Finally, the draconian yet vague Terms of Service (TOS) of Google-YouTube have been publicly revealed to the content creators – and the latter are rightfully freaked-out.

You used to have to dig through thousands of pages of legalese to understand what had been done to your business.

Google-YouTube were not forthcoming a year ago, when they defunded some of the best dissident websites around. All we saw was our incomes evaporate to less than 5% of our previous monthly earnings, without any warning or explanation – while Google-YouTube kept their ads up and running on our webpages, as if everything were OK.

I, for one am grateful that the cat is finally out of the bag. A year ago, thousands of alternative news publishers, like me were simply put out of business and many, like me are totally struggling to keep going. Now, video content creators will suffer the same fate.

Google-YouTube’s public excuse has been that they’re trying to make their content more “advertising friendly”. Personally, I observed my own website’s Google ads devolve from those coming from exciting independent businesses to ugly, hard-to-watch ads about a homeless guy who was “making grocery stores mad”. (The ads were so unattractive that I still have no idea what they were for).

In my opinion, this change of Google-YouTube’s TOS has nothing to do with being “Advertising Friendly.” It has a lot to do with censorship.

In the next day or two, you will finally see the new website for!

I’m so proud of the technicians from around the world who’ve translated my 4,700+-page website across platform- and software-corruption jams. It’s been a herculean effort on the part of so many people. I can never thank each individual involved enough.

I feel lucky, in a way to have already walked through that scary Vale of Tears of having my business pulled out from under me – without any warning – to have survived the shock and to have that behind me.

I apologize for making you endure my ugly website since last November. (I learned a lot over the past year).

Your generosity and my business loans have kept me alive while I’ve earned virtually zero in advertising income since July 2015. The ads you’ve been seeing on the soon-to-be obsolete site were “placeholders” for prospective “real” advertisers who I never regained enough SEO to speak with – and who I now hope I never have to deal with. (We’ll see how that works out).

Get ready for the reboot!

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  • Personally, I hope to be advertising soon and I will be targeting sites like FK and Next World to place my ads. And no, my business isn’t controversial, it’s a charity! I just want to support these types of outlets.

    • That’s good to hear because at the rate the donation drive is going, it looks like I will definitely have to explore advertising. The economy is rough and people need to allocate their funds towards things they truly need.

      This is part of the point I forgot to finish making: what Google has done is to limit the kind of content that advertisers can place their ads on. This proves to me that their primary motive is not “advertiser friendliness” but censorship.

      There are businesses that share my values and who want to advertise on my kind of content but who are being stopped from doing so by Google-YouTube.

      It’s hard to just ask people for money. It easier to sell people goods/services that they want and need.

  • I want to be kept informed on what is happening in the world. For that purpose I’ve turned away 100% from mainstream media and their faithful advertisers; instead I regularly choose alternative media.
    In my opinion reporting events should not be depending on advertisers otherwise those will have the power to dictate what is being published and what will not be, a system we call censorship.
    Advertisers hold power in their hands but remember what TYT say: people are leaving mainstream media so where else are advertisers going to advertise? Soon it will be the reverse of what we have known so far: it will be the advertisers knocking on doors to ask if they may advertise with you

  • I disagree. Logic applied to the Deep State? We understand…we get it…you’re not being targeted, folks? I don’t think so. On the surface this would seem a logical conclusion because it can be explained away as part of old time corporate behavior and “just the way the system works”. No doubt Google policies play out where the corporate money flows when profitability is the bottom line and the search/need for truth is not a priority. Factually, allowing sites to profit from the delivery of alternative viewpoints in the media is contrary to everything the Deep State stands for. The Deep State vies to stay in control of the processed/programmed world-wide media via censorship/deceit/kick-backs/profit and, as noted by the anchors, the mainstream news BS is losing viewers in droves. Why? It’s bollocks. Even the stupid people are not buying everything they are told any longer. The Deep State is not going to let that happen if it can be stopped. Wars, hatred and profit for their buddies can’t be achieved if the public isn’t moving to act as they desired. Since there are currently operating mechanical avenues open to them, how better than to deny a living to those who choose to report alternative views, now dubbed by Google as “controversial subject matter”. The military/industrial/intelligence complex halts all questions and any answers with these two words “national security” and it’s an accepted stop sign. Trend in conditioning? The Deep State has only one card in the deck here–control via profitability, the capitalist war cry for the bottom line. And the altnet is negatively affecting the Deep State agenda and narrative. If it were not true they would not be so desperate to make laws that control its content. Yes, it’s true that all viewing translates into money, but profit is simply a benchmark indicator of a slow, steady lose of worldwide control over the narrative.

    The anchors’ logic is messed-up when one separates the Deep State from Google surface behavior and policy statements. To hear anything that doesn’t carry a Deep State message one has to go altnews. TPTB are aware of this fact. Yet, the Google “policy” change, having been in effect for at least a year now, does not appear to be effecting sex, violence and hatred on Youtube. Over 40% of internet traffic falls into these money making categories. It’s likely much higher since last I checked. Sex, violence and their brother hatred is profitable. Is Google getting rid of these on Youtube? I would say no because you can watch awful things of no news worth everyday on Youtube with ads posted alongside them. Has Google removed these? NO. That’s a fact. However, Google is demonetizing or removing “controversial subject matter” as defined by them because of corporate advertisers? Nope. Social media giant Facebook has been doing the same in removing content about publicly held political views that do not support the mainstream Clinton POTUS narrative. Again, trend? Dubbing sites as “controversial” denies monetary gain and easily runs them out of business. While on the surface the anchor’s comments appear logical one must dig deeper to see Google is not being honest and it’s not applying that logic to everyone. Take a look for yourself.

    Most disturbing to me is that, apparently, few altnet enterprises/news delivery sites even knew there were changes made to Google policies long ago, unless they were hit by demonetization. Many unsuspecting sites were hit and are now gone. Success for the Deep State. Apparently, the site owners didn’t keep up on the new laws made by the Google gods and adjust income potential accordingly. It’s hard work to be an entrepreneur, but that is no excuse. It’s your business. It all falls to sites owners to make it happen—every day. It’s now even more difficult.

    Solution: Bite the bullet, pay the costs and move away from Google/Youtube/Deep State control and their corporate actors. Although I’m a bit light on the details/components in play here this report by James Corbett focused on NATO control of the internet and one proposed workaround. I’ve not researched it yet but it may be of help (if I understand it correctly):

    • Wow. Two great comments, which are getting me excited about achieving our goal of a creating a user submitted articles section.

      Calling TYT “Alternative Media” is pushing it. As the creator of one of, if not THE most popular YouTube channel, Cenk is trying to sell his corporate overlords on returning Google-YouTube’s ad policies back to the good ol’ way they used to be, because “we’re no longer ‘Ozzie and Harriet'” and “vanilla” content is not the best venue for companies to place their ads. In so doing, he is propagating the falsehood that G-YT is not instrumental to the functioning of the Deep State. Cenk won’t even talk about the Deep State!

      Those were the days, making a comfortable living off the enemy while slagging them! when the Googlebot would run “McCain for President” ads on content that savaged him!

      Last year, when the rug was completely ripped out from under me, from almost one month to the next, it became clear to me that G-YT’s ad policies had created a Free Speech monster that had gotten away from the “Powers that Shouldn’t Be” (Corbett’s term).

      As perhaps the most important PRISM client, which receives no less than $50M from NSA annually, G-YT feeds into the Global Information Grid (GIG), the Internet of Things (IOT) and High Frequency Trading Machines (HFT), allowing elites with special access to front-run the stock markets and the Superstate’s law enforcement branches to engage in pre-crime – and other things that we might not even be able to imagine.

      This is a closed loop system and the only way out is to decentralize, by using emerging platforms, like a .bit domain, as suggested by Corbett in that great episode of #NewWorldNextWeek that Elle shared – or

      The downside of using these, at this stage in the game is that I’m pretty sure you end up on the Dark Web – like I did, when I foolishly migrated my site to the Icelandic domain,

      If you’re not already a self-sustaining online business or don’t need to make money, I’m pretty sure you’ll still have to sleep with the enemy and get indexed by the Googlebot to attract new business. I don’t see corbettreport switching to .bit anytime soon – unless all Hell breaks loose, which is predicted by the Shemitah crowd to happen at the end of this month! Just in time for control of ICANN to be handed over to the UN!

      I look forward to his upcoming interview with Michael Dean to clear up my questions about landing on the Dark Web by using these decentralized platforms.

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