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    National File Senior Reporter, Patrick Howley, joins Stew Peters to report that the Army National Guard is recruiting for the job of “Internment/Resettlement Specialist”. Military documents refer to “civilian internees” and procedures for detaining US citizens.

    This, just after Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed Executive Order 83, giving the state permission to call up the National Guard and State Guard “in connection with certain health care and emergency services operations”.

    Executive Order 83 would permit the construction of “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities” and “telephone assessments for involuntary commitment cases.”

    A separate Lloyd Austin DoD document shows the military coaching soldiers to report other soldiers for “suspected white supremacy”.

    Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a new National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin regarding the current heightened threat environment across the United States, now through November 11th, listing the following as their top concerns:

    • Opposition to COVID measures
    • Claims of election fraud, belief Trump can be reinstated
    • 9/11 anniversary and religious holidays.

    “RMVEs”, the new federale slur for “Trump voters” remain a major obsession of the DHS:

    Through the remainder of 2021, racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists will remain a national threat priority for the United States. These extremists may seek to exploit the emergence of COVID-19 variants by viewing the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks. Pandemic-related stressors have contributed to increased societal strains and tensions, driving several plots by domestic violent extremists, and they may contribute to more violence this year.

    On August 6, New York Congressman Ritchie Torres sponsored the bill, H.R.4980 – “To direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to ensure that any individual traveling on a flight that departs from or arrives to an airport inside the United States or a territory of the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and for other purposes.”

    This fits with reports that the Biden administration is considering mandating vaccines for interstate travel (while allowing millions of illegal migrants to cross the southern border and to get free bus- and plane rides into the interior of the country without ID).

    On August 11, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously on an ordinance that denies unvaccinated people access to grocery stores. 

    All of the above is exactly the kind of language Clif High said his predictive linguistics were picking up a couple of weeks ago; the true purpose of these announcements is to cause people to go out into the streets in protest, where the Feds will set them up, like during 1/6 or the Euromaidan.

    Clif believes this is a perfect example of Sun Tzu’s axiom to “Look strong when you are weak,” as he sees more and more information coming out, leading to a total collapse of the gaslighting propaganda Fake News media within weeks.

    Clif calls for cool heads to prevail. “If nobody attends their party this time, because we’ve all wised-up, then it’s going to be them with their smoke grenades and flash bangs, all by themselves, fighting amongst their own fake Trumpers…

    “This is an information war and we win by having the hearts and minds of the people. This is how you win a counterinsurgency, such as what we are now in.”

    Speaking of war, the Taliban have taken control of 16 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces and 18 of its provincial capitals, including a suburb of Kabul in the past 8 days. The US-trained and -funded Afghan military is largely defecting to the Taliban.

    Bill Roggio, Editor of Long War Journal told the PBS NewsHour, “I think this is one of the greatest intelligence failures in decades – certainly in US military history. The Taliban organized this offensive, it planned it, it prepared, it organized, it recruited, it deployed fighters, it prepositioned war material, all under the nose of the nose of the US military, NATO and Afghan intelligence.”

    Roggio tweeted, “US military/intelligence leaders are directly responsible for the biggest intelligence failure since Tet in 1968. How did the Taliban plan, organize, position, and execute this massive offensive nation wide offensive under the noses of USMIL, CIA, DIA, NDS, ANDSF, etc.?”

    In my opinion this, too is being done on purpose. All of the above is part of the Globalists’ unrestricted warfare campaign to utterly demoralize you and me about the complete capture of our federal and local governments and the military.

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    • non-Comms:
      If any officer issues any order for any military personnel to be force-vaccinated, immediately terminate that officer!
      It is, via the accords reached after the Nuremburg trial, an international war crime to force any experimental medical procedure, or any medical procedure, to submit to such forced medical procedure. The sentence for one is death!
      The Nazi personnel learned at the tribunals that it is not a defense to say you were just following orders.
      These people are trying to weaken or kill our military personnel. They are domestic enemies. Execute them!

      • Well…the original Bill and Melinda Gates were murdered in 2013…so if these imposters, or clones, or whatever they are get removed too, how are we to be certain they will not be replaced by other entities just as sinister?

    • Not just the military.

      Many states already have variations of behavior-oriented arrest where they can take someone to a mental ward, hospital or other holding facility against your will for nothing or for made up charges. They can force you to take unprescribed drugs against your will and not let you out until you lie to them about continuing such later.

      Cops are totally sold into the Agenda 21 programs. Even in conservative areas, many sheriffs get reassigned from metro areas and implement red flag laws, violate civil rights by peering into windows and walls in houses without a warrant, shoot you up with electronic weaponry and more.

      I doubt that any of these liberal from both parties would object to anything the the military, the UN or the most radical leftist administration wanted them to do.

      They all swim in the same pool, think that we’re all crazy and are mad as hell about the lack of respect that they get now. This, after two decades of being worshiped by a public that fawned over them in the wake of 911.

      They’re nuts and they’re fascist as hell.

    • Maxim of Law: ” Fraud vitiates everything ab initio”…that is to say that fraud negates everything back tothe beginning of where the Fraud occurred. It is my contention that no one who is under suspicion

    • Starting this weekend FEMA is sending in medical personnel (?) to Hawaii and will continue each weekend until 9/1 because, supposedly, our hospitals and staff are inundated. We were told to prepare as if a hurricane was coming. In the meantime Waikiki is full of vacationing tourists. I’m hoping any FEMA camps will be for arrested politicians.

    • The only threats to America are the leaders we now have in gov and military. They are destroying the Constitution and the country it created.

    • How do we get the true numbers of how many in the US have been jabbed? This seems like it is going to be vaxxed vs the non vaxxed. I am hoping the anti vaxx crowd is large enough to fend off the vaxxed if necessary. Too many brainwashed people out there. We need to defend our rights and large numbers will help us. Where would the true data be?

    • Why does this always have to be politicized? I don’t want the vaxx, but according to the politics freaks, now I’m a right wing extremist. Can’t they seen that this inhibits the movement to expose the vaxx and the virus for what it is.

    • It really sounds to me, that our military and government is Overly Obsessed with Covid, Vaccine Fantasy, and that they are all suffering from OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR. They are all ‘sick’ in their minds, and need to Stand Down from their duties and offices…from all in the White House along with Washington Ilk, and All Military, until such a time that they are deemed Mentally Fit!! Yeah…I worked with crazy’s once upon a time.

    • Hot diggity! Death camps and torture for us all! I can hardly wait. Guess I was having too much fun, seeing as I’m a useless eater and non essential riffraff.

      • The only way to fix this mess in my view is to get rid of all the (s)elected, they are opposite wings of the same beast. I don’t know why we can’t just do away with the over reaching, over paid, too many agencies, and give the power back to the people and the states. We need grass root reps that aren’t corrupted by this globalist agenda. I never got involved in politics, and prefer not to, but I think if we’re going to hold onto what we believe in, and the constitution, and our rights, we need to let the states work crap out between the states and figure out a currency from there. Before the civil war, every state has their own currency. I honestly don’t believe we need 1 almighty person that runs the country, or state, on edicts and”emergency”powers. How many are going to trust these agencies if we come out on the other side? I don’t trust them at all, and I know our best interest hasn’t been represented by any president in a long, long time! Trump is a Zionist jew that can’t wait to exactly the Abraham accords, which I think is the reason these camps are starting up. Trump and biden are buddies when they think they aren’t being watched. This is nothing but a production they are putting on.
        “All the world is a stage”.
        Research trump, biden, schumer, nadler, pelosi, and the rest of these yahoos, you’ll see we are being played for a very diabolical end!

    • Californians are fairly adept at avoiding laws they despise, and why should anyone seriously obey a law when the elites flaunt the law all over the place without consequences. Still, it makes me crazy to live like this… We desperately need regime change like Larry Elders for governor.

    • I checked into the Los Angeles City council measure, and it doesn’t actually involve grocery stores. It sounds very similar to the New York passport system of restaurants, bars, and gyms, not grocery stores yet. And, there are no details written out because first of all the restaurants, bars, and gyms have to have input. Also, maybe the unvaccinated can use the facilities indoors provided they wear a mask. In other words, the bark may be worse than the bite. I think a lot of people have fake passports anyway. Far more menacing are the mandates for health care workers, and those who work for government agencies. Let’s face it, if a restaurant, bar, or gym wants to go fascist, there are plenty of other restaurants, bars, and gyms that will pick up the business. I live in L.A. County (not the city, but the County is pretty fascist as well), but I can go eat in Ventura County that rarely goes fascist for some reason. If you can’t eat in L.A. City then why not Beverly Hills or Culver City–happy to pick up new patrons. Beverly Hills rarely goes fascist. Pasadena is fascist but maybe not so much Burbank or Glendale. It’s weird how the minute one area makes draconian laws that no one will obey anyway, then nearby is free territory.

      • Here’s the article from the Epoch Times. It says “retail stores”, contrary to the NYC ordinance, which does not include retail stores. Grocery stores are retail stores.


        Los Angeles to Create Ordinance Requiring Vaccination to Enter Restaurants, Retail Stores
        By Micaela Ricaforte
        August 11, 2021 Updated: August 11, 2021

        The Los Angeles City Council unanimously voted Aug. 11 to prepare an ordinance that will require people to show proof of at least partial COVID-19 vaccination to enter public indoor spaces in the city, including restaurants, bars, gyms, entertainment venues, and retail stores.

        The ordinance is more restrictive than a policy recently enacted in New York City, which focuses more on entertainment-oriented public spaces such as restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues, and excludes retail stores.

        The motion was introduced last week by Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell.

        “It’s our responsibility to protect the public, that includes protecting them from the unvaccinated,” Martinez said in a statement. “The decision to not get vaccinated doesn’t just affect you. We have kids under the age of 12 who are not eligible for the vaccine yet, and someone’s decision to not get vaccinated affects them as well.”

        “Instead of fighting science, we should be fighting the virus,” O’Farrell said in a statement. “The data is clear: vaccines are safe and effective.”

        O’Farrell went on to say the ordinance could potentially ward off an economic shutdown.

        During the meeting, O’Farrell called choosing not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 “immoral,” saying some people choose to “listen to some delusional rant on Twitter.”

        A number of Los Angeles residents called into the council meeting to oppose the ordinance. Some expressed distrust in the vaccines, while others claimed requiring proof of vaccination is a form of discrimination or segregation.

        Resident Elizabeth Elliott, who called into the meeting to give public comment, disagreed with O’Farrell on both the ethical and economic impact of the ordinance, saying it is “unethical to force” people to inject a vaccine into their body.

        “People should have medical freedoms to research and make their own health decisions. We as citizens have a right to privacy, especially with our health information,” Elliott said.

        “This ordinance will be detrimental to our economy as well. If 30 percent of people are unvaccinated, then that means businesses who are still struggling from the government shutdowns to stay afloat will likely lose 30 percent of their customers or worse; in some communities, people will lose 50 percent of their customers.”

        Others who called into the meeting in opposition of the mandate said the council would likely see pushback from residents as a result of the mandate.

        “We have people talking about segregation because we know that the majority of people in this community refusing to get vaccinated are minorities, because they know history,” said one caller, who identified himself as Justin.

        “Going down this road right now is really dangerous. We’re going to see lots of serious backlash, including lawsuits.”

        Councilmen Mitch O’Farrell and Bob Blumenfield didn’t respond to a request for comment by press deadline.

        • I thought one of the council members said it didn’t include “grocery style” retail stores because that would be something–can’t remember. But if it involved gas station type stores that could be denying food to some poor communities because all they have in terms of grocery stores are the mini marts. I’m not sure that isn’t against the law. Remember in the lockdowns any store that sold food was exempt from locking down–that’s why retail stores suddenly had grocery store sections.

    • A year ago, everyone thought I was crazy to mention they want to jab us on a regular basis, introduce vaccine passports and that this virus is the cold and flu rebranded as Covid.

      Today, many of those people that thought I was crazy now want to know more. The constant mainstream fear mongering and ridiculousness of it all has made it easier to red pill people. I am not going to stop the red pilling at covid. Nope. We are going to talk about 9-11. We are going to talk about the 2020 election fraud. We are going to talk about Sandy Hook. We are going to talk about George Soros.

      People are waking up folks. They really are. Since July it has been crazy. The tide will turn. We must keep going forth with courage.

    • Did you wstvh any of Mike Lindels Symposium with all the IT expert Stu.
      Im not an expert but to see how, where, why, Who and When your emevtion wss stolen and if your our military get the shot tbey will either die get horridly sick or worse not give a shit about anyone anymore. We’ll all be knee deep in dodo’s.
      Regards M

    • Subject: Globalism and A N G R Y White Men ?

      Here’s WHY they are angry ::
      Marxists’ open-borders ultimate goal/purpose :
      to erase America’s founding race, culture, and
      religion of White Christian Americans and their
      Founding Principles, as explained in my 2008
      report :


      Recent calculations about U.S. population
      trends have shown that whites are to become
      a minority within their own civilization by 2043,
      which fact ought to cause concern in white
      men—if not rage in them.

      // “Why would conservatives be angry at liberals and liberalism?”—leftists often wonder, and ask that question; especially after some white guy breaks down and begins shooting.

      // It’s as if Leftists/Libertines are unaware, or haven’t been in the U.S. these past forty years of radical change—as if they’re unaware of the rapid decline in the quality of life for the progeny of British and European whites who conceived and built this nation;

      // unaware of the breakdown of families and morals and civil society;

      // unaware of the proliferation of mind-corrupting, family-destroying music, pornography, feminism and Hollywood and TV bilge;

      // unaware of the FORCED integration of black ghetto culture into white civil society and its resulting destruction of America’s public education, dumbing down every aspect of American society to accommodate that anti-white culture;

      // unaware of the vulture capitalists who sell-out their country and culture to increase the bottom line by shipping jobs and technology to Third World countries;

      // unaware of a revolving-door criminal justice system for rapists, robbers, murderers, child molesters, muggers, druggies and white collar criminals (30 years of it, until conservatism had reduced that civilization-wrecking, Left-/Libertine-driven trend during the Nineties);

      // unaware of the confiscatory taxation that enslaves the productive to the needs of the unproductive, driving this nation towards bankruptcy by giving something-for-nothing Great Society “aid” to the poor;

      // unaware of undemocratic and tyrannical Congress and courts, hell-bent on destroying white civil society for the benefit of every minority ethnic group now invading America from the Third World, who receive special financial aid and legal protection for their efforts, against whites’ best interests;

      // unaware of nation-destroying multi-culturalism, multi-racialism and multilingualism infecting every white community;

      // unaware of the assassination of Mrs. Randy Weaver, and the mass murder of an entire church community by Left-/Libertine-driven federal thugs in Waco (the Clinton White House had had a visceral hatred of anything right-wing—particularly of fundamentalist Christianity);

      // unaware of just how far from the Founders’ America this federal government has strayed in setting up its Marxism-sympathizing and minority-serving social engineering programs;

      // unaware of just how fearful and hateful the tax-paying and law-abiding majority of white citizens has become towards its federal government;

      // unaware that the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed on the heated promise that it would not lead to quotas and discrimination against white people (recall that Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson had promised to eat his hat if it ever led to discrimination against white people);

      // and unaware that the Immigration Act of 1965 was passed on the promise — Marxist/Senator Ted Kennedy’s and his democrat supporters’ promise! — that that legislation WOULD NOT (( NEVER! )) be used to alter America’s racial mix from its dominant, founding white majority to a non-white majority.

      // Why wouldn’t white men be concerned or angry at the loss of their Western civilization to anti-white/anti-white-male/anti-Western/anti-Christian People-Of-Color tribes?


    • May I suggest that you go read all of E.O. 83 by Governor Bill Lee because nowhere in that E.O. does it state any such thing. It’s all nonsense started by those whom have allowed themselves to be put into fear. For heaven’s sake people. see also 63
      Marines Rebuke Def. Sec.: “No Mandatory Vaccinations for My Marines.”

      • Regarding Mr Marine: Mmm, that’s some pretty good Quopium you got there. More? No thanks. One toke is really all I can handle.

    • If in need of hope, there is one thing to remember that always held true… Force respects Power.

      The desperate will use Force when their power is dwindling.

      In the beginning, forces such as Police and Military will comply to the powers they are beholden and accustomed to. But such power is one of low vibration.

      The vibration of love is of higher power. Gandhi used love to free India from British control. The Berlin Wall came down after many months of the masses chanting messages of love to the forces keeping them separated, Reagan came to deliver a speech to give the force a less humiliating out.

      Love is the light that purifies the evils inhabiting helpless souls. Remember people, the military, the police may seem like monsters, but they are not. They are humans like you and me, their souls can be corrupted and their souls can also be purified.

      If you ever find yourself forced into an unfavorable situation by other human beings, use love, it is your greatest weapon. Chant “I love you” over and over, get others to understand this. Love will be felt within you as fear, worry goes away, love will generate inside you and then you will radiate a higher vibration of love that anyone near will feel.

      So remember, Force always respects Power!!!!! No power is greater than Love!!!!!!

    • The Taliban has the support of the U.S. Intelligence Services/Agencies and the U.S. Military giving them the Country Back! All with the following understanding that the Taliban guarantee a specific supply of Opium that the U.S. will pickup by Military Transport!

      Or some kind of arrangement like that!

      Why else would the U.S. wake away from from hundreds of Billions in Opium from the Country that supplies 90% of the known Opium in the World?

      Only makes sense if the U.S. would be assured a specific amount of the Opium.

      Lots of street value Zac re the Various involved Agencies going to Fund Spec. Ops!

      • I sent effbuk my regrets when they wanted a copy of my dl. Nfw. You don’t have to join scumbag to view the way-too-long-and-random interview of a dr who has a website where you can get the info (jiabb VERY bad; vitC + Mg + Se GOOD): thedrardisshow dot com. And, about the scumbag Bolshevik TRAITOR? Nobody’s perfect.

      • I would love to read it, but once I saw what’s-his-names face, I promised never to join his data mining operation. What is wrong with you people still doing Facebook. Don’t you know he is a scumbag Bolshevik TRAITOR ?

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