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With the recent DNC leaks, the previous leaks of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her “homebrew” server last March – plus Julian Assange’s warning that he has in his possession an email that could land HRC in prison, there is no shortage of Arkancide waiting to be directed at Assange and WikiLeaks’ members and supporters.

This is why the untimely death of John Jones, 48, father of two and the lawyer for WikiLeaks, found dead on the train tracks at West Hampstead Thameslink station on April 18, 2016 raised a lot of eyebrows – but only three months later, as his death was not widely reported at the time and only emerged virally in the Independent Media last week. The only two online news outlets which, to that point had carried this sad story were The Sun and a local publication for the London suburbs of Hampstead Gardens, where Jones lived, the Ham & High News.

After an official inquest, Jones’ death was ruled NOT a suicide by the coroner involved in his case Mary Hassell, according to an announcement published on the official WikiLeaks Facebook page on late Monday and elsewhere.

Jones, who was a celebrated Human Rights lawyer was being treated for anxiety and bi-polar disorder. These conditions had become evident, just as he began working on the case to prevent Assange from being extradited to Sweden. He struggled to continue to work as his condition worsened.

Jones had been living at home and had spent the previous day with his family, who’d become concerned about the side effects from his withdrawal from his medication, so he’d voluntarily checked himself into Nightingale, a private mental health hospital. At 5AM the following morning, he signed a risk assessment form, which allowed him to leave the hospital.

At the inquest heard at St Pancras Coroners Court on August 18th, 2016, Coroner Mary Hassell criticized the treatment Jones received while he’d been interned previously, saying, “He was in his room, lying on his bed or on his laptop. That seems fairly awful in therapeutic terms. To me if I were worried about a person that was mentally unwell I would think that environment was the worst possible environment for them.”

It is because Hassell believes that “The state of his mental health at the time [of his death] meant he lacked necessary intent to categorize this as a suicide,” even though she has no doubt he intended to jump in front of the train. CCTV footage proved that he had acted alone, completely ruling out “the action of any other person.”

Hassell will be writing up the Hospital demanding changes she believes must be made to prevent future deaths, including mandatory talk therapy, which Jones had avoided and which Hassell partially blames for his death.

That Jones was happily married with two children and was described by colleagues as a “brilliant and creative lawyer” and that his firm, Doughty Street Chambers issued a statement that said, “John was admired and appreciated for his amazing sense of humor, his professionalism and his deep commitment to justice and the rule of law,” doesn’t sound like he was a man on the brink of committing suicide.

This has led leading some, like Next News Network host Gary Franchi, here to wonder whether or not Jones may have been a victim of mind control. This of course sounds like tinfoil hat stuff but the fact is that brainwave entrainment weapons have existed for decades with the capability of leading an intelligent man who had told his mother that he would never commit suicide for the sake of his children to throw himself in front of a commuter train.

If an investigation of his death is made, it may be the first one that exposes such mind control weapons.

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  • For the first time of any debate I am afraid and deeply disturbed by the lies, trickery, and manipulation our government has been doing while punishing us the American people for lesser crimes.

  • What could have caused it? Easy…..Mind control OR…. the effects of the psychotropics themselves which CAUSE PRODUCE CREATE ….SUICIDAL thoughts or suicidal ideation and or hallucinations. Look up all the psychotropics’ manufacturer’s package inserts – its all written there. Then that in itself, their inherent effects, can be USED for mind control or manipulation and simple suggestion, as well.

  • Addressed to all here or passing: Comment by LAWMANAGER “…One of the problems with investigating people who want others dead, is that the investigator himself runs a risk of becoming a casualty of his own success if he’s any good!” Yes we can see that with the Clintons’ legal history, especially with the “Mena Murders” court case, the extensive list of deaths surrounding all other issues in their public office, and even recently with the death of their Democratic Campaign staff member. But to address behavior that leads to self-influenced-death is not limited to “mental illness”, suicide, nor to other real potential criminal sources… but we are ignoring the fact that PHARMACEUTICALS THEMSELVES are INHERENTLY a potential self-destructive force, AND INHERENTLY NOT INTENTIONAL on the part of the conscious mind of the individual medicated with such. Let me be clearer: Psychotropic Pharmaceuticals used for “mental illness” diagnoses, themselves PRODUCE ALL FORMS OF BEHAVIORS ASSOCIATED WITH HARM – either outward harm or self-harm….. whether under their influence in the blood stream, or during withdrawal where the chemicals are being still used by the body in their reactions (AS WAS THE CASE WITH JONES!!), AND even as these chemicals are also known to be stored in fat or elsewhere in the body which later are leached into the bloodstream to be ACTIVE – at times even YEARS LATER. In other words there are massive reports of patients experiencing their neurological effects MONTHS and YEARS – AFTER the psychotropics HAVE BEEN DISCONTINUED. But especially during withdrawal. These are SCIENTIFICALLY and MEDICALLY and corporate KNOWN actions of these drugs. In addition…..ALL the side-effects of psychotropics ARE NOT MEDICALLY KNOWN NOR CAN THEY ALL BE PREDICTED! (exception being WITHDRAWAL of the medication) The psychotropics manufacturing package inserts themselves recommend their REEVALUATION BY THE PRESCRIBING PHYSICIAN AFTER THE PERIOD OF THE CLINICAL TRAILS under which THESE psychotropic EFFECTS were discovered. These trials are for the most part not more than 5 or 6 weeks!! by which they have been “approved” by the FDA. In other words, doctors are supposed to re-evaluate the “effectiveness” of these psychotropics after those 5 or 6 weeks for which SCIENCE ONLY HAS EVIDENCE! In other words – SCIENCE DOES NOT KNOW what these drugs effects will be AFTER the period of time they were tested for! They do not know their effectiveness beyond 5 or 6 weeks because that’s when their testing ended. AND they do not know their exact “mechanism” via which they work!! So beyond the testing time – it is really a free for all nilly willy! A LIVE guinea pig experimentation for years thereafter. And so the true effects of these psychotropics ARE NOT KNOWN BEYOND THE PERIOD OF WEEKS OF THEIR CLINICAL TRIALS! Except of course during WITHDRAWAL, the ceasing of the medication. So in effect…. external manipulation can certainly be a factor for his death, as the effects of withdrawal at least are very known and predictable. Leaving him to take a walk while in the period of withdrawal – which would put HIS CONSCIOUSNESS still under the influence of a drug’s detrimental behavioral known PRODUCED effects, of which suicide is a definite known one….. can also be a strategy used to intentionally guide him to his demise. The problem would be proving those in the clinic were indeed involved, or those involved with advising him to get clinical assistance. And even if no one was involved….. the fact remains that psychotropic drugs ARE in fact an alter-ror of behavior via chemical reactions – one that PRODUCES suicide and violence. THAT is cause for all of us to QUESTION the use of these drugs in our society – which, after teens, is now recommended to PREGNANT women AND toddlers! These are just some of the psychotropics prescribed that produce violent and suicide and thoughts never had before: 15 drugs with UNKNOWN mechanisms, Amitriptyline, Amoxapine, Doxepin, ImiprmaineRisperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Geodon, AbilifyCarbamazepine (Tegretol), Valproate, depakote, lamotrigineFluphenazine, and Haldol15 more….yikes….. Presumed or unknown action; diazepam (Valium), lorazepam (Ativan), alprazolam (Xanax), clonazepam (Klonipin). The following have mechanisms unknown, but ASSUMED an increase in levels: Celexa, Lexapro, Prozac, Luvox, Paxil, and Zoloft, Wellbutrin, Trazodone, Serzone The following are ASSUMED to work on over-active receptors in the cell membranes of neurons: Lithium Carbonate. Lithium Citrate…. MANY MANY MANY….. deaths from many of those – and still on the market.WHY? TO CONSPIRE, OR NOT TO CONSPIRE….. Although, technology does exist that enables communication to be had via the nervous system via waves. Look up the Lilly Wave which can be piggy backed upon the electrical waves to effect your nervous system with thoughts/impulses (anger, sadness, confusion, impulses…). Government experiments were made with these, where volunteers were directed a certain frequency that produced an emotion and physical impulse. They once made a mistake and gave the wrong frequency – which ended in all the volunteers defecating on themselves automatically. THE LILLY WAVE – Electrical Stimulation of the Brain Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons 1985 CNN Special Assignment: CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (1 of 2) CNN: Electromagnetic Mind Control Weapons (2 of 2) Mind Control by Cell Phone Mass Mind Control Through Network Television ~ Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

  • What! The man is fine and suddenly over some time, mind you, becomes ill. The is the first problem. One needs to investigate his health! Forget the train how he was allowed there and how he got there is secondary. None of this sounds right. His health lead him to being placed in a mental ward? That is not going to go good. Was he being poisoned with something by someone? Autopsy time! Cellular traces of something in there. Some one is involved none of this sounds right! Why did he get sick and then why did it effect his mind? Be careful when you are putting things out on a global basis you will step on the toes of people who know people! They will tend to be able to find you and get to you! That is what happened here it is too obvious! People do not have sudden onsets of mental issues like he did. You can see it is chemically induced in some way! You need an expert chemist in cellular detection to give you the answers. Then what can you do about it? They killed him and they have gotten away with it. They want Julian. Unless he has a good backup law defense they will get him. That is what they do! That is what they have done for a long time now! You can not step on toes and think you are safe. You will have to assume the worst. You best defense now is to become undetectable!

  • Oh yes … I also intended to say (see comment below) that the “tools” that “they” have and use, are technically beyond our ability to know of, lethal secrets, effective with no evidence.

  • We who do not accept the “normal” view of such things, (The “reality” presented to us, which we are expected to believe) will instead require truth, as near as we can get to it. We all are aware of dark and sinister “powers” used by certain groups empowered by factions of great wealth who want certain things to “go their way” and when it is important enough to “them”, they make it happen. One way or another, some ways basically undetectable. We, for the most part, do not have an objectively provable “handle” on who “they” are, rumor, conjecture and theories abound … I have recently come across a web-site ( ) that sheds light on the “darkness” (all things are relative and often subjective as much or more than objective). Those folks make no bones about how they see us and what they intend to do to us. Yet it appears that within their ranks there are differing “factions” where some desire more “finesse”, and others use more outright “brutality” … the former are the ones, I believe, that I have communicated with on that site. In the short time that I have been exchanging thoughts with them, I have been led to look ever deeper into that subject, ie; control from the “dark side”, and I have come to think, so far, that we all should maybe look a bit deeper into that realm, let fear allow some caution, but open to whatever truths are involved. Let your INtuition (your higher Self~INner Spirit be your guide) with the correct frame of mind you can consider “them” less an “enemy to be destroyed” but, hopefully, a “worthy adversary” granted the rights by GOD (not God nor gods) to allow free will choice for one and all to create their own reality, they go dark while we attempt to go light. Common Duality (+/-) demands as much distance from the “other” and/or destruction of the other … but, the universe actually works on the principle of Trinity (+=-) … where Spirit is Neutral, the (=) in between the “polarized” choices. It is the same Spirit that “talks and guides” each of us, allowing us to make free will choices for the experience that we desire (or think we do at the moment of choice) … some folks let greed guide them, others have more altruistic desires … in the extremes we will find GOD in the form of Love .. or … a God or god based upon fear. Some have “sold their souls” to the devil, among them are those blinded by their greed and enjoying what they see as “rewards” for their “shrewdness”, and others who have been at it longer and found themselves “trapped” and thus justifying it by “worshipping it” as their destiny, no hope for “better” just resignation for their “condition” … When one becomes “Spiritual enough”, they find that GOD is involved and the Spirit of said GOD makes their position in it ALL justified, as no one takes the directions that they do other than by free will … if someone appears to be “forced” or to be “victimized”, what is really happening is Karma is being played out … and that can, and will, spread over many incarnational experiences, Karma is the truth of “what goes around comes around” showing the importance of the “Golden Rule” … those that tend towards the Darkness probably didn’t understand the rule and just sought the Gold part, knowing that with enough of it, they can make the rules … at least affecting those who they see as their Subjects … Those of us that have figured that all out to the degree that we see it as it really is, a Trinity of (+=-), can live a life of love with a future expectation of more love, staying on the path we will find Love and then LOVE. I pity the “others” but I need not fear them, thus I would not seek their destruction, just allow them their paths and only attempt to wake those willing to think in Trinity (+=-) rather than in Duality (+/-) … the “higher road” being but a recommendation, to each their own. If we feel “trapped” in a negative reality, no problem resisting it and showing others the better path, even attempting to change the “bad”, but via common sense and truth (same thing) rather than open conflict with the relative “destructions” that might ensue … remember, those with the most “Dark Power” are “empowered” by negativity, the more negative the better, by “their” standards. Confront Fear with Love, that that works is the Truth that sets you Free. IMnsHO and E. PS … the “Evil” of this world, know that the Truth is Trinity (+=-), but ‘They” usurp the (=) unto themselves, using the “power” of “IT” (spiritual evil) while they convince those “subjects” (the masses) that They themselves does not exist, that any such charges by us are just silly “Conspiracy Theories” which only idiots would believe in. The “idiots” then are told that Duality is “the only game” where within the masses there is good and there is evil (churches support that view to the feeble minded) and that the “bad” (eviler) are “those others” … so whichever side you take, you are good (or you would not have taken that side) and the “other” is bad … while the “sides” conflict with each other we create negative energy which the “puppet masters” feed off of, both materially and spiritually. We need to become aware that the “tool” of the “dark” is “Divide and Control” and we become useful pawns and possibly eventual victims. Parasites require a host that is alive, one that will feed them the energy that they can suck from you, only when you die will they transfer to another … the healthier (Spiritually and thus physically) you are the most resistant you are to parasites. In Nature (and humankind) there exists the BALANCE and that is defined within (+=-), I think that “we” have more choice, Karma is the due Justice.

  • This was a pretty smart guy. Surely he could have thought of a cleaner and more certain way to end his life. Would you, could you, throw yourself in front of a train? I doubt it. This is more of an assination method than a suicide method. MK does seem a likely scenario.

  • As dyslexic civil litigation lawyer (I know, its wierd), who lost only one trial in nearly 40 years of doing that work in the state (Mostly California) and Federal Courts in the U.S., and as a serious student of history, ontology and existential philosophy as taught by Friedrich Nietzsche generally and Martin Heidegger more specifically, I think I have a pretty good read on people’s motivations, i.e., why people do what they do. In short, if you know what their concerns are it is not difficult to predict their behavior. Based on this video presentation, and this is everything I know about this man and the situations in his life that would give him cause to have specific motivating concerns (like, as mentioned, his being a father and typically a father’s love tends to generate a dire concern for the health, happiness and wellbeing of his children), you’re right in that — based solely on those known facts — it appears unlikely that being of sound mind, he would NOT want to kill himself. However, that same “love of children” can be used against HIS well being if his children were to come under attack or threat of harm and the only way to “save” them was to kill himself. In courts adhering to the English common law traditions of jurisprudence, circumstantial evidence is, as a matter of law, given as much credence and weight as direct evidence such as a confession or eyewitness account to the contrary. To get the answer as to whether this lawyer’s death was a volitional act on his behalf, a good investigation of all the immediate and extended circumstances is needed. There is a presumption of his being of “sound mind” created by the mental institution having released him. Did the mental facility exercise all “due care” absent of ill-motives in releasing him? If we knew every communication the deceased received for the 60 days prior to his checking himself into the mental institution until the moment of his death, I strongly suspect that we’d know what he was most concerned with at the time of his demise. Everyone has done things that can be used to blackmail them if only they were known, and someone wanted to use them for that purpose. This leads to the next phase of the investigation. What individuals most wanted him “out of the way”? A huge area of examination I’m sure. However, if you start with those who’ve developed a public identity or perceived history of benefiting from the untimely death of others, that’s inevitably a good place to start. Hillary Clinton, of course, comes to mind. Just with some top-notch old fashioned investigative work, I’m sure the answers are out there without resorting to the more exotic MK ULTRA theories. I One of the problems with investigating people who want others dead, is that the investigator himself runs a risk of becoming a casualty of his own success if he’s any good!

  • I agree with both gentlemen above. Assange’s weak point seems to me that he will depend on outsiders to help him in his tasks and that the US decided to proceed by elimination. The various acronyms in the shadow gvt certainly have means @ their disposal to use all types of brain entrainment tech of which we would be totally ignorant. Besides, this was a man who could not have been in a fitter mental health according to every testimony. Suddenly he is diagnosed as bipolar? This is not a disease but a condition that exists for some time before being diagnosed, and the signs a bipolar person exhibits are noticeable by that person’s environment. It definitely does not tally with the descriptions about him by the ppl surrounding him. Anyone who knows a tiny bit about the condition will know the opinions by family and co-workers are fully inconsistent with bipolar disorder. Those who did this to him are unfortunately long gone, or keep in the shadow where they act with impunity. Because how do you prove brain entrainment, or maniplkation? And where do you find the guilty party behind it? We live in a world where secret agents are using secret tech we know nothing about, so how do we protect ourselves from those monsters?

  • We already know that television is a powerful mind control tool/weapon. It’s no great leap to consider that more powerful mind control methods have surely been developed. They really do want to shut Assange down so bad, don’t they? If Assange is removed from this life before his time then who knows what the global consequences might be? For example, the real 9/11 story published? Et c.

    • You are all bi-polar, have a look at your responses. However, given the evidence I think we have a problem. (Federal Analyst Australia)

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