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Ed Butowsky sat down with the Gateway Pundit’s Cassandra Fairbanks to answer her questions about how he got involved with the parents of Seth Rich in the wake of his murder. He describes how he got caught up in a clash between high-powered lawyers, a massive class-action suit, a potential merger between Fox and SkyTV and the DNC’s crisis manager, Brad Bauman. He says that he and his family have lived with persistent death threats and harassment that have wrecked their lives.

Butowsky says he’s not afraid to discuss the claims lodged against him and the circumstances surrounding them because the claims are frivolous and he’s not afraid of the truth.

Butowsky says he hired Rod Wheeler as a private detective to investigate Seth Rich’s murder as a favor to Seth’s parents, the latter of whom have now filed a lawsuit against him in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York, seeking compensation for “Mental anguish and emotional distress, emotional pain and suffering, and any other physical and mental injuries.” The Rich family is being represented by expensive Chicago attorney Leonard A. Gail in this suit.

In a separate lawsuit, Butowsky is named in a defamation suit against Fox News by Wigdor, LLP, which has has so far filed 11 suits against Fox News for defamation, sexual harassment and racial discrimination on behalf of its claimants (in this case, Rod Wheeler). The complaint alleges that Butowsky, Fox and reporter Malia Zimmerman had “Colluded with the Trump Administration to disseminate fake news in order to divert attention away from Russia’s alleged attempts to influence the United States Presidential election.”

Butowsky here recounts that in his first conversation with Joel Rich, he relayed what his “contact in London” had told him, which was that both Seth Rich and his brother Aaron had downloaded the emails from the DNC server and had sold them to WikiLeaks. (Seth’s brother, Aaron Rich works in cyber security for Northrup Grumman). Joel Rich’s reply to Butowsky was, “We know what our sons did. What we want to do is focus on who murdered our son.”

Butowsky suspects that by now publicly denying Seth’s involvement with WikiLeaks, the Riches are seeking to protect their other son, Aaron as well as themselves from potential ramifications of the serious crime in which he was involved, which may have resulted in Seth’s murder.

Butowsky wishes that Julian Assange would come forward, without naming his source and say something “that could possibly help fit some puzzle pieces together, for not only the Rich family but for everybody who’s involved in this chaotic mess. I hope the truth comes out one way or the other. He adds, “Mr. and Mrs. Rich and a number of other people know the truth and they should come forward and just tell the truth. It’s real simple.”

It seems to me that he Rich family have already lost one son to murder and they don’t want to lose another one to prison.  They are protecting their son, Aaron by forwarding the narrative of crisis manager, Brad Bauman who Joel told Butowsky was “assigned” to the Rich family by the DNC. As the Riches have never had the funds for either a private investigator or an attack dog crisis manager, it would be interesting to know who is paying Chicago attorney Leonard A. Gail to represent them.

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  • Why are Jews so full of themselves? Because they are “the chosen”?

    What arrogance and hubris!

    Jews are racists.

    I used to be Jewish, but gave up the belief system Jews claim is a genetic bloodline.

    Hint; it isn’t.

  • Personally, I think some people contacted the Rich family. Like the CIA, or some other nefarious (dark/spooky) group.

  • what an excellent interview! this is the first i have heard of this man when one speaks the truth in america…look out! you are going down!

  • If the Democratic Party could break ranks from the 2016 election heads, including their presidential candidate and hubby, bring this horrific scandal to court and let justice prevail—-they might be able to rescue their party. Without a split and a power reclaim, they will not be supported by the public, in my view.

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