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I just got off the phone with my friend, who’s a retired Marines Special Forces Captain who was just briefed for over an hour by a 3-Star General. What he was told sounds like reports I’ve been seeing on social media that I’ve discounted. I know the following sounds starry-eyed and trite, even. For his part, he told the General that he’d believe it when he saw it – but here goes:

The coronavirus was a Globalist ploy that failed and has been hijacked by the Trump Administration to be used as cover to keep people inside and to prevent collateral damage during a military op of mass arrests. Some targets are very violent and they will fight back. For your safety, it’s best to stay inside.

The operation is live. Arrests are happening in Southern California now. It’s being overseen by NAVSPEC. They will arrest 160,000 people in 90 days, including members of the mainstream media and Barry Soetoro.

They’re starting now by taking down Antifa, MS-13, the mafia, drug gangs and other mercenaries hired by Soros and used by the Dems/Deep State.

These mercenaries were going to conduct mass riots and mayhem after the election but this is being stopped. There will soon be Martial Law, maybe as soon as this Monday.

Thousands have been arrested in Italy already.

The situation is “fluid” but it’s more or less like this:

You may have noticed that during Trump’s daily coronavirus updates, that starting around the 14th or the 15th, the Presidential Seal was removed from the podium. That seal represents the US Corporation, of which Trump was elected the President and for which he was drafted as a corporate raider to take it over and to restore the Republic. Trump will not be President after January 2021. Or most probably not.

There will be a financial reset – the end of the dollar/petrodollar.

The the assets of criminal banksters, Rothschilds, The Committee, etc. who’ve been stealing from us for decades are being seized. We will be repaid. The IRS and the Fed will be abolished and after all of this shakes out, we will only pay consumption taxes of between 7%-15%.

Everyone will be financially better off when all is said and done.

We will be informed of a lot of things that have been kept secret; medical breakthroughs, suppressed information about alternative energy and the truth about extraterrestrial life.

Everyone will be given a credit card to buy a free energy device and we will never have to pay the electric company again.

I know this all sounds like the NESARA emails I used to get and that it’s even more fantastical than the “hopium” we’ve been hearing from QAnon and on the X22 Report and other YouTube channels but I swear, this what someone I’ve known for 5 years, a retired SpecOps Marine just told me.

Today’s video by Where We Go 1 We Go All gives many details that indicate that this is, indeed The Storm.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This video is the one that open my eyes when it was available on YouTube. Can you please tell me where I can find it again? Thank you so much!

  • So, I just had a creepy thought after watching this with my wife. Much of it I kinda figured out, but a lot of it was new to me. Thanks for an incredible vid. To the point …
    Ive considdered why all the giant’s bones are being ‘spirited away’. A while back I responded to a video discusing this. I sugested that with all the break-throughs in modern tech that the eliets may have graphted giant’s dna with human dna. Its well know that governments have been trying to build a supper soldier for centries. Before the mid 1900’s these bones we’er easyily viewable by the gen population. All of a sudden the Smithzonian started colecting them and know one knows what happend beyond that, not in public anyway. I sugest this is one possability, but warn about the end result if this is correct. The giants (Anakim) being half Angel & human. They lived hundreds of yrs longer than humans. They were smarter, stronger, bigger, and faster than humans. The perfect supper soldier & a sort of fountain of YOUTH all in one pacage. Makes sense rationaly to anyone wanting to prolong their life with the bennis of the giants dna. The warning … The human half of the Anakim had hunger. It was insatible. When the grain & animals were not enough to quinch their human hunger the giants started canabalizing humans. This is (at least was) fairly well documented in antiquity, but it has been many yrs since I studied it. The warning … When the giants dna fully takes over the human dna these people will no longer be human and they to will have an insatibly hunger. Ive been considdering, what is the connection between the giants dna and the insatible lust these vampires have for human children? Is adrenelchrome the connecting link? Will silver bullets work? Okay, this is a serious possability. Rationaly speaking; because no normal human would do these horrible things to a child. Only a insane beast that is no longer really human could end a child in such a violent and inhuman way.

  • If there is one thing in sure of its that Trump is not inherently evil. Biden on the other hand is not either but he’s the yes man. He’s a pushover. 3 yrs into Trumps term everything was fine until corona. The Dems and socialists are your biggest threat. Setting the stage for a Marx style communist takeover. Divide and conquer. They give welfare out in record numbers to keep blacks poor creating systematic poor families and pretending it’s helping them. A small ass check barely vbig enough to survive and not ever enough to rise above where your at. Destroying history, more government control. Pitting the peoplr against eachother. Why would so many rich wealthy who are doing very well in the stock market give contributions to Biden. You can’t be that naive.

  • Thank you ive been consumed with have opened my eyes completly .thank u thank u thanku

    • Nicolás Maduro and 14 members of his regime were charged by the DOJ as narcoterrorists last week.

      As of today, the US has a huge amount of forces deployed in Venezuela; multiple warships, helicopters dropping Special Forces on the ground etc. On Twitter, Venezuelans are tweeting cellphone videos of US Special Forces dropping down on ropes and Maduro is publicly tweeting on these operations and arming his artillery.

      That could have been the reason for some of the materiel shipments we were seeing.

      This operation is active and it’s not being publicly announced.

      In today’s CV briefing, DJT said Mark Esper would be speaking separately tomorrow, so if you are looking for news re: Military ops, that’s where you’ll find it.

      It’s clear that the general was mixing disinformation into his briefing with my friend. We’re in a hybrid war. Disinformation is everywhere.

  • And will the huge list of VIP clients/aids of (incl those close to Trump and Prince Andrew) Epstein (Trump’s dead then longtime professional pedophile/child trafficker/procurer for a massive global network) who he defended/gave a WH job to be outed and arrested? Will the billionaire hedge fund managers he helped prior to Easter announcement give back the money? What about the rest of the multi billionaire Saudi friends or dictator pals?

  • Trump will not be President after January 2021. Or most probably not.
    This is a troubling statement. What is meant by it?

    • If the fraudulent name of the corporation of The United States of America is abolished then Trump will not be president of it. However he will be the president of the new United States!

  • I’m sure… they will magically replace one bowl of shit for something else.
    I’m sure all you will have to do is bow on your knees to the antichrist and sign you will be a good little boy or girl right? Be careful what you sign folks

  • Trump is exactly the person for this job. Q… Which I think is jfk. Is helping trump expose all those murderous sick evil 1%s and higher.
    Great changes are coming. Blinders will be taken off the sheep.

  • Interesting video, many psycho out there, enrolled in all kind of more or less secret societies. Selected because are easy to be blackmailed and serve as useful idiots. The worst of all, and the most criminal, in my opinion, is pedophilia and other criminal actions against the kids/minors. As an Eastern-European born under Communism, I’m skeptical and I think is wishful thinking. Maybe President Trump wants to do something for the people, but I don’t think he has on his/our side the amount of ‘ power/force ‘ ( military command and some of those 16-17 ‘ intelligence ‘ agencies ) necessary to start, execute and finish this giant operation: a massive arrest of tens, if not hundred of thousand of very powerful interconnected people in key position, without a ‘ blow-back ‘…Only an awakening of the majority of the population, at the right time, could do/succeed a real change. I believed that time was on our side…I’m not not convinced anymore. What I’m sure, on a spiritual level is that IF us, the people/humans are not going to do something, in order to protect not only our species, but all life on the Planet, there is going to be an event – a real ‘ black swan ‘, which is going to do it for us, even if we as species are going to go back in time hundreds/thousand of years, or be EXTINCT ! I call ‘ it ‘ God’s Hand, but if you don’t believe in God, it’s Nature/Universe and it’s laws.

  • I’m pretty sure my neighbor had it. Symptoms are exactly as described in info. My brother knows someone that has died from it. I have a friend in AZ that probably has it. We are waiting for the test to come back. I’m one of those people that knows someone that has had it.
    That being said, the adrenochrome info is probably true. Have had D.I.D. patients that were victims. Really dark stuff.

  • Your right, this sounds all warm and fuzzy, and it would be nice if humanity could live the way we were intended to live, with empathy and compassion, where nobody had to go hungry or do without shelter or know want of basic human dignity, after all strip away the trappings and we are all energetic beings with much more in common with each other than our exterior differences reveal. But the scale of human enslavement is so extreme, so engrained and global in its scope.Its been going on for thousands of years and like blinded fools we buy into ploy after ploy and cheer for and even demand our own slavery in the name of convience, safety and entertainment. This sounds like one more trick, the grand illusion to keep the masses at home while they round up dissenters, subversives and anyone and who is against the corperate fascists who are our slavemasters, and when the dust dies down there will be nothing left but compliant consumers. I hope like hell im wrong, only time will tell.

  • YEP! It’s true.

    As I wrote about a week ago, we are seeing all that is wrong with our world destroyed at last.

    My only query is where will they house the 160,000 arrested? Surely the FEMA camps will not hold that many?

    Adrenochrome spiked with the COVID-19. in Wuhan of all places! Now that is beautiful! Let us hope the ‘lovely’ Pope has had his weekly dose?

      • IF you guys even consider for a second, that those FEMA camps were destined and/or will be used – EVER, for the traitors/psycho of this Nation, you literary lost your minds ! How many times in the last 6 thousand years of humanity that happened ?! NOT in the name of the ‘ people ‘, but FOR the PEOPLE !? I wish to be wrong and live not only those ‘ interesting times ‘, but exceptional/unique times in the history of Homo Sapiens…but not holding my breath…

    • FEMA campus can EASILY hold that many, and, when they are at capacity, weaker and lesser occupants will be “removed” to make room. Removed to where?, you ask. Just know they won’t be circulated back into society.

    • The camp near Anchorage Alaska airfore base reportedly is designed to hold close to one million. (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

  • I’m more than willing to help. Just call. I’ve been able to fly since I was a boy.

    Invisibility suit? Only if it suits you.

    Thank you and God Bless innocent people everywhere and I really appreciate your sense of humor.

  • I got HIGH HOPEs, I got HIGH HOPEs, but I’m still not holding my breath. Best wishes to all.
    This would be fantastic if it happens!

  • This was insightful especially about the adrenochrome related with child trafficking and the possible spiking by the white hats.
    But I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that they’re actually going to drain the swamp and kill the deep state. That should involve more than just CEOs stepping down and some hundred visible ’round the world arrests. I’d think the world is so much more complexly wicked, that it’ll only take a spiritual apocalyptic event to stop it in its tracks.
    The fact that they’re recommending Chloroquine (contains a laundry-list of poisons) as the antidote for coronavirus when there is Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) cheaper, safer and more effective is a give away. ClO2 has cured malaria 100% each time, which the Red Cross tried to hush up. I’ll believe the system’s repented the day they un-ban Chlorine Dioxide.
    If they ever ‘trumped’ the deep state, let’s see if they’d stop the course towards a cashless society. I quite doubt they will as this storm would have then been a waste. Let’s see how it plays out.
    Alexandra, you’re the only one that has been consistent with conveying Q’s intel drops. Thank you.

  • Why wouldn’t Trump be POTUS after 2021? While I can certainly see many of the current Executive functions reduced and/or removed, there is most assuredly a role for a POTUS in the ORIGINATING documents of the united States of America. Seals and gold-trimmed flags represent Imposter corporate control. They can be removed while the flag and needed federal offices are retained.

    In the meantime, I’m certainly looking forward to some arrests and a return to single-tiered JUSTICE in America.

    • AMEN! But, while I don’t really believe all this “pie in the sky”, I hope gavin newsome is arrested sooner rather than later.

  • Here’s my take….
    Trump is the president of the Corporation of the US. His presidency was allowed to oversee the bankruptcy of the US inc. He has the support of the patriotic populous….a “feared” large segment of this country. They will trust and follow his direction. Stories of rounding up traitors only succeed in quieting potentially rebellious minds into a “wait and see” mode, which would aid in reducing potential conflict/chaos. As of now, we have fascist corporate control backed by a large portion of the military….who do not have the American public’s best interests on their agenda.
    What we are seeing is the long-planned destruction of the USA and it’s financial and political control, in addition to a dramatic reduction in our population.
    We have a serious break in the supply chain from China. We have a decrease in available stored and probable future grain supplies due to weather conditions over the past few years that has nothing to do with our CO2 emissions. Lack of critical medical supplies and drugs and food shortages, as well as fear with resulting violence, will have an effect on population numbers.
    When will people realize that our “government” and it’s branches do not love or care about us?
    The future looks bleak. No one will ride in on their white horse and save us. We, as individuals, are responsible for this mess by our gullibility, naivety, selfishness, greed, and dependence on and trust in a system who’s intension has always been power and control.

    • ” When will the people realize…”…?! Some radio talk show guy said ( last crisis ’07-’08 ) that apparently the majority of the Americans have to end up homeless in the streets, in order to realize what’s really going on in this Country ( and World ). I agree…And we are there, or close…The ‘ only ‘ problem is that a large population of homeless is very easy to control ( and incapable to fight ). Maybe the ‘ prediction ‘ of ” “, regarding the population, GDP, Mil. Exp. and PPP for 2025 is not as crazy, as appear…after all ( US population dropping from almost 327 million, to less than 100 million, GDP from 19.3 to 2.4 Trillion, Mil. Exp. from 637 Billion, to 32 Billion and PPP from 59.5 to 16.3 )

    • As long as those right at the top like the satanic Rothschild & associates, are not arrested & brought to justice, things unlikely won’t change.

      Most people don’t know that the Rothschild & their other ilk, are in-fact secretly Jewish, as is Bill Gates btw.

      These Psychopaths consider & view themselves as the “Chosen ones” by their fictitious war god, while us GOYIM are their cattle, who are only created to serve them.
      The psychopaths follow their satanic Talmud.

      There real hiding place is in far away & distant Patagonia:

  • I’d like to add, for all these ‘unlimited’ people, these fearless, limitless folk, as they claim – and rightfully so, should also be considered mentally ill.

    And quite possibly, a dangerous psychopath.

    • The world should not feel it is mandated to preserve the criminally insane. They should be expediently tried and executed.
      We as a free will society are under attack by a religious cultural based ideology that has been specifically designed to hide behind a declaration of “insanity” to protect itself when challenges under western laws. Society is also under attack of the deviant culture whose actions are also criminally insane and should also executed for.
      They are a danger to each and every one of us of the free world. They believe we are to be used and abused criminally for their use and pleasure and gain.
      Society needs to be able to dispose of threats and dangers.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this. Where can I get more? I tried subscribing but it won’t load for some reason.

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