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    Destin from Smarter Every Day shows us experiments in acoustic levitation.

    Acoustic pressure waves are generated to cancel each other out, forming standing waves that create columns with the power to levitate objects whose weights are within the parameters of the frequencies of the pressure waves. There’s a lot of awesome eye candy, here.

    One is reminded of course of the alternative theories that a similar technology was used to create the megalithic structures and temple complexes of the ancient world, including the Pyramids of Giza.

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    • What I see here is a point which becomes fixed INSIDE waves.
      Because I see any wave as a wave of poinst, now a point with mass and a wave point meets.
      By thinking reverse, it is possible to perceive that INSIDE flat universe of no-waves, so base on points, there can move waves.

      Dark energy base on points.
      Dark matter base on bipolar points.
      Known matter base on waves.

      Known emotions are waves.
      Unconscious/dark emotions are bipolar points (Yin/Yang).
      Dark energy is feeling energy, by points.

      It can be that the word levitation is seen in different ways:
      Here an example of human levitation.

      I am aware of gravity by massive points, by anti-gravity by universal dark energy and of levitation.
      Is this Shaman levitating now by sound or by thoughts of the brain?

      I also feel an energy passing through my entire body, from down to above, passing thought my brain. In some whay, I see this flow as anti-gravity.
      In a spiritual way, this energy connects down and above, by being as a spirit inside the centre of being.

      Thanks for the video. It made me more aware of what levitation is or could be.

    • The demonstration would have been much better without the annoying noise (music?) I shut it down before the end. I couldn’t take the distraction.

    • You are on to something. Although a uni directional sound fiedls was used to move the 4000 ton objects here on earth.
      Oh, and by the way,…that is NOT an awesome mustang. It is truly a POS if you know anything about American Society you will already understand that. Stick with the sound waves and maybe your mental waves will increase.

    • Could this also be applied to a physical vehicle? Scientists are alleged to be back engineering captured UFOs. It has been said that when they attempt to use human pilots and fly them out
      of the earth’s atmosphere, that they explode like the water droplets in the video. Would it be for t he same reasons?

      • If the levitation technology of those captured UFOs is based on acoustics, my guess is that such craft would drop back into the atmosphere, rather than explode. Sound waves cannot propagate in a vacuum and if the space beyond Earth’s atmosphere is indeed a vacuum, acoustic technology wouldn’t work in Outer Space. If I know this, clearly the scientists involved do.

        If those allegations are true, they would be using another form of propulsion and since we don’t know what that is, we can’t say why the craft are exploding. The explosions may or may not be related specifically to the means of propulsion.

      • Artificial gravity/ gravity exclusion phenomenon is at the heart of “antigravity”. I don’t think there are many models that have this sorted out correctly yet (although check out Rick Crandall’s work – fascinating). Anyway, they do not use this technique for their propulsion. See Bob Lazar explain one race’s tech, using an element 115 power plant/ gravity field generator-waveguide. Most all other theories involve a high voltage plasma discharge from the high voltage field (of magnetic/ gravitic/ gravitomagnetic/ magnetogravitic/ however it works! THis is the most exciting field, illegally controlled by aerospace corporations (ostensibly at the behest of the US gov’t, when in fact, these military companies seem to rule our relationship with ET).

    • I’d be interested to know what the input power of the transducers was against the theoretical energy required to suspend the total weight of droplets was.

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