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In 2015, several high-quality online Independent News publishers, which had previously been subsidized by Google-YouTube advertising were suddenly defunded and effectively put out of business. Sites like StormCloudsGathering, WeAreChange and ForbiddenKnowledgeTV were all essentially put out of business, without warning or explanation.

It was only when Aaron Hawkins, the creator of this clip and publisher of StormCloudsGathering looked into the fine print of Google’s Terms of Service, that he found that content which referred to war, even without any photographs or references to violence would not be deemed “advertising friendly” and therefore not monetized. The ads would stay up there but the publishers would not be paid.

On one level, this is commercial censorship and it’s the opposite of “advertiser friendly” because it gives advertisers less choices in the kind of content on which they can advertise. But as a significant arm of the US’ intelligence apparatus and a major recipient of Corporate Welfare from the US State, Google is also violating the First Amendment Right to Free Speech.

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  • That’s what happens to anything involving money exchange. I am not surprised, but I am continuously disappointed by human conscience-lessness. They have to screw anything good. When is good ever going to triumph and become and remain the status quo?? I think the only answer to it is to eliminate the construct of money.

    I wonder what would happen if we printed trillions of post-it-notes and distributed 100 million to every human on the planet to use as money (except to those already having over millions). No backup… no gold… no silver…. based on nothing… the air we breathe, how bout that? What would happen? What would happen if we all started on the same value-footing?

    WHy do we have to follow old constructs that are not working? Why does money HAVE to have a mineral backup to have value? Why does that mineral (gold, silver) have to have value to begin with? Was it not the value WE PLACED ON IT that makes it valuable? WHy must we turn an object into value at all? That is all our doing.

    If we resolved the issue of food, we would not have this financial problem… we would be more creative. There are billions of us – more than enough to handle the production of food without a sweat. We have transportation…. more than enough to handle the distribution of foods as to climactic and geological issues – there would BE NO MORE DESTRUCTION OF FOOD on the markets when all is bought and sold, they would be distributed. No more throwing out of foods in restaurants and supermarkets.

    We would be more inclined to do what we love for the love of it…. Chefs loving food and cooking would do so…. carpenters loving building will do so…. fashionistas would create so…. people loving to use their hands to create will do so…

    There would be no need for competition…. you would just create as you like with others joining in cooperation and desire for expression.

    As personally satisfied humans there would be more an inclination to cooperate and share in building communities… etc.

    Expression is our number one desire. That is how anything gets created. The desire to express and create.

    But in our construct of money, many are forced into positions that do not allow for this expression – and only becomes a fight for survival…. for our next meal. And from which all trauma grows… resentfulness, self-dissatisfaction, fear, worthlessness or becomes tyranny and narcissism to control another for survival…. fight or flight.

    ANY kind of monetary exchange means that only the creators are benefitting from it. …. the ones in control of its base value (gold, silver). Be it bit-coin, silver, gold….. as long as that value is given, most of us are fucked.

    Let’s create un-backed post-it-notes …. we give it whatever value is needed for exchange… and free ourselves of this cycle of indentured slavery.

    Of course the supplies will be exhausted right away… initially leaving many without a chance to buy anything. That would be the learning curve. Those with the construct millions will see that their money will really have no value because everyone would have millions…. and soon they too will not have anything to buy – leaving everyone on the same level. People will HAVE to come together in cooperation to create the objects of any needs. Money will have no real value suddenly. Resources will HAVE to be shared and even rationed. A new understanding will have to be had of our relationship to our environment (use of resources, agriculture, building, contaminants…). But we will have billions of people creating as they wish – and our common basic needs will drive that – but in a very different way.

    ….well…. there goes my dream lol

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