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    YouAreFreeTV suggests that we all get in our last-minute hoarding of groceries and paper products because she believes there will be a national lockdown declared as early as this evening.

    She says, “As we’re sitting in our homes, a lot more of the country’s about to be doing that…this is the operation of the Great Awakening unfolding right now and it’s about to happen.

    “Use tomorrow, use Sunday, the 22nd, 3/22 to get out there and do the things you need to do to take care of yourself for the next while. I think there will be a time of “darkness” [Q refers to “10 days”]. That probably means the Internet. We might see come into play…the Emergency Broadcast System over our phones or over our televisions.

    “I pray that there could be a little disruption here of the MSM, so we’re not all polluted constantly by the garbage coming out…that we can see for ourselves, within ourselves what happens when you are alone with your mind and alone with people and that you don’t go to tiny little tidbits of information to keep you activated, keep your adrenal glands spouting out adrenaline, that you can come within and be calm and calm yourselves and breathe and take some time.

    “Do some yoga, some meditation, some praying, some planting, some being in nature, connecting with the people around you and living the way we can really live in a wholeness…

    She says – and many of us would agree – that the vaccine for a this Covid-19 Flu is something I think we all want to avoid.

    “Once you swab or get your blood taken, they have your DNA and it’s already been mandated that all labs testing must report all findings to the CDC, meaning, as I’ve been saying for the last however many weeks, the intention here has been I believe on the Deep State’s part to create this national health surveillance system, to create this database for the AI to be able to create this national credit score system…that includes your health information.

    “And we’ve seen in Italy [and in Denmark] already, they have now mandated that once there is a vaccine, you will have to get it by law and you will be subject to imprisonment if you do not get vaccinated. WHO just went to Italy and the Chinese…went to help and in the last few days, we’ve had the highest numbers of deaths in Italy, since the Chinese arrived…

    “In China, they passed a law last June saying that we’re going to have mandatory vaccines now and these vaccines will all be electronically monitored, meaning there will be a chip in the vaccines that will allow them to monitor you, to know that you’ve had the vaccine…that went into effect on December 1st, 2019 in China.

    “…And so now, when we see Trump talking about chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine and saying, ‘Hey, yeah, this is great! It works. It’s a really old drug…it’s for malaria but it seems to be a great antiviral,’ because…it forces zinc into your cells…to stop the virus from getting into your mitochondria and that means it protects your DNA. It means that it protects you against the replication.”

    And as a cure, it could prevent the need for this mandatory vaccine. Then she moves into a discussion of the US Army’s largest exercise in 25 years, happening as we speak.

    “I believe what’s happening there is just as important as what we’re seeing in this lockdown situation. The lockdown is happening in Europe, it’s happening in the United States. It’s not really happening everywhere else.

    “Everywhere else, they’re saying, ‘Come home, come home to your country, so you don’t get harmed. Come home to Australia. Come home to New Zealand. Get out of these hotspots…

    “The next few days will bring a big change to our lives – as if it hasn’t already been enormous and I would just put out there to take care of your own side of the street.

    “Take care of your home, your family. Start redoing, resetting your own life in anticipation for what’s to come; of liberation, from a reset of the economy, a real flip in industry, reclaiming of manufacturing for our healthcare and other things to this country, even more so than we’ve seen in the last three years that President Trump has been incredible in succeeding in doing. He brought the economy up so high, so intensely after three years, in order to get people ready that they could get through this.

    “This ten days of darkness. This Eye of the Storm, because we had the Calm Before the Storm, we have the Storm and yet we’re kind of going to get into this Eye where it might appear calm…

    “Once the National Guard is deployed in the next few days, in these really hot states and then the bigger shutdown, they’re going to clear up the trouble on the streets or the threats and then the real work will be happening behind the scenes, of the collecting-up of the evildoers of the Deep State, of the pedo-criminals; the evil vampire rats…

    “I think this is a very, very exciting time and so I wanted to come on and just give my support and let you know that I really just love y’all. I really believe in humanity. I believe in our ability to absolutely get whole and to overcome the fragmentation that is constantly thrown at us; these bad, bad options they try to [make us] think there’s only this option or that option. No, there’s always third transcendent options; there’s always the next-level option and that’s what this is.

    “This is like the ultimate third transcendent option that we’re about to see, that is the Great Awakening Operation that is happening now…

    “Light hurts the eyes of evildoers and the light is being shed and it will be shed. Right now, people don’t know what’s happening but you will. And whether its Q, whether it’s…your own divine nature – whatever it is that gives you the self-assurance that we are literally going to be transitioning from an evil power over human society to a liberated society.

    “Trust in that and pray for it and pray for your DNA for the DNA of the world to be free, because fake DNA, synthetic DNA, AI, transhumanism…that’s a castle built on sand. These things don’t last. They require evil to keep them going and cannot last.

    “It cannot stand, so it had an end date and we’re getting to it and so I’m so thrilled to be part of it so I’m going to leave it there, Folks.”

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    • (Isaiah 32:3) “And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken.”

    • The reason that they’re having so many problems with kids at the beach is that the effects of their stuff wears thin near large bodies of water. I know, I benefit from it all the time.

      If you’re individually targeted, they’ll come and hit you to re-load you to the cell tower grid, if not, then continue going to the beach and be at your bliss!

      God bless!

    • Why?
      “Use tomorrow, use Sunday, the 22nd, 3/22 to get out there and do the things you need to do to take care of yourself for the next while. I think there will be a time of “darkness” [Q refers to “10 days”]. That probably means the Internet. We might see come into play…the Emergency Broadcast System over our phones or over our televisions.
      People are already scared enough not knowing who to believe!

    • Latest ‘ news ‘…since I posted. I’m now 100% that is an ‘ engineered crash ‘, a ‘ controlled demolition ‘ of the house of cards – you hear this one first time, because I came up with it 🙂 P L A N d e m i c ! This weekend I checked what’s going on in Italy and my other Country, Romania. Over 85% of those dead of ‘ corona virus ‘ are around 75-80 years old AND had other medical conditions/medical support. In Romania is almost national panic, after only 3 deaths ( 18-20 million people ); I spoke with relatives from Transilvania and they are kind of ‘ emotional …to put in this way…Man, oh, man…let’s check who are those three ‘ victims ‘ of ” the strain “…maybe I was wrong…First, a 67 old man, on terminal cancer ?!…Second, a 70 old man, with diabetes and high blood pressure – hipertensiune in Romanian )…Third, the ‘ suspect ‘ death of a 75 years woman, the ‘ authorities ‘ are ‘ investigating…Are you sh…, sorry, kidding me/us ?! IT’S a P A N D E M I C, people…and don’t know, yet, where is Trump & Co. in this giant scam…

    • Now is the time for the Q patriot army to act. Our job is to educate, and there are so many tools at our disposal. Part of that education must be to foster hope and faith among the fearful. Our flag is the Constitution and long may it wave. Stand firm in your faith. Comfort the belligerently paranoid who may mistake clean-up operations for imposition of tyranny. Remember, these are Marines and NG. If you raised them right, they will not forsaken you. WWG1WGA

    • OK, HERE we go again ( heard this before the year 2000, and again right before 2012 )…Not going to spoil your hope, people, with my realism/skepticism, but could someone explain to me HOW a huge majority of the sheeple, sorry, I mean ‘ people ‘, is going to have that ” Awakening “, if they never read a book in their life ?! When the tube they watch hours every day, 24/7, and the radio they listen a lot amount of time, are Orwelian and spill just propaganda and BS…when the public schools/colleges are cesspools of indoctrination ?! God, please prove me wrong…is going to be the best days of my/our ‘ tumultuous ‘ life/lives on two continents/countries ! EVEN if I will/have to die after…I will go happy, knowing that our kids/grandchildren will live in a different World…and my existence wasn’t in vain.

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