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    A film crew associated with the Independent film, ‘VaxXed’ has been touring the country during its grassroots theatrical distribution campaign. This is their presentation of the unconscionable story of Colton from Orem, Utah.
    At 13, Colton was extremely active in motocross and in many other sports when he was administered Gardasil by his family doctor. Gardasil is the vaccine developed by the €11.4B German pharmaceutical giant, Merck to protect against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

    This virus causes genital warts and it’s long been linked to cervical cancer (although a recent study denies this link). The vaccine was originally developed for girls but it was soon approved to be administered to boys, ostensibly to prevent the spread of this sexually transmitted disease (STD) and ultimately, to curtail cases of cervical cancer.
    Shortly after receiving the first of three injections, Colton became completely paralyzed, when his spinal cord became massively inflamed. His partial paralysis is permanent. He requires a respirator to breathe and a neck brace to keep his head from falling over.

    There have been over 200 serious injuries, like Colton’s associated with Gardasil and several deaths. While Colton maintains a surprisingly positive attitude in the face of his personal tragedy he is angry that this drug is still being administered to millions of children annually.

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    • This Mother has a wonderfully positive spirit,I know that I Couldn’t handle this situation as well as she is. I also want to Applaud this brave young man, keeping such a jovial spirit. This doctor may have a history with the family, and Mother maybe a little naive of him because of her family relationship,These doctors are aware of the dangers of all of these Vaccines.Research has shown that these (doctors) are trained by the CDC to encourage these parents to vaccine their children….their incentive is money. The Gardasil Vaccine is just as dangerous for Girls as it is for Boys. Girls vaccinated with Garda silver have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. These diseases include anemia hemolytic autoimmune, autoimmune thrombocytopenia, demyelination;disseminated intravascular coagulation, Evans syndrome;Henoch-Schonlein purpura, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, uveitis anti nuclear antibody increased, anti nuclear antibody positive;autoimmune disorder, hemorrhage, immune system disorder, scieroderma;Systemic lupus erythematosusThe monumental assault on the immune system through an injection of poison (Gardasil) has toppled the immune systems of girls and young women. ALUMINUM TOXICITY Causes Many Injuries, including Autoimmune Diseases. In Addition the MMR Vaccines causes Autism in Black Males.

    • Colton is a very brave boy. This story broke my heart. It is outrageous that they are still giving this vaccination to anyone. I’m sure there are cases where vaccinations have done some good, for example, stopping the spread of polio, but they are trying to vaccinate against everything now-a- days, without knowing exactly what they are doing to people. I wish they would stop trying to outwit nature and stop playing God with our health. Shame on Merk and shame on all those people who only worry about benefitting from our misfortunes. This vaccine is unnecessary and obviously bad, period. It should be outlawed.

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