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    Derrick Faust is a young man who served in Naval Intelligence for 7 years, with an Above Top Secret Security Clearance, during which time he served in Iraq and was the Information Security Supervisor for the trial of Saddam Hussein.

    After leaving the military, Faust began searching for truth and he landed on the popular blog, StillnessInTheStorm (SITS). He eventually found himself working as the Admin for that site, where he still works. Faust then also volunteered to work on some Corey Goode conferences in Mount Shasta, California and he became T-shirt-wearing fan of GaiaTV’s time-traveling astronaut.

    Contributors to SITS soon became a hunting ground for young talent of Corey Goode’s unscrupulous marketing team, headed up by Roger Ramsaur, which is detailed in this interview and in previous installations of this series by Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt.

    At the recent Contact in the Desert conference in Joshua Tree, California, Derrick recounts his growing concerns over the manipulation, commercialization and  degeneration of people and organizations he had previously believed in. In particular, he noted disturbing change in his friends, ‘Corey’s Kids’ Jordan Sather, Teresa Yanaros and Justin Deschamps after they attended an occult ritual led by Ramsaur in a Joshua Tree cabin, where Goode allowed only a chosen few plus some “hot chicks” to attend.

    Faust has come forward to voice his opinion that, “It’s time for the truth. This can’t go on.”

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    • I was at the “Contact in the Desert” the last year 2016, I wonder your report refers to that event. I watched David Wilcox interviewed Corey Goode, who sat in the corner with dark glasses, I tried to see his face in a different venue when with David Wilcox on the stage. Immediately I found the situation was very odd, and I told myself why David believes what Corey Goode said on the stage, I just had an ill feeling about Goode, and I suspected that he is somewhat an agent sent out different info to confused and corrupted the UFO community. Corey Goode’s behalf is abnormal, and his information that David Wilcox transpired to the audience is not trustworthy for me at least. People needs to know that lots of agent around the UFO to spread the false information and corrupted the UFO’s real investigator who works so very hard for such a long years. I believe it is not about the “Money Making” front. It is they uses their profit making plot to discredits and demise the UFO Disclosure Project. And to serve their agenda eventually to debunk the UFO Community altogether. Takes Derrick’s advice, he is a good man with ethic and moral compass as a soldier. Thank you to Daniel Liszt brought this critical issue to light protecting the integrity and the legitimacy of UFO community. I do believe that Corey Goode shouldn’t be allowed to participate in any future events.

    • Thanks for this great report and thank you to Derrick as well. His observations are believable because they were based on human social interactions of hanging-out. You can learn a lot about people in these social situations. And a lot of times it’s just a feeling from observing certain things. You can feel when people are avoiding you. You might not be able to prove it but you still sense and know it on some inner level. David Wilcock has said that when he was younger he was a drug addict and alcoholic. Looks like he still could be. And anyone still engaged in that can be easily compromised. Laura Eisenhower as well complained about feeling ill after returning from Contact . I also am skeptical about Laura Eisenhower’s constant identification of recent with her great grandfather General Eisenhower who has been exposed as being hateful to the German people after the war and setting up German death camps on the Rhine River where as many as 1.5 million German POW’s and civilians caught up in the Allied round-ups died. He delayed the American landings in France unnecessarily to lengthen the war and to ensure the Communist take over of Eastern Europe and Germany. He made a deal with the bad aliens and pushed away a deal with the good ones. Yet Laura says that they are both on the same mission. So I no longer trust her anymore. And she seems like shes still substance abusing too. It seems like people such as Linda-Moulten Howe are just being brought on to help bring a sense of authenticity to the whole thing while they can at the same time keep an eye on her and control her or corral her like roping ponies. DO you think there is a Secret Space Program ? Other humans living a Star Trek lifestyle with no money, no poverty, no disease? I feel that this does exist. But it seems like the Wilcock crew, who talk about the government keeping us from full disclosure, could be part of that delaying process themselves. Instead of the big change we get books, DVD,s, and Seminars on the Big Change. ANd T-shirts and coffee mugs. Now, I guess, stuff like that does help the general public get used to all of this so it’s not completely bad. But it’s a side track. It’s a dirt road that could lead to nowhere. ANd it’s really disheartening to hear that the alternative media niche’ that’s supposed to be the leaders in enlightenment and truth act like a bunch of 11th graders having a Homecoming bash but YOU are not on the football team so you can’t go. ANd they don’t even want the “in” crowd talking to people outside that crowd anymore. Very suspicious indeed. The insiders club. And we aint in it. Then they are no better than the government that they claim to be fighting against.

    • On the one hand, I don’t believe Corey Goode because of his ridiculous claim that the BRICS nations are the Alliance (long story if you don’t anything about BRICS). On the other hand, this Dark Journalist “expose” is lame beyond belief. They didn’t like Derrick’s ideas, she died her hair blond, they want to get the word out and they realize that to do that in a big way they need money and media (oh yeah, big red flag), Corey is under stress, and they have “rituals”. OMG, if that’s not evidence of criminality, I don’t know what is!
      And then the whole lame: “I like them as people, I just don’t like that they are unethical, manipulative liars”. Oh yeah, why not? All my friends are unethical manipulative liars too. Give me a break.
      The sad thing is, this is episode 4, and, so far, there’s been no “evidence” that hasn’t been easily explained by Corey’s response in ways that make much more sense than the overly negative insinuations that Daniel repeats ad nauseam.
      Again, something is very wrong with Corey Goode’s story, and I just wish Daniel would get to the bottom of that rather than keep hyping lame insinuations and rumors.

    • Naval Intelligence is very likely the MIC Earth-Based SSP developing the FalseFlag Alien Invasion.

    • A Opened Portal Is A Smörgåsbord Board Of Entities , Can ‘t Really Get What One Really Need’s, It’s Open Boarders” Come One Come All Kind Of Thing! People Do Get Possessed You Know, Must Stay With Jesus .

    • OK. So I went back to earlier posted videos to find the kid that I thought was trying really hard to get plugged-in and participate in the Truther movement. His youth was so obvious I found his trying kind’a sweet. I gave him kudos for the effort.

      After hearing the DJ and Derrick video Part-4, I find that the sweet kid is the same Jordan Slater of the Corey’s Kids group. I assume many of you knew his work; I didn’t at the time of his video’s release on FKTV. After confirming this fact I find Derrick’s information to be more believable and relieable. Jordan would be an very easy target. He’s young, searching, pressing for truth, trying to earn a living (I assume), looking for self-confirmation and instead of finding answers he’s finding more questions. In walks Ransaur who has, apparently, corporatized CG’s ETs, alongside Gaia, with funding from somewhere to co-opt a once believable story. He’s named Jordan the “guy who is talent and gets to go up the hill making him ‘special’ by default (a word CG stated early-on was used to capture children like him and which he vehemently opposed) and you have an easily malleable follower. It’s works on experienced adults. I’d say the same of the young blonde woman, but frankly, she appeared compromised and bit nuts from the images I’ve seen. So who knows her story? I don’t care to do that research, currently. Whoever or whatever is supporting Ransaur (and I said follow the money regarding the CG’s spending at an earlier juncture on this site) it’s not Blue Avian ETs. Further, denying responsibility for the hand-signal display of the Blue Avian in the drawings is a BIG red flag. CG said openly that he oversaw and reviewed all the images for release to be sure they were accurate. Who else could? They are HIS experiences. Ransaur’s attempt to distance CG and himself from the images with a lame excuse of the signal being put in by the illustrator is completely ridiculous, unless the illustrator is Ransaur. But what’s really making my sh*t detector buzz is the way this group–CG, Wilcock, Salla, and now others have suddenly closed ranks by actions and comments since the entrance of Ransaur and his access to influence funding.

      I’d agree wholeheartedly that Derrick’s intelligence training was a component in gleening the details of a changing atmosphere inside the CG camp. Deception training hugely boosts one’s reception. And, no. I doubt he is using that training on us here. Nevertheless, the CG worshippers have accused DJ of using NLP to deceive people looking into the changes surrounding CG but no evidence has been produced. Evidence of such would be easy to compile by simply running through the video and noting the timeslots at which NLP appears. Of course, it does not. I’ve seen too many speakers (including evangelical preachers) use NLP on audiences to achieve belief and sales.

      It was clear to me from watching the video noted below that Jordan wants to find definitive answers to real questions. Who doesn’t? He’s not yet mature enough in his thinking to understand and incorporate the fact that everything IS change and there are none. There are only more questions. The only constant is that evil never rests. Originally, questioning was a central premise of the CG narrative. It’s effectiveness and believability were locked to it. He offered ignorant humanity a different concept–remain open to incorporating new information at all times–“reality bubble permeability” he called it. Given how things are coming out now I BET he’s under stress. He’s dropped into a corporate business model with a Satanist, is being thrust into sexual territory while married (hot chicks), is likely involving himself in Satanic rituals (yikes!), abandoned his original narrative (unless he can put a meter on it) and is going against everything he professed to be and know. Frankly, if any triggering has taken place, I think CG has been triggered and Ransaur is his onsite handler.

      Link to FKTV Jordan Slater video mentioned above:

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