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The Truth Factory is back with a slickly-produced, well-researched piece, replete with many stunt cats, detailing how we all got into this mess.

You’d think that the CIA and FBI would be better at hoaxing the world but their efforts have been very ham-fisted and very obviously fake. It reminds me of the ineffectuality of Rumsfeld’s “Shock and Awe” bombardment of Baghdad in ending the Iraq War before it really got started. These A-holes receive billions of taxpayer dollars to be world-class kick-ass but instead, they’re bush league pathetic.

The Mueller Report falsely claims that the DNC servers were hacked by Russian military intelligence. The DNC servers have never been examined by any law enforcement agency to ascertain this claim. Only by the private contractor on the DNC’s payroll, CrowdStrike has been allowed to make their dubious pronouncements about what happened.

What actually HAS been proven is that the servers could not have been hacked remotely. In an independent investigation led by 30-year NSA official, Bill Binney, it was found that the data transfer rates of the DNC’s downloaded information could not have been achieved via remote hacking and that it must have been done on-site onto a flashdrive, by someone with physical access to the server.

And then there’s the “Peepee Dossier”, which was supposed to have been the smoking gun that set into motion the whole juggernaut of the Crossfire Hurricane Operation. We know now that it was paid for by the Clinton Campaign and by the FBI.

I’ll let The Truth Factory explain all of the dastardly moving parts, as they do so well.

It is enormously frustrating that the DNC and their minion media and Federal law enforcement agencies have allowed this half-brained chicanery to persist for so long. Hopefully, these lies will be put to bed soon.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Clapper, Clinton, Obama, Maddow, Como just some of the shameless liars…bald- face liars… this is what the compliant corporate media displays to the world…

  • Kim Dot Com says unequivocally that he KNOWS FOR A FACT that Seth Rich (Panda) was the DNC email leaker. Guccifer 2.0 is obviously a CIA tool, protecting their presidential asset

    More importantly, I’m a sucker for talking cats.

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