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The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics (MWI), proposed in the 1957 dissertation of Princeton University student, Hugh Everett says that macroscopic “reality” is as probabilistic as subatomic particles are and that it is continuously branching off into parallel universes. Several variations of this theory have since been proposed and a poll of 72 leading cosmologists conducted in 1995 found that 58% thought the MWI is true.

The MWI would support the claims in these mind-tickling stories of self-described time-travelers John Titor, Andrew Carlssin, Sir Victor Goddard, Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain, detailed here.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • John Titor is a real time traveler from 2036. He has a different name and J.T. is a employee name.
    He approached me in 1998, I saw the time machine, picked up 1 side of it and he turned it on. He asked me if i would like see myself as a baby? I almost went with him! Out of nowhere a black wormhole appeared and was dragging dirt and rock in and i looked behind it and nothing was falling out. He is not a hoax! I supplyed more time computers for him for 3yrs.
    I took him to a Walgreens and bought a camera and took pics of this machine, that are now on google pics. I had John call Art Bell and post on the internet in 2001.
    John Titor pics of machine, 3 transcripts are it. Everything else you see are imposters and commercialized junk.
    He read me my life story and everything has come true in 20yrs up to today. Why me? I am 1 of the founders of Bitcoin, that they use heavily in 2036, after a nuke war that practically destroys mankind on earth.
    Soon in our lifetime! They would like someone to stop the event, but how? He showed up again in 2016, in a different state, looking exactly like he did 20yrs ago!
    I have more wrinkles now.
    Good Day,
    Jim S.

  • There appears to be repeatable observational evidence to unlock answers to multiple forms of time travel. Practitioners of past life regression hypnosis sometime witness verifiable, client soul travel, even to the point of observing clients speaking with alternative time inhabitants where verifiable information is sometimes innocently exchanged across hundreds of years. It is what it is.

  • I find it interesting that mainstream science typically denies the presence of a connected soul or shared energy among living things, especially among humans. Forward thinking ones may dally around the edges of possibility from time to time to gain funding for theories but basically the mainstream holds to 3-D hard reality working off the closed concept that humans have neurological containment. Humans are their brains. Yet, when the women mentioned in this video see and experience the same things, enough to write a book about those experiences, they have a “shared delusion” because time slips/windows are not real. (ah-ha–Right.)

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