social credit”, now being beta-tested in China. The latter merges individual credit and legal records, online purchases and monitors social media accounts for any sign of dissent, resulting in a score of one’s “citizen ranking”.

If you associate with dissidents who have low rankings, your score is lowered, which may prevent you from traveling, buying property, sending your child to private school or even eating at a nice restaurant, all of which have begun happening. The final version of this scoring system is set to be implemented in 2020. It will relay real-time data reports to government officials and law enforcement. Apparently, this is what Eric Schmidt has been up to since he abruptly departed Google/Alphabet in December, 2017.

As reported by TRUTHStream Media (335k subscribers), Estonia is leading the pack of EU countries that are launching similar projects, where one’s government ID will connect with ALL personal data, including one’s genome! Medical, pharmaceutical, voting records, government transactions, legal activities and banking will be linked with biometrics to authenticate one’s online comments and enable financial and legal transactions, including the signing of contracts, etc. and store all encryption keys online. Similar e-ID programs have already been rolled out in all of the Scandinavian states and France wants to be on par with Estonia by 2022.

The rest of the world is not too far behind. If any US readers have gotten a new driver license recently, you’ve probably noticed that the DHS’ REAL ID Act of 2005 has altered the way your state issues your card, which also has new features. Apparently, the REAL ID database links to a global database.

One wonders if social media sites like YouTube are even what they purport to be. YouTube is a money-losing behemoth that’s only good for feeding AI and the Global Information Grid. Can you imagine the amount of data and servers and the electrical costs involved with maintaining YouTube? 15 years of YouTube data is estimated to equal roughly 1 sextillion gigabytes, to say nothing of what it costs to serve over one billion users in 88 countries several billions of views daily.

The Google-YouTube monopoly, Amazon, Facebook and other Tech Giants only exist in their current form as a result of their relationship with the National Security complex (and US Tax Dollars). They merely masquerade as private enterprises and should therefore not be allowed to operate under US Laws governing corporations but should rather be bound by the laws of public utilities.

American Intelligence Media says we may soon see these Tech Giants intentionally collapsed, as they’re unable to afford the heavy taxes and royalties being imposed on them by recent EU legislation.

In this video by Ben Swann, a former Mainstream Media journalist who was himself de-platformed explains why the de-platforming of alternative news by the Tech Giants may result in their own demise.

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  • Hiya, I am really glad I have found this info. Nowadays bloggers publish just about gossips and internet and this is actually irritating. A good site with interesting content, this is what I need. Thank you for keeping this web site, I’ll be visiting it. Do you do newsletters? Can not find it.

    • Yes, the newsletter is free. To subscribe, there’s a pop-up form or the inline form beneath the fold on the right.

  • All of these facts regarding censorship are true and can be true along with the reality that Alex Jones is opposition control–they are not mutually exclusive.

    He’s being used to set an example and to test the public’s response to this kind of broad censorship on these carefully engineered social platforms.

    AJ is notorious for his ridiculous coverage of critical events (as designed)–not for any shift in consciousness (as with sites like and that is exactly what keeps otherwise intelligent people from engaging. In fact, whenever I try to talk about alternative viewpoints to MSM, EVERY single time I’m asked why I’m promoting AJ noise. He is the perfect “victim” for this kind of censorship because it’s essentially meaningless (WRT AJ)… it’s the perfect risk-free psyops to announce to the world a ratcheting up of censorship right here in our free democratic republic. So he’ll milk his role for all he can while many cheer and real journalists and truthers suffer their public silencing–in silence. THAT is the real tragedy.

  • I’m just now beginning to decipher’ ISRAEL’ and all of what that means. 911 & the 5 Jewish men dancing as the towers fell, was a real eye-opener.
    Our so called ‘progress’ into a new world has been paved with the blood of many nations, politicians, leaders of free speech & truthful journalism to this day.
    We have slowly accepted the disappearing of what under pins the fabric of any nation….the right of access to all information, to speak our minds and do so without being threatened or deceived on an on-going basis. I now look very hard at all information….hope it isn’t too late!

  • Is it any wonder that NASA sprays lithium on us, to dumb us down, keep us confused as well as the “geoengineering” nano aluminum still being dumped on us, plus the fluoride in the water? All this is being dun to us to make us slow to respond, while the corporations set up the next attack. While attacks on freedom of speech by corporations that receive money’s from the government, google, apple, etc. they should also follow the freedoms because of their taking of “our” money that they take or give back the money. simple as that, can no one else see that? You know they won’t do that…. What a cartoon of a world that the Nazi’s have in store for us. For they have been in government since before the end of the second world war. And now they are going forward with their plans of action. When you get your next drivers license you will receive a card that has all of your information on it, I mean, “ALL” of you, from your DNA, your choices on line, your purchases, your political views, etc. and you will be judged and evaluated by your decisions. Just like in China now. To me, it sounds a hell of lot better in Russia, just my point of view, understand………. Alex Jones is the tip of the burg, remember that it’s got at least three quarters of it hidden under state secrets plan.

    • I just want to say that chembusters do work to break up the chemtrails and to derail their plans in your area. One machine can have an influence for more than 5 miles.

      The respected and much loved Don Croft, the originator of the chembuster, recently passed away and is very much missed. One can find his design, or even find a youtOOb video of this by searching with the terms “Don Croft Chembuster design”.

      There are less expensive variations of Don’s design that have also come out as well. You can buy these for hundreds of dollars or build your own for less. I have one and am currently buildng my second. THEY WORK.

  • I have deactivated my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The thing that got me was that Facebook demanded to know why I was kicking them into touch. We must all adopt alternatives to YouTube to break their monopoly of habit.

    I have started warning people about the the drip drip towards total Ai control as 5g, Smartmeters, Alexa etc are rolled out but of course I am met with the blank stare. People are too quick to swallow the faster download and massive savings on energy bills carrots. You don’t need a meter to reduce your consumption it is common sense. Its easy – Switch it off!

    Its good to hear that the take up of Smartmeters here in the UK is a lot lower than expected even after the blanket wall to wall television advertizing. I think people are heeding the stories from America on Smartmeters like we did on the dangers of Fracking.

  • I stopped using Facebook over a decade ago, once I noticed they were “Editing” material being posted there…AND when I learned they were being “Connected” to intelligence agencies, like NSA and CIA.
    I thought the Banning of Alex Jones’s was GOOD News, because all he works for the SAME New World Order folks too…AND the FAKE Jew empire!
    I’ve learned some time ago that MOST of what is being presented by even the so-called “Light-Worker” movement has been “Compromised”, or “Infiltrated” by Vatican/Jesuits and is drifting more and more toward “Political/Religious” influence….Which STILL to this day won’t address the REAL “Origins” of Humanity…I wonder WHY???
    There is a LOT of “Trumpism”, and its also drifting toward “Racism” toward the White race…YET there is LOADS of material on line actually EXPOSING WHERE WE ALL CAME FROM!
    There is ONE of MANY video presentation PROVING this, and one of the best ones I learned of is called: “Out of Darkness”
    Has ANYONE Here even KNOW of its existence?
    You can see it on line (IF still There!) on You Tube…or you can the DVD on line at:
    Please understand ONLY, the TRUTH will set US FREE!

    • Also, to Add about OUR Origins…WE have been given a False version called HIS-Story in place of OUR-Story by the SAME folks responsible for the NWO so-called “Elites”. (Vatican/Zionist/Luciferian/Satanist)

  • The author makes no mention of Neocons, just “Elites” or “Globalists”. That is avoiding naming the enemy and you are being played for a fool.

    The Neocons are still in power. Sheldon Adelson is worth about $40 billion. He decided to make Trump president. Adelson is a Jewish casino businessman ( Kosher Nostra).

    Adelson is a Likkud Zionist like Netanyahu, Jared Kushner, Ivanka, and now Trump too. So the Jewish Zionists are not done bleeding America yet. They still need USA to help destroy the temple on the mount and one more war – Iran.

    Israelis can then:

    1) Separate from their host USA and declare themselves a world nuclear power. Eventually expand their borders according to the Greater Israel Project into Egypt, Syria, and Iraq.

    2) Blame USA and Anglo-colonialism and deny their central role as brain parasite in their Neocon destruction of the USA.

    3) Take a favorable position with China and Russia through Mafia tactics. Jewish Russian Mafia power is quite strong in Russia.

    4) Become parasites in the One Belt One Road project – the only business in town.

    Meanwhile, Christian Zionists are planning to double-cross Jewish Zionists. Christians think that they can build a temple, get a Jewish anti-Christ, and then backstab Jews to bring the Messiah?

    Jews wrote the entire deluded paradigm of God’s Chosen. Jews masterminded the stealing of Palestine. Now Christians think that they can deceive Satan’s children and steal Jerusalem?

    God is not going to give Jerusalem to Christians by lies and betrayal. The Messiah is not going to appear and thank you for out-deceiving Satan’s children.

    Christian Zionists are being played and they are always six steps and sixty years behind the Israeli Zionists. Examples: Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty, the assassination of US President Kennedy, and the 911 attack on USA soil. These should prove that God’s Chosen (Satan’s children) can do anything it wants to the USA with impunity.

    What is a Christian Zionist to do?

    First, acknowlege that the entire apocalypse story is a Zionist lie. Repeated in the Scoffield false-Bible. True Christianity is lost to centuries of false history and True Christianity will require at least a century of reverse engineering. The best current path to Christianity is to “judge a tree by the fruit it bears.”

    As for the hyenas, what they steal, they cannot govern. The hyena cannot rule the lion.

    • Actually, there NEVER a such thing as “God’s Chozen People”…Only a “First-Born” of creation called God-Man (Originally)…That Cozen non-sense was the creation of the “Fallen Ones” for the sake of making a RELIGION…SO AS TO WORSHIP THEM.

    • Not to nitpick but you tell only one side of the political side of the coin, which is to say that many neo-libs and neo-cons are both globalists (any fool can see this) that line up at their feeding trough in search of phony money to promote the globalist agenda. Socialists, by their nature, will also line up at that same trough. Marx, BTW, was a agent of Rothschild…

      Why did Rothschild, very early in the game, champion Marxism? He realized that it was an easier way to get rid of competitors. So, a ruthless capitalist bought into the Bolshevists (as an example), financed them and partnered with them after the fact. And they did his bidding. As did Armand Hammer and a few other capitals as well.,

      I have no issues with the remainder of your post.

  • I don’t think Facebook and all of it’s ilk will vanish due to one word : addiction.

    I wonder how much input those outlets have anyway : clicking to get your dose of dopamine certainly, doesn’t matter what you read in the moment.

    So, yes, the Freedom of speech will disappear but addiction clicking will continue and that is for most people all that counts securing their multiple addictions in any way possible. They are busy doing it day and night already anyways.

  • It is the Protocols of Zion playing out plain & simple for all people who are truly awake to see. I am so sorry for what happened to you and all genuine journalists. I do what I can to defeat & resist this evil. We can work to improve our situation, instead of youtube, try bitchute, minds for videos, and if you have used twitter, try Gab instead. Cancel your TV subscription and stop purchasing mainstream media in any form. internet is still relatively free. But for how long? Obviously the Controllers are AFRAID the truth is rising to the top, remember just 10% of fully convinced believers is all that is needed to spread ideas like wildfire. Thank-you for doing your part as a moral human being to stop evil. Your conscience is clear. Although I am certainly not a subscriber to an Abraham religion, I pray each & every day this evil control system is defeated. I often wonder how humanity might behave if freed from the control grid of inbred psychopaths.

  • All the distractions and discussion about whether he overstepped etc. is not the point! This is about censorship and one’s freedom to speak – regardless of whether someone is telling the truth, controlled opposition, CIA, or whatever ! We will never know and our opinion of his personality and what he spoke of is irrelevant.

    Freedom of speech PLACES the onus on the individual to do their own research and due diligence. It is the individual’s responsibility to be accountable for what they believe is truth and for what they want to accept into their reality.

    It is NOT the state’s responsibility to control the narrative – ever!!

    • Correct!

      These so-called Liberals crying out to de-platform everyone else with whom they disagree are a symptom of something very troubling in our culture today. I was raised a Liberal and this does not represent what I consider to be Liberalism.

      The only way we can resolve our differences is by open dialogue – NOT CENSORSHIP.

    • Actually, there is a way to find out.

      The Bilderburgers recently met and on their agenda was the itme “post truther” world.

      What was discussed at the meeting, esp this segment?

      The list of attendees is public. What we need is a reporter who can aggressively go in and get the facts with the end goal of publishing it. I do believe that we can know who did it and show that it was coordinated.

      This is what the left is so good at. NO holds barred investigative journalism and direct action in your face.

  • I meant to add that Alex Jones’ ABSURD ‘reasoning’ revealed in that quote reminds me of his ‘reasoning’ during the campaign, when he told his listeners that it would be better if Crooked Hillary ‘won’, because then she could be investigated as president. AS IF! In the first case I believe he was preparing his listeners to accept her ‘win’; in the 2nd case I believe he was preparing them to accept the worst. Chilling.

    Is there anything worse than bad guys who pretend to be good guys? Isn’t that why the world is in such crisis?

  • I love your videos, thank you! I just wonder about what’s behind banning Alex Jones. So many reasons I’ve come to believe he’s disinfo, too many to go into. But here’s one reason – for months during nearly every show, Alex would say a variation of ‘they’re gonna kill the President’. I wondered if he knew the collective harm of putting that negative affirmation into so many minds so often. Then one day a caller told Alex he’d written a song about Alex’s assassination, and Alex responded with ‘Thanks for the negative affirmation’ and quickly ended the call, perturbed. So obviously he knew. And he once, maybe more than once – I stopped watching after awhile – tried to goad the great Ted Malloch into contemplating the President’s assassination and Ted basically said ‘I don’t dwell on such possibilities’, and still Alex didn’t stop. Here’s what he said on June 24th..
    📢 Alex Jones Show • Commercial Free • Sunday 6/24/18 ► Infowars Stream
    “On a sick level, the best thing for us right now would be if they killed Trump. Do you understand the level of victory we’ll have if they do it? And I think he may be understanding. I think Trump is — leave it up to God — but Trump is prepared to die. He’s — I don’t personally — people that know him [say] he’s ready to die. So, they understand that.” – Alex Jones

    • linda — from what i understand there has been many attempts on the president
      this year. your “disinfo” alerts about alex jones suck. free speech is guaranteed
      in our first ammendment, backed by the second. if i wanted to live in communism
      i would move to china. take a blue pill and go back to sleep.


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