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Laura Loomer exposes Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo for the liar he is, as details in the records recently released by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department contradict several his claims and corroborate hers and those of many others from 8 months ago. Lombardo is up for re-election next Tuesday.

Evidence is piling up to indicate that the Las Vegas Massacre was a large-scale terrorist attack, as reported by Gio Rios, who escaped automatic fire near the front row at the concert and was almost corralled into what he sensed would be a deathtrap at the casino of the Tropicana Hotel, before he ducked into a dumpster for three hours with his girlfriend. Among the newly-revealed claims reported to police are numerous accounts of active shooters in 12 hotel-casinos on the Strip, shots being fired from helicopters and  3 women in the hotel room of alleged attacker, Stephen Paddock prior to the attack, all in stark contradiction to official reports.

Despite the fact that it was the Associated Press and local Las Vegas news outlets which sued for the release of these police reports and bodycam footage, these entities have remained relatively silent about what’s to be found in the 3,000+ pages and video.

Since they won’t tell you what’s on those tapes and in those reports, you can access them from this post on the Project Avalon website.


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  • Breathless Zionist shilling…
    Being so positive regarding ‘this was ISIS’ is a show stopper…
    If that were true, how is it that there were so many evidence connections to bin Salman’s coup in Saudi Arabia?
    How, if there truly were 12 casinos with shooter incidents, AND the concert shoot-up, and the now obvious helicopters flying around with no transponders and with transponders could it possibly be that ISIS operatives made all that happen AND THE LVPD AND FBI COVERED FOR THEM?
    Loomer is Jewish and AJ is a painfully obvious Zionist…I smell more than sweaty armpits here…

      • > Loomer might not realize that ISIS = CIA.

        But Jones is well aware of it, and has been saying so for years (calling them “al C.I.A.-da” instead of al-kaida, et cetera.) And now all of a sudden, it’s like the thought never occurred to him that a false flag operation would include planted evidence and false claims of responsibility! Alex is acting like this is proof “the moozlims did it”, when it’s actually more evidence for a false flag op. Also notice where he admits how close he was to the MKULTRA project (and from the description of his dreams, maybe even closer than he thinks — just like the astronauts who could not remember parts of their trip to the moon) :

        Alex Jones exposes Joe Rogan as shill

        Yes, Rogan is insincere —but the flaws which Alex sees in Joe are the same ones he cannot face in himself (that being an irrational religious or political taboo.) For Alex, the taboo is:

        1) you must not acknowledge that mind control technologies derived from MKULTRA are frequently used in modern terror cases

        2) you can say you suspect a COVER UP or a STAND DOWN, but you must not suggest that the deep state was the PERPETRATOR, no matter how much evidence there is, or how many false flag operations have been exposed, declassified, or admitted in the past

        Everyone knows there is a coverup in Vegas — but Alex claims the motive is to PROTECT MUSLIMS, not the deep state * —as if the LVMPD & FBI would perpetrate this massive coverup ALL FOR THE SAKE OF ISLAM, and the same establishment which falsely blamed muslims for 9/11 is now PROTECTING them in Vegas!

        * //

        Where Vegas is concerned, even Fox News is doing a better job than Infowars of exposing government conspiracies & coverups:


        If that CIA smuggler pilot with an endless supply of federal cover jobs had gone on a shooting spree because he was “radicalized”, there would be no need to suppress the autopsy and illegally cremate his body. The only possible purpose that serves is to hide the use of mind control drugs and conceal how the patsy was murdered. And Jones ought to know this, because he is not stupid. But instead he is shilling for the deep state, pushing a bogus motive and a false flag claim of responsibility, just as they used Cuba to establish a false motive for Oswald in the JFK assassination. In both cases, the patsy was a low level CIA operative… and yet for some reason this guy Alex Jones who always wants to talk about CIA dirty tricks suddenly takes their planted evidence at face value. That kind of thing is the hallmark of deep state mind programming technologies.


      • Wrong. Being anti-zionist is being resentful about the Zionists, most of whom are fake jews (not semitic at all) from Kazaria. Look it up and get an education and stop dividing people. You play into their agenda, friend.

        • Oh please. I’ve heard and read your kind of drivel for years. I’m a Zionist, and I’m sure as hell not a fake Jew, so maybe it is you who should get an education and stop putting square pegs into round holes to suit your sick agenda.

          • Where did i call you personally a fake jew or anything else? Seems you take things personally and then launch attacks. My sick agenda?

            Don’t investigate the dna scientific evidence that backs my statement. Willful ignorance it is.

      • > The only thing that smells around here is you and your antisemitic delusions.

        The problem is that the word “semite” can be used as a label for two completely different things:

        – a person whose religion is some variant of judaism
        – an arab (including atheists)

        It’s pointless to use a term like “anti-semite” when no one agrees on the meaning, and even the dictionary conflates race with religion here. Semites are not necessarily zionists, and you are only fooling yourself when you use the word “anti-semite” to demean and belittle those who oppose militant zionism. When you employ the term in this context, you are falsely insinuating that opposing zionism is the same as opposing judaism — which implies that ‘truth is bigotry’. Indeed, truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth… and abuse of the term “anti-semite” is ultimately harmful to race relations and jews in general.


        • The term “Semitic” refers to a branch of the Afro-Asiatic linguistic group. By far the most widely-spoken of the Semitic languages is Arabic. The term “anti-Semitic” is imprecise at best and pernicious at worst because it has the effect of erasing all of the Arabs, Ethiopians, Berbers, Tuaregs; millions of speakers of Semitic and Afro-Asiatic languages who are not Jewish.

    • Somebody correct me if I’m mistaken, but I believe that I’ve read that ISIS was a strategic creation agreed to by the US, Israel and Saudi for the furtherance of the globalist agenda by causing chaos throughout the middle east.

    • > 12 casinos with shooter incidents, could it possibly be that ISIS operatives made all that happen AND THE LVPD AND FBI COVERED FOR THEM?

      The only plausible reason for illegally cremating Paddock’s body was to hide the fact that he was drugged & murdered. The only plausible reason for concealing the ballistics evidence & victim autopsy reports was to hide the fact that Paddock could not have been the only shooter. And the only plausible motive for suppressing all of that evidence is to conceal the deep state sponsorship of the event.* It’s NOT plausible that the same corrupt establishment which tried to blame muslims for 9/11 is PROTECTING them in Vegas …but this is precisely what Jones & Loomer are insinuating. It’s not just a huge disappointment that some good journalists dropped the ball here… this is an insult to our intelligence.

      * //

    • I’m not a taker of this. This guy in Jersey has a smaller/thinner nose, a tighter mouth and a very different expression in his eyes. I agree that there is a great deal of resemblance but Paddock’s nose is much more bulbous, his lips more fleshy.

      I do think it’s possible that SP might be alive, might not have fired a single shot and that the body described in the autopsy definitely wasn’t him. The dead body weighed the same but was 4 inches shorter (therefore described as “obese” rather than “overweight,” which was the case) and had brown eyes instead of bluish.

  • Alexandra, thanks for posting this! You are a TRUE truth seeker. Many are too afraid to publish…

    One aspect of this needs to be discussed with Sheriff Lombardo and all sheriff’s in America today. They have all been Federalized and they take their ORDERS from the FBI. There report to’s are federal, no county.

    Therefore, if the FBI says “this is what we’re reporting, he has no choice than to report it.

    If the Feds bumble it, the guy on the front line (in this case a reported multi-decade pro, looks STUPID.

    There are many liars in boot regarding this and every other false flag incident in America in the last several decades, but especially since 9-11. THE FBI IS LYING THROUGH THEIR TEETH…

  • I have to wonder if Alex Jones’ family has been threatened by the CIA, which created ISIS. I mean, to back off Sandy Hoax from a frivolous law suit, to now blaming ISIS (the CIA) for Vegas, when we know it was a Cabal orchestrated event, with bribed or blackmailed cops and FBI in positions to control the scene, you can only deduce that Alex just shills for money, as his ‘beliefs’ seem to blow in the wind, or he’s been threatened.

    • Alex Jones has become the gatekeeper of the right, just as ‘Democracy now’ is the gatekeeper of the left:

      Both have done good work exposing corruption in the establishment, but they will -NOT- say that 9/11 & Vegas were inside jobs, because they could lose the half of their audience which cannot handle the implications:

      There is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. — Woodrow Wilson

      The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. — J. Edgar Hoover

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