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    A 1999 confession from a  witness of the Roswell crash has emerged, from Former Deputy Sheriff Charles A. Forgas, who claimed he saw the crashed disk, the alien bodies and 300-400 military personnel guarding the site from a branch he did not recognize.

    Forgas made this taped confession 18 years ago when he was 81 years old and never recanted these statements before his passing.

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    • Day late, dollar short on this release–could sell the book, however.

      People who saw and experienced the Roswell incident ALL told the same story once they and their loved ones were no longer being directly threatened by murderous government ghouls. So, there is no “claim”. There is the truth of a guy who accidently viewed the incident. I have to laugh every time I heard “weather balloon with dummies”. Geez. It’s a clear example of what the MIC and their shadow government buddies can get away with when communication is not widespread. Now that is widespread the ghouls use the internet to muddy the waters for those who cannot think for themselves.

    • Alien

      I recognise aliens of light as persons and aliens of invisible light as humans.

      The word alien means extraterrestrial, so beyond earth and foreign.

      Foreign on earth.
      When the man does not know what/who a woman is, this woman is an alien for the man.
      When the woman does not know, what/who a man is, this man is an alien for the woman.
      In order that man and woman are not aliened anymore, both have to ask at first: what/who am I?
      As long he/she not really knows who/what I am, both are aliens to themselves.

      The human can be female and male, is now not bound onto a gender.
      The human can be big or small, is now not bound onto a size.
      The human can be German, Dutch, English etc. is now not bound onto a nationality.
      This saying is valid also for feeling, moreover not for sensing.
      When the man and the woman both say that I am human, they are not foreign to each other and not any more aliened.

      Persons think and sense, where they are still aliened and intellectual coined.
      Humans feel and think, where they are not any more foreign and where they live by their intelligence.

      It is for sure possible that aliens show themselves as aliened persons and as aliened humans.
      This depends out of which area of universe they come on earth.
      Out of the area of known light-matter and dark/unknown/alien matter or out of the area of dark/alien/unknown energy.

      – Inside the known light matter, there are also different areas, which show themselves as star systems with more or less mass. Inside these systems there are also different planets etc. The different kinds of mass develop the different kinds of aliens.
      – Inside the sun system with the earth, the moon etc. there is a mass inside the sun, where a black hole is NOT developed.

      In addition, it is also possible that personal intellectual aliens grow/evolve to intelligent humans and as human again evolve to an alien after death of the human being. In this case, there is a need for finding black holes (spiritual chakras) inside humans.

      – It could be so that such humans come on earth, because they stem from a system with a massive star. Here the stem brain of this known human on earth is more aware, as the stem brain of a person, which does not evolve into intelligent humans and stay present as just intellectual persons. At least there are states of consciousness, which are unaware by the means of intellect/stupidity. It is well known that pains “create” unconscious stupidity, showing itself by the stupidity of wars.

      I came on earth as an alien, for discovering who/waht I am, now wondering where I go after “death”.

    • Ridiculous. This is the dark ages of info, this witnesses video was disclosed a few years ago. This current analysis video must be MIC SSP or CIA made, to begin the SLOW Elites leak with strong control for their UFO invasion false flag.

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