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It’s been weeks since the Mueller Report was released, showing no Russian collusion in the bogus case against Trump, yet the Resist movement within the Mainstream Media continues full steam ahead to impeach the President.

Despite their viewership having dropped by one third in the past month and despite CNN receiving one sixth of the viewers of FOXNEWS, they don’t seem to be correcting themselves in any way or adjusting the tenor of their hysterical broadcasts. This is odd, also considering that they were hit by a $375M lawsuit from “MAGA Teen” Nick Sandmann, similar to the $350M lawsuit he filed against the Washington Post and the $275M case he filed yesterday against NBC/MSNBC, after these woke stalwarts of the MSM all piled on this innocent boy and irreversibly damaged his reputation with false accusations, simply because he was wearing a MAGA hat.

Sandmann will win these cases and several similar cases yet to be filed. Neither CNN, Washington Post nor NBC have expressed any contrition over their recklessness and their abject debasement of any semblance of journalism. They appear prepared to continue propagating malicious, Fake News and Sedition indefinitely. These household names are all courting the revocation of their broadcast licenses. It’s an extremely bizarre moment in US broadcasting history.

Tim Pool tells us that the same is true on the Internet, with this report that Google-YouTube’s parent company, Alphabet has lost $70 billion in market capitalization, due to collapsed ad revenue from propagating their malevolent censorship algorithms upon us.

As someone who prospered for 5 years with online advertising but whose advertising revenue was cut by 90% from one month to the next, without any explanation or any hope of one, I feel somewhat vindicated today with this news. I knew that the small businesses that advertised on my site through Google’s AdSense platform had targeted my niche and were happily getting results. This policy, which hit me at the beginning of the 2016 election cycle and which was supposed to be about forcing the creation of content that was more “advertising friendly” was really about limiting the kind of content that the advertisers could choose from.

I want to get to the bottom of how all of these companies stay afloat, since they completely flout real market forces. Who is paying CNN and WaPo to lie hysterically like that, day in and day out? How long can this crazy state of affairs persist?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • “Who is paying CNN and WaPo to lie hysterically like that, day in and day out? A: You and I with our cable bill, along with every Airport, Dr.’s Office and every other Public place they run 24/7. That and the cia (lower case on purpose) Operation Mockingbird never ended, they just told Congress that and changed the name!

    How long can this crazy state of affairs persist? A: Not much longer, they are digging their own graves!
    All in My humble opinion, backed by many years of research and always “prepared to be wrong”!

  • All people are not stupid, most can see through the B.S. that is being tossed at us, to “make” us believe their, crap. And if they lose a few billion, hell, the CIA pays them, for more control of what we are able see, hear, and to try to make us “sheep” think their way. It’s not working very well, is it? The word “truth”, scares them. So they make up lies, push them on us, and try to divide us into groups. Propaganda has been made legal to use on us by Obama, or was it Bush Jr.? The courts will decide, but, we will show them what that we see them for what they are, shills.

    • I agree with most of what you said. However, what do we believe that we only hear and cannot verify (due to lack of time and resources or ability to get to the truth)? I don’t think ‘most’ people can see through the BS, although many can. It’s so subtle and you and I are coming from a place where we experienced more of the worlds past. Younger minds are being fed this stuff without that past base/foundation. We will eventually die. Haven’t you noticed how more and more violent clips play in movies and the media? Have you noticed how the lyrics of today’s music and videos has become more about serpents and horned animals? Do you remember about how subliminal messages can influence people’s subconscious? Have you heard how in school it’s all about self-centered “feelings” and less about thoughts that include us all as a group and how others feel (unless they agree with ‘us’)? It makes sense to me that they are narrowing our minds to become like parrots and keeping us in a lower vibrational state (grasping for any scrape before someone else gets it first – all about keeping us preoccupied with judgment, materialism, militarism, and thwarting our enlightenment and spiritual awakening). Death by a thousand cuts. Their god is money. They don’t care about the truth. They got theirs (money). They forgot that money can’t love. I pray that less of the courts are not on this payroll or that they wake up. They are becoming desperate and blatant. We need to stop being willing slaves and do our forgiveness lessons. I know love will win in the end. It’s inevitable! Love translates (not conquers) all and lasts forever (does not pass away and cease to exist).

  • Its more like they may be loosing revenue because they promote those Alex Jones; Info-Wars/ BS.
    They also DO post a LOT of REAL TRUTH there too, because I SEE it all the time there, about this planet’s REAL-Story vs History….More like THEIR-Story (White Version).

    • You’re exactly wrong. AJ was deplatformed from YT over a year ago. Today, Facebook vowed to deplatform any one who posts AJ content. So you are 100% WRONG.

  • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is Alphabet’s market cap? So $70 billion made them miss the projected $1 Trillion Market Cap. $70 billion barely makes them sweat.

    But here’s the real insanity of ALPHA-bet.

    They are globalists who believe in the globullist agenda 21.

    What happens to Alphabet if they do reach their depopulation goals of Agenda 21?

    BANKRUPTCY. Total economic meltdown as 95% of their users will be dead. Now there’s their real insanity.

    • Ego separatism is insanity. I get the impression they will ultimately bilk the money out until they have what they came for; the depopulation of the USA (their biggest threat). What’s left is a globe of slaves (chipped to buy or sell) tracked with no way out, but they have to keep up the rouse. Globalism isn’t bad if it’s done by all for all with transparency.

  • Unquestionably You Tube has conspired with MSM and Hollywood to choke off all those who helped build You Tube into an information powerhouse because the owners can’t stand competition!

    Most all of those who provided information up until a couple of years ago are now gone from You Tube’s display window. They’ve been replaced by all the leftist MSM talking heads, cartoons, sports, games, movies, all the garbage I turned off my TV for many years ago.

    Oh, the pioneers are still there, but you have to ask permission to view them. CNN on the other hand is in the display window every single time I log on even though I have never accessed CNN. Yet when I select the Corbit Report for instance it will not change that reports position from the back room. We should be so grateful to YT for letting us access the pioneers!

    This is the stuff of monopolies. Nothing new there or in the newspaper business, magazine business, radio business, television business, broadcasting business. The big fish gobble up all the small fish, then they decide what is best for the peasants.

  • Good point Alexandra – WHO IS FUNDING ALPHABET?

    Alphabet, Inc. ( is Google’s holding company, owned by Google founders and spoiled egotists Brin & Page. Because people this wealthy are either evil (having sold their souls), or simply vain and megalomaniacal, they seem to flock together to the globalist cabal agenda. Alphabet is a partner with the alphabet agencies (FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS/CFR/ ETC.), because “as above, so below”, and the Deep State has infiltrated alphabet agencies decades ago.

    Perhaps these ‘intelligence agencies’ (an oxymoron most certainly) have become so corrupted because ANY organized secrecy becomes perverted. It’s inevitable. Look at the Gestapo, the KGB – all of these Orwellian power authorities become evil in the end. Unless we have true balance of power and a separation of business and state (and NO Lobbying), where two national security agencies police one another, there will continue to be the kind of destructive corruption we’re witnessing now at the FBI, DOJ, and also on the state level.

    The systemic corruption is obvious from their orchestrated violence and subversion under the guise of American hegemony (foreign relations..), but really, they’re just pawns of the oilsters, banksters, and pharmsters, whose greed and criminality is clearly apparent to most rational thinking people.

    The best thing we can do is to support non-Alphabet companies, from to bitchute and others. If I had it in me, I’d disrupt Google with a competing business, but I’d need over $100 million to start, because that is what is required. I’d put it in the corporate mission to remain apolitical and totally 1st Amendment-friendly. When companies bend over to Propaganda Press disinformation about what stories should or shouldn’t be allowed, you’ve jumped the shark. This is now the case with firms like Jackass Dorsey’s Twitter (how about a rebrand to the more fitting “shitter”?), to Mark the Snark Zuckerbook’s Faceberg, to PooTube and others. They will collapse under the weight of their own vanity and corruption in time. Companies without conscientious leadership only serve greed, and in contrast to Gordon Gecko, “Greed Ain’t Good, it’s Evil.”

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