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    Since March 16, it appears that at least some of Google’s censorship algorithms have been removed, including “Machine Learning Fairness”, a subliminal mind control project, which had succeeded in making the search engine utterly useless as a search engine but instructive of the misguided “Social Justice” goals of the Antifa members who work there.

    YouAreFreeTV shares some thoughts about our current predicament: “Something is happening. There is a shift. So everything I’ve been talking about, with the national surveillance grid system…is it being utilized to track…[our]…DNA digital footprint.

    “…Getting in charge of quantum means that you are claiming back control, not only of the most important technology right now, you’re getting in charge of stopping a shift in time – in our timeline, literally.

    “Quantum allows for the shifting of reality as we know it. There can be a rewrite of our reality using quantum technology and D-Wave technology, not to mention our minds, our thoughts, reading our thoughts, transmitting thoughts to us but also our memories.

    “All of this is at stake right now. It’s so massive and huge it’s not just about something as awful as a global pandemic, it’s something as awful as a global False Memory Syndrome situation, an implantation of ideas and thoughts and tendencies into the human mind.

    “This is the larger version of what’s at stake here and it is huge and it is why we are so thankful we have a the Trump team wanting to stop it and I do believe that’s true that we were on the verge of not only massive genocide through a real…pandemic but a much, much more lethal situation being set up through both biowarfare and quantum technology, to attack the very fabric of reality.”

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