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Clif High explains that a typical coup d’état is an overthrow of the head of state but what we are about to experience is a “woo d’état”, where the head of state will be subsumed by the woo, a tidal wave of suppressed information and the collective consciousness of millions of people who know that they’re being lied to about everything.

Clif says we’re at the beginning of a crescendo of this information that will last about 6 weeks, with the peak occurring about midway.

He’s saying that there’s a quickening of events that will culminate in the complete collapse of the Biden administration’s credibility, with the proof of the election fraud, the implosion of the COVID narrative, compounded by the fall of Afghanistan, where the Military Industrial Complex just got caught with their pants down for all the world to see.

US intelligence agencies, who just 4 days ago said that Kabul could fall in 90 days have now revised the figure to 72 hours, as of yesterday but they didn’t revise it far enough.

Just before 6AM this morning, the Twitter account tweeted, “JUST IN – Kabul on the verge of fall. Taliban on their way to the presidential palace for the ‘transfer of power’ (AP). Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar to become president of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s president [Ashraf] Ghani is relinquishing power. Interim ‘government’ led by the Taliban to be formed.”

Incompetence to this degree has never been witnessed and many on the ground in Kabul and everywhere else believe this is deliberate. They can’t believe the Americans could be so incompetent.

The Taliban are now in possession of more Blackhawk helicopters than 166 other nations on the planet. The Taliban could use the US helicopters, tanks and artillery left behind by General Milley and Biden to surround and destroy the 4-battalion rescue force that’s being sent there now.

Was the materiel left behind on purpose? Are we back to the Hillary-Obama policy of arming terrorists? The AP reported in early July, “The US left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.”

Now consider that the US still has bases in Germany, Japan and South Korea.

There are rumors the US Government offered the Taliban $500 million to not attack the US Embassy in Kabul but that the Taliban told them to shove it. They intend to execute senior Afghan officials on 09/11 in the courtyard of the Embassy before they burn it down.

Not only have the military brass and Military Industrial Complex suits lost all credibility with American citizens, they’re sure to have lost all credibility with US troops. After witnessing sham of Afghanistan, how can US troops consider their commanders legitimate?

As horrible as these developments may be for Afghanistan in the short term, they may be very good for the whole world in the end, as far as collapsing the credibility of officialdom, with its Big Pharma genocide and exposing the Deep State after they spent $2 trillion of US Taxpayer money – for this!

It’s a pattern-interrupt that will hopefully knock us out of our psychotronic trance.

Where’s Gen Milley? Where’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin? Where’s Secretary of State Anthony Blinken? If you thought the President of the United States would address the nation regarding the jaw-dropping events in Afghanistan, you would be wrong. Joe Biden is on “vacation” for the next two weeks! He finally issued this statement after 5PM Saturday.

They’ve been so busy trying to inject their own people with a genocidal bioweapon that they forgot to do their jobs.

The collapse of the US both internally and in terms of standing abroad was planned long ago by a ruling class hellbent on running her into the ground. More people are waking up to this fact by the day.

As Clif tweeted, “We are ruled by pedophiles, sociopaths, & psychopaths. None of these personalities are strong. They are simply clever at gaming the system & using others to do their bidding through deception. The Tyranny of Deception dies through Discovery.”

The CCP is all too happy to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan. They hosted a delegation of the Taliban in Tianjin City last July.

The regime’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi on July 28 met with senior Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and eight other Taliban representatives, signaling Beijing’s recognition of the group as a legitimate political force in the country.

During the meeting, Wang sought assurances that the Taliban would not harbor Islamic extremists who may launch attacks in China’s far west Xinjiang region, according to a Beijing foreign ministry statement. Baradar agreed, saying that the Taliban “never allow any force to use the Afghan territory to engage in acts detrimental to China,” the statement said.

China shares a 47-mile border with Afghanistan and has long been concerned about a possible Islamic insurgency in Xinjiang, a region housing 13 million Turkic Muslims.

While Beijing has publicly pushed for the Taliban to pursue a peace agreement with the US-backed central government, experts believe the regime is bracing for a Taliban-led Afghanistan to push forward the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) development plans in Central Asia.

And that’s a big part of what this is all about; China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the Sinocentric international trade network being capitalized by China’s foreign exchange reserves, along with the 70-member Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and the 5-member Shanghai-based New Development Bank (i.e., the BRICS bank).

Does the House always win?

Afghanistan is sitting on $3 trillion worth of mineral wealth. Who do you think is getting those contracts now?

As for the CCP’s war against the the US and the rest of the world, Clif says there’s still stuff they can do but it can’t be too long-lasting because they’re getting weaker by the day.

Clif says the only thing they have is their divide-and-conquer strategy; exploiting division, pitting different social groups against each other, pitting law enforcement and the military against the people.

He predicts that the Deep State will begin its fall in a country like France or Australia before it happens in the US but that there will be a rapid domino effect worldwide, once this process starts.

Clif recorded this early on Saturday morning and his algorithms might not have picked up the fall of Afghanistan happening with such lightening speed. Might that have been the first domino?

In the meantime, things are likely to get crazy and you would do well to stock up on food, water, fuel and cash and to be prepared to lose communications and electricity, although he doesn’t anticipate these disruptions lasting for too long.

On the other side of the Overwoo, Clif sees victory and a sound money system that will make life a lot happier for millions of people.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This CCP talk/accusations with no accurate proof to show the public, reminds me of the anti German propaganda in 1938. They even had the U.S. Army occupy Walt Disney Studio hours after the Pearl Harbor bombing. There were many Nazi propaganda Cartoons made at a great financial lost to Walt Disney Studio.
    Really, you can’t make this stuff up. Lets talk about how many times we were unlawfully in Japan’s Waterways & Airways prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
    Why was it so important to have Japan bomb us, so Roosevelt can declare that we have been attacked & “declare an act of War”/Emergency. Sounds like the same bull Woo is feeding us with the crops!

  • With all due respect, this man is either a Deep State Psyop Operative doing his part to help keep people’s eyes of the ball, or he is completely ignorant of who and what the NWO is and what their objective is. He is WAY OFF THE MARK. He should consider doing a Zoom meeting with Mike at Mike 305-910-6206

  • I’ve pushed the subscribe tab 4 different times in the last few months but am not getting your program, I have been with you from about 5 or 6 yrs. ago but some how your program gets taken down.
    I like you programs and what you are doing.
    I’m superscribing again.
    Thank you.

  • OUTSTANDING!! I have grown into the whole Woo Thing. I used to think that he was Insanely Brilliant. Now, I believe that he is more Brilliantly Insane. I look forward to his point of view… I Get it Now. Therefore, I too must be Insane. It’s a Choice for some of us.

    Thank You, Alexandria Bruce!

  • Appreciate your linguistics; just wish to call your attention to the difference in pronunciation in both Greek and English between the singular “crisis” and plural “crises”. Where international charts showing changes (deltas) in population 2020-2025 as brought forth by Dr. Bill Deagle indicate a drop from 330 million to 99 million in the US, a greater rate in the UK, and Germany third on the list of declination rates; and given other sources indicating a plan for world war 2026-2032, we might also look at defenses against all means of depopulation. For this purpose, we need to know our enemies, the primary among whom you do not mention, and their wiles. And of course some are not mere human enemies. A I is a large and encompassing one, with databases already in the atmosphere powered by sunlight and therefore tough to unplug, as it were. The IoB, involving functional antennas within all human bodies, is the major connector for the so-called Great Reset, and much of this has already been set in place behind the scenes. Understanding the “Gs” – 1G through 6G – purporting to function as communications but in fact placed and operated for depop, with their role in the larger geoengineering scope, is essential. After all, GatesIII himself said that geoengineering would take out at least 5% of the world population. So it’s the backup to the injections called “PCR tests” and the cv ones, the former implanting a combination of carcinogenic ethylene oxide, metal theragrippers and hydrogel (graphene) for the sucking of moisture from the brain as purposed to construct a 2D and then exogenously radio-accessible 3D structure within each brain for complete monitoring, tracking, credit/debit, and control through torture and death. See , the William & Mary Law Review article on the Internet of Bodies and DARPA neuroweaponry expert James Giodrdano PhD on utube. I note also you’re straining your brain in two ways: 1) you’re using very near to your head and therefore inhaling toluene-based markers, which are neurotoxic. The flourescent lights are harmful to neurofunctioning, too. You might also have wireless devices functioning – perhaps a wireless mic and/or phone. Experiment to see what happens when you mitigate these hazards. We certainly need you to last much longer than you would, otherwise!

  • I don not have sound it is happening now I do not know if it my computer or something from your end
    Thank you very much
    Blanca Vergara

  • As always, Clif offers some interesting insights. I’m just hoping that this is all part of the movie that Juan O. Savin says we are watching. According to him, we have to have a “near death” experience before the country comes to its senses and we throw these people out!

    • I never heard Of Juan O, Savin until around the election time back in 2020. I listened to him with interest and doing as much thinking and research on what he was saying as well as him. Naturally there is not a lot of info on who he is or is not. As far as my opinion on what he has said over the past 10 months is it is ‘hope porn” and some I so want to believe at a child like level, but what he proposes as his inside facts and knowledge just do not hold up (as far as I am concerned) He always has promised that the patriots are gonna win any day, then it was weeks, then told this date, no another date, and when nothing happened he then kinda blamed the masses for not being aware enough and we all need to suffer along with them until they wake up and join us. No, sorry, I had to call it quits . I do find some of what Cliff has had to say to be a shared perspective and I tend to agree with him on the topic at hand. Although I do wish he’d not use the “woo” so much but I get what he means by it.

  • Yoooooooo,

    At my employer they are pushing forward with vaccine mandates. It’s crazy. Let me tell you all something… the number of the unjabbed are staying firm. We have informed management we won’t be getting the damn jab before their stupid ass imposed deadline of October 1st. I can tell you that if management does release us October 1st they are going to be fucked yo. Most experienced and most hard working employees will be gone. Company gonna self inflict itself over woke cult bullshit.

    None of this bullshit has to do with work performance. Management is stressing the fuck out. Sweating and shitting bricks for real. Get this, they told us last Friday that they will be giving $500 to everyone who gets the jab lol. $500 is alot of fucking money to me. But that shit not worth getting injected with experimental shit that I can’t sue if it fucks me up. I value my life and freedom over some paper.

    On top of that. Get this, management been having difficulty filling positions because the dumbasses have made vaccinations a job requirement lol. Some people that run companies are dumb for real. These ass hats would agree that “no means no” 5 years ago but today don’t understand that shit.

    All we have to do is stand our ground peeps. It is that simple. They can’t afford to lose us otherwise management is going to look bad. They need us more than we need them. The A players are unjabbed, without us they will be stuck with B, C and D players. I believe the report that peeps with PHDs are “vaccine hesitant”, they are not that, they are smart enough to know all this shit reeks of pure, grade A bullshit.

    If I was running a company right now I would put it out there I am hiring unjabbed peeps. Like what Southwest and American Airlines is doing, they are going to hire quality people from “Get Work Go Broke” retarded ass United Airlines who is anything but united lol. I’m not flying United ever again. Trash ass airlines more concerned with diversity ratios then hiring the best of the best pilots. The dumbasses at United are mandating vaccines. Flying them is a flight risk for real peeps.

    So yeah peeps. Stand your ground. Fuck them. Know your value. We got this shit.

  • Ya see……..THAT is the fkn PROBLEM! ‘Adult Conversation’???? We have the serious problem of NOT having many ACTUAL ADULTS in this country!! MOST are MENTALLY STUNTED; to that of a retarded 3 year old!!!!!!!!!! It’s HOW we got into this fkn MESS to begin with. Individuals who REFUSE TO FUCKING GROW UP!

    So, with ‘their’ BS falling apart this Fall?…….it is THEN they will roll out their last ditch, ‘Hail Mary’…..the ‘ALIEN INVASION’ PsyOp False Flag. Get ready!! (the MENTALLY STUNTED will ‘believe’ that it’s ‘little green men’. lololol)

  • It wasn’t up until 2 years ago that I found that there is a global cabal, a global shadow government that leaders across the world are puppets to. When I learned more about their psychological tactics of dividing people every way possible, brainwashing white people to feel guilty, hate themselves and discourage reproduction every way possible I have to give them props because so many people I know are going through life not realizing they are victims of the globalist agenda.

    However, recently, they are trying way too hard and coming off as desperate. People have been questioning. People are losing trust. I also see more people turning to faith as my church seems to have a larger crowd now then it even did before the pandemic begun. It seems like people are waking up and realizing they have been manipulated all their lives.

    They, the global elite, have been successful for at least a few decades in their agenda going unnoticed by the masses. Their egos have become so big that they cannot see that this pandemic is failing and people are waking up.

    One of my friends brought a Dr Fauci bobble head because he saw the man as a national hero a year ago. Guess what just happened to that Dr Fauci bobble head? It was taken to the driveway and smashed to pieces with a sledgehammer. Nobody believes Dr Fauci any more.

    I take it as a sign that this will end with a Nuremberg 2.0. The day Nuremberg 2.0 comes will be a glorious day for all of humanity!!!

  • I’m so sick of all governments and corrupt riches.
    USA please do something positive for benefit of everyone, so others can follow the example.

    • A :

      My 1999 report explains the DANGER to

      America of GLOBALISM, and what is to be

      done :


      — A Borderless World is Terrifying —

      The Great Leveling

      A world without nation-states and borders would be terrifying—would be a world without freely formed, self-governed communities; a world of ever-shifting populations chasing the better living conditions of distant neighbors, demanding what they have, then moving on after despoiling the region, and continuing to freely march about the globe until the Great Leveling is complete and everyone suffers the same low, wretched conditions; a left-wing-driven, Marxist-inspired, vulture-capitalist-aided, globalized egalitarianism; an extreme povertization of globalized Man’s culture and hereditable abilities.

      The idea of a borderless world is terrifying!

      We’re seeing the beginning destructive conditions of such a world in the United States (and all other white Western democracies), as Third Worlders flood in to dumb down the civilization and force whites to flee from wherever arriving immigrants settle.

      The U.S. nation – its laws and government and founding culture (( Western mores, traditions, and religions )) – is a white Anglo-Saxon construct, the British making the greater contribution. As minority populations from the Third World grow within it – primarily because of Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s 1965 Immigration Act and our Marxist-driven federal government, passed on his heated promise it would not be used to alter America’s racial mix from white to people of color – American civilization shall continue its rapid decline on all cultural fronts defined by the term, “civilized.”

      Only by halting this ever-growing racial shift from white to “people of color” can the coming destruction be halted or, at least, delayed. Congress must repeal the 1965 Immigration Act and take the following steps to save the nation – the white West – from further decline:

      1. Make a strong and continuing effort to deport illegals while gaining strict control of our borders and airports.

      2. Halt legal immigration for five years and severely restrict it thereafter [[ Failing this, America will be a war zone in twenty years ]].

      3. Stop the Family Reunification Program, which, in effect, allows virtually all Third Worlders an economic refuge in America.

      4. Stop paying churches and private charities to recruit immigrants for resettlement in the U.S. Catholic Charities is the worst offender.

      5. Make American citizenship a valued status by disallowing citizenship to children born to illegals and legal aliens, and stiffen requirements for obtaining citizenship (( Note: Calling you “consumer” is a ploy for devaluing your citizenship )).

      6. Stop the practice of dual citizenship. Divided loyalties undermine the citizenry.

      7. Remove education and medical “rights” for illegals and their children (( the Supreme Court defies the will of the majority and subverts the Constitution by providing benefits to illegals )).

      8. Halt all bilingual education programs and require all government and private agencies to do business with the public in English (( it’s an outrage that in some communities in California and Florida there are government and business employees who must be cajoled into speaking English to their English-speaking customers )).

      9. Halt affirmative action and quota programs, which only inflame racial animosities.

      10. Halt race-based scholarships, which defy common sense and fair play.

      11. Stop the forced integration of public schools (( forced integration has ruined public education for both blacks and whites )).

      12. Stop mainstreaming pregnant teens, and remove nurseries and health clinics from school grounds (( a school nurse is sufficient )).

      13. Toughen academic standards across the board for teachers and students in all grades, and fire incompetent teachers.

      14. Reinstall and strengthen studies in Western civilization and civics.

      15. Remove all revisionist sections from school texts.

      16. And teach moral values in the classroom, which ought to be the first lessons we impart to our children.

      That is the short list of necessary steps for repairing America’s social infrastructure. Stand up and fight against the usurpers to protect your language, your culture, and your nation!

      The following special interests precipitated this crisis and will oppose controlling immigration: foreign lobbyists (self-serving), libertine/liberal Democrats (bereft of any rational sense), neocons (testosterone deficient in opposing Hollywood), Catholic Charities and other left-leaning church organizations (Marxist and recruiting-dependent), progressive Jews (Marxist/Communist utopian dreamers), ACLU (Marxist and communism-oriented), multinational corporations (unpatriotic and greedy vulture capitalists), agriculture industry (exploiters of migrant workers), educators (Marxist sympathizers and federal-loan dependent), the tourist and airline industries (come-one-come-all dependent), Limbaugh and Bennett and Kemp (GATT/NAFTA supporters), and all minority groups hoping to bring to America more of their own kind—for increasing their political clout and transforming America into what they escaped in coming here.


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