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    We’re in a Hall of Mirrors. It’s distressing but it’s for operational security.

    The coronavirus is not what [They] say it is. I’ve been running videos which speak to the “hopium” part of what may be happening behind the scenes but this video is the most fact-based and important video that I have posted in a long time – about any topic.

    Rapapport has been studying fake epidemics for 30 years and he knows every imaginable phase of these psyops. He knows how the numbers are fudged.

    “How many people have actually died, according to official statistics in Italy from the so called coronavirus? Maybe five, maybe two.

    “Maybe, because they’re all old. They all had long-term health conditions and, as confessed by the head of an Italian Health Institute, which I posted at NoMoreFakeNews, these people all had such serious prior medical conditions that was obvious but that’s why they died.

    “Had nothing to do with the coronavirus. But because of these five cases of mortality, 60 million people are locked down in Italy.

    “Fake, fake, fake, fake. Phony, phony, phony. It’s a fake epidemic.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I want to share with you some mind-blowing information that I just found.
      A few months ago an aggressive vaccination campaign in Northern Italy saw 34,000 people get vaccinated between Brescia and Bergamo…which has now become the epicenter for the Cornoavirus Outbreak. Coincidence?
      It was a vaccine for Meningitis.
      They conned these people into getting vaccinated.

    • In Europe they released data of 2500 deaths in Italy.
      Only 0.8 percent were healthy before catching the “virus” . 99 percent had at least one severe health condition prior. 80 percent had 2 or more severe health problems. Average age of death around 80. Case closed. It’s in mainstream news all over Europe.

    • I can totally buy into the virus itself being a fake, but what then is causing all these people to get ill?

      • 99.9% of people getting sick and dying have chronic illness – they’re already sick. If you’re immunocompromised, as with AIDS, anything can kill you.

        • Gulf War Syndrome all over again those that followed the Medical Doctors are dead today… Veterans, 699,000+/- and more than half dead… And the doctors who stood against this Gulf War Syndrome diagnosis are dead… Operations to the Vaccines delivered, called “Manhattan Project Vaccine” done by Fauci, Redfield, Hatfill the same at highest levels now today… Not just researchers but now Director of HHS, Director of CDC and Presidents Commission on Corona Virus War… See, Theater before us all and so many love Fantasy because, “Truth is Stranger than Fiction”… The Pyd Piper, on the loose!

      • Regular flu, and rolling out 5G in China northern Italy and almost every country likely made matters worse. The boat that had 600 infections on it, diamond Princess had a 5G style internet installed on it just weeks before. It’s the huge white balloon like structures, see pics..

    • This recording makes good sense to me. We have always to be suspicious of that which we do not have first had evidence of. Over five years of my complete avoidance of TV and Radio or Newspapers I have learned more than I knew previously in total. The question about what we can believe is a new virus or a new infection were very relevant. Is there proof that any of us can see of this RNA sequence change, No as the man here says. A very clear recording, and I notice without the specialist equipment most people wish to sport. Nice >> you told us when this started , so when will you say it’s over >>> and the vaccines.

    • There is something talking aboutThe New World Order and the Illuminati working with the Chinese people to put down all countries. And this Covid19 is the weapon

    • I have been trying to work out what is happening with the latest fear-mongering.
      The Amazing Polly opened my eyes -thank you.

      But now Jon Rappaport, who has been researching for longer than I have, puts it all into a nutshell.

      The words spoken here are probably the best analysis on the Internet today. I do hope that everyone passes this on to their acquaintances.

      Please remember that Jon has known for thirty years that bankers control the world, So he is familiar with many minute details.

      I will include this article in the “thinking” page of the next issue of sundayfamilyhumour magazine which has a page dedicated to readers who would never have the opportunity to see these alternative points of view.
      . So 4k people will get chance to be properly informed.

      Thanks for what is transpiring to be one of the most informed sites on Internet – quote me!
      Thanks for all the hard work
      Kind regards

    • Does this sound like agenda 21 to anyone else? The heads of the biggest corporations, retiring, and going where?
      Then there are the Georgia Guide stones….
      The CDC & the WHO are owned by China, along with the Media Prostitutes.
      LIES, Lies, lies. Push the FEAR, Fear, fear.
      Mr. President, you are being led down a path that was set up for Killary, to lead to the end of our country, and world.

      • Could that also be why Joe Biden is the best the democraps can do?
        We, will survive this, but, I want OUR Republic back! Don’t protect me from myself.
        That’s MY problem!

    • Swine flu went further back to 1976…Read “Food is your Best Medicine.” by Dr. Henry G. Bieler. Take a chill pill and turn the channel if it gets too much for anyone…cheers!

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