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    Harley Schlanger gives a very clear-eyed and wide-ranging overview of what’s really going on in geopolitics in this short interview by Sean at the SGTReport that should not be missed.

    He believes that the global banker establishment is falling apart and that so is their narrative, along with them. “There’s a shift in the world that they can’t stop…all they can do is go for war…their world is falling apart” but “If the doomed system prevails, then we’re going to see global depression and war and possibly, the extinction of humanity. On the other hand, if the United States comes to its senses and works with this emerging global power – and I don’t just mean China…that represents a way out for mankind.”

    About Hillary’s defeat in the election, he says that, “Trump never was the answer, it’s that he grasped something that all the pundits, the media, the political parties missed, which is that Americans were “Fed up with war, fed up with being lied to, they were fed up with being talked down to and they were fed up with being suckers, while banks were being bailed out and propped up with their life savings.”

    He notes that, “Working together with the Russians against terrorism creates the potential to destroy the apparatus put in place by the British and the Americans over the last 40 years, which was a terrorist infrastructure.” Schlanger implicates Bush, Obama, Hillary and Theresa May as being allied with the Deep State networks that want terrorism and who want to keep Trump from speaking with Putin.

    Who is Harley Schlanger? He’s the US West Coast Spokesman for the LaRouche Movement, with a background in Third Party state politics in North Carolina.

    I’ve read some crazy things about the LaRouche Movement and its 94-year old Founder Lyndon LaRouche, a perpetual US Presidential Candidate for a time who was convicted of mail fraud and sentenced to 15 years in federal prison and released after serving 8 years.

    The world has gone so crazy that the “crazy guy” makes a lot more sense than anyone else!


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    • The global system base on any emotional war.
      Now this system does not fall apart, moreover becomes confirmed global total.

      Wars will go on for ever, until humans find their inner most core of being, where universal love is present and wars are over.

      Any person survives by an inner war.
      By discovering this inner war, there is a possibility for finding peace inside.

    • The western Media and Television Stations just pump out Government lies and Propaganda, they will not print of broadcast the truth, if you try and get them to do that, or even supply them with evidence they will do nothing with it. The only place that you will find the truth of what is happening in the World is RT, Russia Today, it is a 24/7 news channel in English from Moscow, Washington and London, in the UK they have threatened RT with closure, refused to allow them to place advertising of true and factual events of world events on posters and billboards in the UK, but the British Government allows lies and propaganda on these posters and billboards. SO MUCH FOR FREE SPEECH IN THE UK, FREE SPEECH MEANS LIES AND PROPOGANDA, NO PLACE FOR THE TRUTH, FACTS AND EVIDENCE that does not fit in with the Western Political and Government propaganda, the people in the Western Society are just being lied to, and about 50% believe all this lies and propaganda, they are brain washed and cannot think for themselves, an anyone that tries to reveal the truth is chastised and made out to be a propaganda person or broadcaster, they just turn their lies and propaganda against the people that are telling us the facts and truth. I the Western World they have no place for the TRUTH. Look at Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden who told us the truth, and showed us the evidence. But some may remember CLAPPER the head of the FBI, who when asked by Congress if they spied on citizens of America, their Emails and Phone calls he said “NO SIR” that was a lie, they also spied on the whole world. He did not go to jail for Perjury. Then we have Comey who leaked information, he is not going to jail, he will not be charged with leaking information like Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, or have to seek refuge in a foreign Embassy like Julian Assange, now isn’t that a surprise.

    • I will believe that the entire globalist system is falling apart when there’s breaking news about the federal reserve shutting down and the banksters arrested and brought to justice!

      • Yes you are right, it will never happen, the American, British and French Criminal, Military Terrorists control everything, they will just print money, perhaps close all the Banks and Seize all the peoples money to keep going, they will never run out of money for wars, the Industrial Military complex that manufactures arms and ammunition controls the governments in America, Britain and France, they need wars to survive, they need constant wars to keep making profit. All the money spent on Nuclear Weapons over the last 70 years, if that money had been ploughed into industry, given to the citizens of these countries, its citizens would have had the highest standard of living in the world. America has 48 million of its citizens on food stamps, its roads and bridges are collapsing, its railways are a disaster, just like Britain and France, and they keep on spending money on Nuclear Weapons, who is the enemy, if they do not have one they will just make one up, Look at Japan and various other countries, the superb and fast railways they have, the super highways. As the article says, our Governments bailed out the Crooked and Corrupt Banks, but do not bail out ordinary people when the fall behind with their mortgage payments, or get into debt. America, Britain and France are just governed by Criminal, Psychopaths and Megalomaniacs.

        • I think you’re right about the psychopaths.
          One remark though: I wouldn’t compare the antiquated rail system in the US to the modernized system in France. British Rail on the other hand was a disgrace for years but they finally seem to have come to their senses and slowly started modernizing their system too.
          For the rest the world is simply controlled by the bankers (the big families); their ONLY goal is to make more and more money by using fractional banking as it is so beautifully called, thereby enslaving all of humanity through the governmental channels that unfortunately people keep voting for years after years. Personally the only change possible will happen when ppl stop electing puppets for the bankers.

      • Absolutely. We hear this POV ad nauseum in the altnews as if anyone really knows what is happening in the cellars of corruption. Most of the information appears to be released to the public in order to create an adversarial atmosphere–YOU MUST TAKE A SIDE! Some hold the propaganda as hopeful. I don’t.

        When I no longer see the planes spraying over my home. When the pedophile rings and child trafficking ring leaders are arrested and jailed–we know who some are, too. When the Fed is dissolved and the banksters don’t pop-up under some other corporate identifier–to name just a few changes. When I see any notable positive that the globalists are out of here then I’ll know. Until then, it’s all just talk.

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