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    The FKTV website has been knocked offline several times in recent days, delaying this morning’s newsletter. It appears that Google has removed some censorship algorithms from its search engine, resulting in a surge of previously suppressed search traffic to the site. Also, Robert David Steele recommended a recent post, which nearly quadrupled normal traffic. So, we’ve added more memory to my server.

    Former Russian counterintelligence agent, Daniel Estulin joins former CIA agent, Robert David Steele to discuss his excellent books on subjects like the Bilderberg Group and the Tavistock Institute.

    Steele tells Estulin that his book on Tavistock as the best he’s ever read and that it was shocking to be educated on things he never knew about the CIA, despite having worked there.

    Estulin explains that Russia had gathered lots of information about Western intelligence agencies and secret societies.

    “We had a lot of information on the Bilderbergers. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the members of Bilderberg, especially from Western Europe, France, West Germany, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands – they were crypto-Soviets or crypto-Communists. So, we always had great info from within.

    “Also, [we had] a lot of documents and photographs and deliberations and so, over the years, when people talked about secret societies and private organizations and all these groups that meet allegedly in secret, to decide world politics, everyone talked about ‘They’ ruled, ‘They’ do this, but no one knew who ‘They’ were.

    “And when my book, ‘The Bilderberg Group’ came out, suddenly, ‘They’ had a face, their name [that] everyone recognized; who ‘They’ were, what ‘They’ did.

    “‘They’ had the photographs, the deliberations, the documents, the emails, the correspondence and suddenly, this ‘They’ became this global phenomenon.

    “Initially, I had hoped to sell three four thousand copies, when all was said and done and it’s still selling strongly. The book is in 16 countries. It’s been translated into 42 or 43 languages, I can’t remember; 219 weeks on the Top 10 Best-Selling lists in 20 countries. It was number 4 on for a day and a half…

    “People tend to simplify things and bring everything to the lowest common denominator. They thought that Bilderberg was the ‘It’, it was the ‘They’ who controlled the world, you know, the ‘All Seeing Eye’, the ‘Jewish Masonic conspiracy’, etc, etc, of course you well know that this is not the case. The world is a very complex place.”

    This is a fascinating conversation between two really smart guys that gets into the techniques of unconventional warfare that are in play right now, such as the coronavirus.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I don’t know how to put this any other way. I have great “feels” about what was said.
      I’ve been wrong before, but, Hope is with us. I feel it in me, and all people I know.

      Alexandra, thank you, for being so resilient, I’ve noticed when your site was hit the last couple of days. Like you have said, things ARE going to get better!

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