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    I don’t want people to take this video post the wrong way. I want to be clear that I’m not anti-immigration. I’m anti-misinformation.

    I am a product of multiple immigration and very much a creature of the so-called New World. I am multi-cultural. English was not my first language. I’ve lived most of my life in and around New York City and I greatly enjoy ethnic diversity.

    I had an extremely Liberal education. I was properly socialized to hate myself for all of the horrible things the White Man has done: The enslavement and systematic, perverse oppression of Africans, the genocide of indigenous Americans, the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis, the hellacious pollution of the environment, the mass extinctions of flora and fauna all over the globe, the annihilation of indigenous peoples, of cultures, of entire linguistic groups; the death of countless ancient traditions. The list is endless.

    There are no words to describe the pain and the sadness that I experienced contemplating and witnessing some of these things, during my teen years in Brazil, which at the time, seemed like the epicenter of so much doom.

    In the early 1980s, I’d learned that demographic trends showed the White Man would soon go the way of the dodo bird and I was actually glad. It wasn’t until recently that I began to feel the same kind of wistfulness about this fact as I had about all of those other extinctions.

    Change is the only constant – but if history is written by the victors, who wrote the roll-out of the new, improved Cheddar Man? The stories coming out of Europe lately are weird.

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    • I watched the video and see his point how a sensationalist spin got put on this story. It was no surprise to me that Cheddar Man may have had dark skin. I always heard the original inhabitants of Britain prior to the invasions by Angles and Saxons described thus. I’ve heard the Welsh were early inhabitants of Britain pushed over to the edge of the Roman Empire. They are traditionally darker than the people living in England. My understanding of the Picts were that they were darker skinned and pushed up into remote realms of Scotland by the invading Scots (who were an Irish tribe bringing freckles and red hair into the mix).

      My maternal grandmother whose parents came from Scotland was olive-skinned and brown eyed. She married a redhead and my mum, who inherited a paler version of her coloring, married a very fair border Scot (my dad). Mum said there was a type of highland Scot who was swarthy e.g. the actor Ian McShane.

      My maternal haplotype is African (L1b1a) and this comes from a wealthy Glasgow engineering family who had steering housing in all the British Navy ships in the 19th century. I suppose these ancestresses left Africa early on via North Africa to Europe. My genetics tell the story of their voyages which started not too long after 50,000 years ago when the L1b mutation occurred.

      Incidentally some media are describing how Meghan Markle has married into a pure white family but in fact Frances Kydd-Shand, her daughter Diana Spencer and her 2 sons (Prince William and Prince Harry) all have an Indian haplotype due to a forebear marrying a woman who was half Armenian and half (South Asian) Indian. Their daughter was Kitty. She was taken away from her mother to England and came out as a debutante, making a successful marriage – hence the Kydd-Shand family line eventually.

      • Sean Connery is that swarthy ancient type. I think it’s all fascinating and that the more you learn, the more interesting it gets. These creatures managed to survive through the ages and we’re living in their progeny’s bodies. I just got the results yesterday of a very cheap test, so I don’t know my haplotypes but I was shocked to discover I had no Sub-Saharan African, being that I’m 1/4 Brazilian. I do show (“low confidence”) 2% North African, which is from my maternal grandmother, whose families were mostly from Portugal but have been in Brazil since the 1500s-1600s. My paternal grandfather whose parents were from Lochgilphead was 100% Scottish and somewhat olive-skinned with pale blue eyes, probably closer to what Cheddar Man actually looked like except his features were like Errol Flynn’s. All his children are/were fluorescent white from their mother, whose father was born in Glasgow but was half English (Shropshire) and half northeastern Scots from Keith.

    • I would think that if they found a village or a large group of people in a particular locale maybe they can make those assumptions but basing these conclusions on the remains of one person? What about the women? Biology hasn’t changed that much. Still takes two last I time checked. LOL. This junk science is like the proverbial three blind men describing an elephant looking in all the wrong places. The agenda is clear and who knows what other kind of silliness they’re ready to hoist upon the people next.

    • The problem with our so called ‘science’ today is that it has become disingenuous and essentially a religion.
      Pre, maybe 1750, give or take, the scientific quest held that observation, experiment and forward thinking did not provide for too many ideas as ‘settled science’.
      Just look at how Newton’s ideas have evolved, manifesting surprises like questioning gravity or accepting the idea that ‘freefall speed’ CAN be illusory, a la the towers.
      There is absolutely no room in true science for the concept of ‘settled’ science as the very idea abrades the principle that holds the universe and life itself as forever in flux and infinite in potential…
      See how the Electric Universe is going to dump Einstein and QM right straight into the laugh track of history, cause it is coming.
      Big brains got elevated, lauded, worshipped and cut loose with NO supervision based in wisdom, forward thinking, caution or even common sense. They’ve now managed to poison all life on Earth, including the Earth itself, all in the name of BECAUSE WE CAN.
      Pathetic, short sighted, greedy for fame and forture and just plain juvenile.

    • So, as a very fair skinned, (by that I mean white, soz) can I now offishully say dat I is black?

      • No. First of all, the Paleolithic Western Hunter Gatherer group of Cheddar Man represents 10% (max) of the overall genome of indigenous Britons. Second of all, the gene coding for the extreme pigmentation of the fossil’s reconstruction (and of the narrative construction) has not been reported, only a lack of gene coding for the kind of fair skin you have.

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