‘Putin’ is the new “up close and personal” biopic directed by Andrei Kondrashev about the longest-serving Russian leader since Josef Stalin. YouTube’s new Wikipedia-linking feature kindly lets us know that VGTRK, the television network that produced this film “Is financed in whole or in part by the Russian government,” as if the US’ putatively private TV networks aren’t lobbing Deep State propaganda at viewers constantly – of a weirdly seditious stripe.

Ten days ago, on March 17, 2018, Putin won an 8-way presidential election whose results were never in question, with more than 75% of the vote. Some observers in Russia have called the landslide victory a “rally around the flag” response to the UK’s accusations over the Salisbury poisoning attack of former Russian spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter.

While the US and NATO have expelled Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK, Putin denies all accusations of Russian government involvement in the attack, saying he does not have chemical weapons and that it would be nonsense for Russia to launch such an attack in the lead up to an election.

So, of course this film is propaganda but what isn’t?

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  • Alexandra’s last sentence – “So, of course this film is propaganda but what isn’t?” was hyperbole. 🙂

  • I feel very sad that we/Trump are again bowing down to the most evil ways of the royal family and Israel. I only hope that Trump will dump this “unholy alliance”, and ally with more honorable rulers/nations. Otherwise, “we the people” will be lost in another world of lies, hatred, war, and all forms depravity. Putin isn’t a saint, and neither is Trump, but Queen Elizabeth, all her cronies, and Israel are evil to the max. To choose the “lesser of the two evils” demands dumping our alliances to the UK and Israel. Neither one of them have any desire for peace in any form.

  • Alexandra, you perform a valuable service, but sometimes even you can be a bit in he wrong. That closing line about the film being “propaganda” is something we could expect from Norah O’Donnell on CBS or any of the hundreds of presstitutes dising out lies and disinformation 24/7 in the service of the reigning plutocracy. No you. And you forget that propaganda is a neutral term: there can be and are many examples of propaganda—which chiefly means to disseminate something with a view to convince— that is 100% true. If you are debating something with someone else, and you happen to have the verifiable facts in your favor, what you do is also propaganda, albeit at the retail level. Propaganda is just propagation of views and information. That it is chiefly used by the dark forces of this world is a different story. Sharp knives in the hands of assassins are terrible things, in the hands of life-saving surgeons something different.

      • Well, if “guns don’t kill people,” then why are we arming our soldiers with guns to kill the enemy? Heck, they don’t need those guns, it’s “people kill people, not guns.”

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