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As a child during the Cold War, I remember a very pervasive stereotype in American pop culture of Soviet women being hefty, misshapen, wart-faced and totally hideous.

This 1980s Wendy’s TV commercial has a classic example of this.

Of course, almost 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, we all know that Russian women are gorgeous.

One wonders whether the stereotype of the hideous Russian prole woman was seeded into pop culture as a psychological operation, the same way that buzzwords like “conspiracy theory” were deliberately seeded by the CIA in 1966 to discourage speculation about the JFK assassination.

Recently, we’ve seen a revival of Russophobia, with DNC claims of “Russian hacking” of the US Presidential Election, to distract from Hillary’s approval of the sale of 20% of US plutonium to Rosatom, Russia’s state nuclear agency. Maybe it’s to distract from John Podesta’s being on the Board of Directors of Joule Unlimited, which accepted a 1 billion ruble investment. As a lobbyist, Podesta personally received $170,000 to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank, in a campaign to end the Obama administration’s economic sanctions against that country.

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  • every thing now is to take the peoples minds away from the biggest treasonous attack on America in history “911 “not one mention on all MSM, Hollowood , nothing , zilch , zero funny that ?, its as if they no some thing . As the retired CIA boss said ” If the American people really new what happened on 911 Israel would cease to exist “.. All this false news , false flags going down are all a smoke screen to stop the ever growing number of people threw out the world to keep them “occupied ” and not asking the big questions .

  • Same as after WWII when all the cartoon villains had German or Japanese accents and were incompetent. When I was a tiny child I actually thought you had to have an accent to be a bad person. If you didn’t you were a good person. Same conditioning attempt. The criminal cabal is working overtime with the corporate sector. Not surprising.

  • Omg how spiteful the deep state is, how hateful they are. I wonder how they got this way, I mean really what is their problem?

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