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    Last Night, I joined Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt’s livestream and we talked a blue streak about RFK Jr’s call for a new investigation into his father’s assassination, the end of the Petrodollar, the Global Currency Reset, Bitcoin, the LVMPD’s records revealing calls about active shooters in 12 hotels on the night of October 1st, the Bush-Clinton cabal’s attempt to gain controlling shares of the Federal Reserve Bank, the cancellation of Roseanne over one tweet, Lefto-Fascists, the Royal Wedding, MK Ultra, Project FIRESIGN, ET Disclosure and many more fascinating subjects, at a lively pace, all the while taking questions from live attendees. Lots of fun!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Ugh again I’m not getting notification of your or DJ, I had no idea he was up last night. “THIS” notifiction came this morning “Wednesday” how are they doing this.

    • Scary predictions for population reduction, even though you say it could be disinfo. There have been loads of mentions of floods and extinction events embedded in dramas and documentaries on tv lately. In the movies as well. They want it to be on our minds by the looks of it.

    • At 57:30, where you are discussing HR Clinton’s booktours and visits abroad, my sense is that what she does is organize an international ‘coup’ in the sense of appearing in the mainstream news of many, many countries that are somehow participating/involved in the broader casting of a tendentious narrative about the US and the Donald that is spread around the globe, as I see it happening here in Holland also. The background strategy (is my conjecture) would be that their interpretation of the ‘alarming and detrimental’ effects of the Trump’s presidency is a real and present threat to the international peace, the global ‘security’ network of NATO, and the UN pacifying role in world events. What I see here in Europe is the tug of war and the polarising of forces for and against the NWO agenda and all aspects that are implied therein.
      The MSM here are politely following (or maybe directed by governments) the same course of ideology that they assume to be the official, legitimate story; which is the one that HRC spreads and makes propaganda for by (inappropriately) presenting herself as a US dignitary (and by being considered as such by presidents and government officials in these countries abroad.
      By the way, I thoroughly enjoy and enjoin your lucid presentations; only sometimes I manage to be there at the ‘live’ moments , mostly I see them a few days later, like now. Parts of the stories that are the elements of your research I have also encountered over time, but to see so many dots connected to a comprehensive reconstruction is truly exhilarating. It shows a real art of staying clear of all the traps of silent entrainment, that you discussed with CAF. Regards.

    • Well Alexandra, wonderful job. In light of your cogent remarks on the Crown et al it’s probably time for us to talk? We can see it this way, by Lockheed Martin being controlled through the UK Crown, Catherine Austin Fitts was prevented from getting the financial records she requested. It’s sort of a US/UK double-shield to legally protect Lockheed Martin from prying eyes. In regards to my question at 1:36:34 about Lockheed Martin UK see here:

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