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Paul Hellyer has been serving in the Canadian government since 1949 and at 94, he is the longest-serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada, which advises Queen Elizabeth II. He has served numerous terms as a Member of Parliament and was Minister of Defence between 1963-1967.

These credentials are what make his calls to end UFO secrecy, Globalization and the corrupt money system quite remarkable.
In this video, transcribed below, he describes who controls the world and how they do it and how they are working towards a New World Order, controlled by the banking cartel and the major transnational corporations.

He describes the Bilderberg Group as “One of the most powerful, if not the most powerful organization in the world today,” and that “Every major news outlet in the English-speaking world is controlled by a Bilderberger.”

He says that the UFO crash at Roswell changed the course of history leading, in effect to a Breakaway Civilization, that Truman was probably the last President who was fully in the loop and that Eisenhower vented his frustration over this in his farewell speech about the “Military-Industrial Complex.”


In 1940, the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC decided that Hitler was going to lose the war and that they should start preparing for the next Empire – an American Empire and it was to comprise all of the area that Hitler had coveted, including the United Kingdom, all of North America, New Zealand, Australia and much of the southeast Pacific Rim and they’ve been working at it ever since.

They have linked forces with other organizations since, including the Bilderbergers, a postwar organization in Europe, which is the most secretive and one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful organization in the world today. Then, the third the Trilateral Commission, which was formed after Japan that began its ascendancy and these three have been working together and I call them, in my books the “Three Sisters”.

They are the sort of the root of what I now call the Cabal and other people call it the Cabal, as well. The Cabal comprises the banking cartel, the oil cartel, the big transnational corporations, the intelligence agencies – many of them but including the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and a couple of foreign ones; the MI6 from the UK and the Mossad from Israel and a huge slice of the American military. They are the Cabal and they have been running the United States for the last half-century, to the point where Presidents have been little more than talking heads and the Congress hasn’t had a clue as to what was going on

After World War Two, there was an operation called Operation Paperclip, which was approved by President Truman to bring Nazi scientists to the United States, to help presumably in the Cold War that would ensue. President Truman agreed, on the condition that none of the scientists were to have been active members of the Nazi Party.

The armed forces, who were doing the invitation, the Army in particular, paid no attention to the President. As a former Minister of National Defense, I know how that works. They recruited the ones they wanted; they gave them new names, new histories and high-ranking jobs in the United States, in the military and civil establishments. They were working on missiles and new weapons systems of various kinds.

After the two UFO crashes at Roswell… July the 4th, 1947 one of the machines was sufficiently intact to be recovered and they began back-engineering that. Before long, they moved the operation to Nevada. The president then was Eisenhower and he wanted to know what they were doing out there and they wouldn’t tell him. So, he threatened to send in the First Army from Colorado. They capitulated and allowed him to send four trusted members of the CIA to visit [Nevada] and see what was going on – and what was going on was exactly what they really expected and that is the back-engineering of one of the vehicles from the Roswell area.

I don’t think there’s been a president since Truman who has really been in the loop, totally. President Eisenhower vented his frustration in his final speech to the American people, at the time he was retiring from public life. He said, “Beware of the military-industrial complex,” and the problem is we have paid no attention to him. An eyewitness who had worked in the company of President Eisenhower said what he was really concerned about was that the ET File had fallen into the wrong hands and that’s what he was really concerned about and I wish he had said it but that’s I guess when the cover-up really got underway, in earnest.

Well, a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. This cabal, their endgame is a world government. They are calling it the New World Order, which is unelected and accountable only to them. That’s what they’re doing and they’re well on the road to do it and you know, they were smart. They said, “We won’t do what Hitler did and try to take over world, all these countries by military means. We will do it by using our brains and using the monetary system to crush the various countries, to the point where the people will be glad to accept a military government and we will use trade agreements which are not really trade agreements but which are in effect transfers of power from the people – the elected people – to the banking cartel and the transnational corporations.

They put a thing in the trade agreements which is called the Dispute Settlement Mechanism and it actually works this way: that if any government, like a provincial government in Canada or state government the United States does something that affects the profits or potential profits of a foreign company, they can sue the Government of Canada for lost profits or even lost potential profits, can you believe. They have more rights in Canada than the Canadian citizens and of course, it works the same way with the United States. It’s wrong and principle.

Two final words: the reason they don’t want us to know what they’re doing is because if too many of us knew what they were doing they might not be able to get away with it and the reason that you don’t read about it is that if you get a copy of Daniel Estulin’s most recent book, he was the writer of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. There are several pages, chapter and verse that show that every major news outlet in the English-speaking world is controlled by a Bilderberger.

Well, the the issue that it’s most urgent at the moment is changing the world monetary system; the banking system and this is a long story and I know you don’t want to spend a lot of time on it but it is critically important. The banking system that we have is, to put it bluntly, legalized fraud…and we have to change it for the benefit of all. There are many things in my book that you will know from having read it, where I talk about the world being run by a very small group of elite people who are immensely wealthy and who want to stay that way they want to have the stranglehold on the resources and the wealth of the world and so they have introduced Globalization, which really hasn’t benefited anybody except them in a tangible way.

They want to keep a banking system, which has brought more than 25 recessions and depressions the United States over the last 120 years and now…well, this is the most serious meltdown since the Great Depression, they’re pretending that they’re fixing the system and they’re not…it’s just a pretense and they’re pretending to to slap the hands of the bankers who are responsible for it and it is just a tap in the hand. It’s like fining a prostitute $20 for being on the street, knowing that she’s gonna go back out the next night and earn more than that and the banks are doing exactly the same thing. They’re just laughing all the way to their balls.

So this is a this is a profound area maybe might be interesting if I could just go through a bit of the history…when King William was fighting a war and ran out of money somebody said, “Well, one way to get some more money is to start a bank. So, he got the rich people of England to subscribe a million two hundred thousand pounds in gold and silver and lend it all to the government at 8%, which is a pretty high interest rate for a government-guaranteed loan but that’s the way things go and then to show their gratitude, the government allowed the bank to print another 1,200,000 pounds in banknotes and lend it to their friends at high interest rates.

So in other words, they were allowed to lend the same money twice. Well, then over the years, through the greed of the bankers and the cooperation, to use a polite word of politicians and that ratio has increased dramatically. In the early years of the 20th century, the federal banks in the United States had to have a gold reserve of 25%, which meant that they could lend the same money four times in my early years in Canada, they had to have a cash reserve of 8%, which meant they could lend the same money twelve and a half times and today with this new system of capital adequacy – which isn’t really adequacy, at all should be “capital inadequacy”. They are lending the same money 20 times and collecting interest on at each time.

Now, that is just legalized fraud. My advice to the young people of the world would be: “It has to start with individuals.” I used to describe this sort of thing like a beach. If the majority of the grains of sand and the beach are clean, it will look beautiful, golden and be very hospitable. If the majority is covered with an oil slick, dirty or translated into the wider problem evil or uncaring or self-centered, then you have a dirty beach, which is very unattractive and that is much of what’s going on in the world today.

But this has to start with individual people and it has to come from the bottom-up, not from the top-down. Well, I must say that you know good leadership is very important and if you can get somebody with high moral and ethical standards at the top, this will rub off on some of the younger people but basically, the young people have to change the world, one at a time, individually and try to make their motto to “Leave the world in a little better place than when they found it,” and if everyone does that, they’ll plant a tree or two or pick up a can or two or do whatever is necessary; donate a dollar or two for somebody else’s in worst situation than they are and then, if enough people do that, they will then put the political pressure on the leaders to make the macro changes that are essential to change the monetary system and to do the other things that have to be done to in effect, save the world.

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  • Mads Palsvig on The Richie Allen show introduced a new word pronounced sen-ur-age I don’t know the proper spelling. This is the face value of the currency minus the cost of producing it. Apparently this profit is not going to shareholders or bank employees, it’s going to favoured customers in the form of cheap credit. These customers are most likely property developers. So the banks are using this excess profit to fund property investment and therefore the housing crisis itself. I don’t know if this is old news, we knew they were responsible but this is the mechanism. How do I explain this to my neighbours and the young local people reduced to living in vans and tents at the end of my street? That their predicament is the result of deliberate financial machinations by their high street banks.

  • I wonder if the Boy Wonder of Canada listens to Paul or seeks his council. I doubt it. I’m glad Paul is one of the Good Guys. He is a World Treasure!

  • One the Sheeple find out HOW Governments and Religion actually work they will STOP supporting them by continuing to VOTE them into an OFFICE, where they conspire to KEEP “Control” over the Sheeple.
    WHY do you think these “Cartels” always meet in “Secrecy” when ever they meet folks???
    Another aspect the Sheeple MUST ‘Awaken” to is HOW the “Bankoholics” are able to keep control over their “Slave Money System”….UNDERSTAND that bankers want US enslaved by using FINANCING or CREDIT so as to keep us INDEBTED TO THEM.
    YES…They do entice US to be “Materialistic” so that you keep depending on CREDIT to acquire to things you THINK we need.
    Government is a BEAST…and as long as people keep “Feeding-the-Beast” along with “Feeding-Religion” they will KEEP Controlling US.
    NEVER keep your money in THEM, because as brought MANY times about MONEY…IT NEVER SLEEPS!
    Bankers MAKE MORE MONEY when it STAYS in YOUR accounts via very shrewd investments with it EVERY MOMENT YOU KEEP IT THERE…UNDERSTAND???
    If you haven’t figured out the REAL reason bankers HATE PM’s (Precious Metals) and constantly attack their REAL Value…that’s ONE of the reasons.
    Understand….It is the PHYSICAL Possession of these Metals that Bankers HATE and is WHY they always try to keep their value down.
    They KNOW that WHEN the Sheeple awaken to this FACT, and start COLLECTING IT….THEY WILL LOOSE ALL CONTROL OVER “YOU”!
    IF they were to attempt to DEMAND Your “Possession” of it…THEY MIGHT AS WELL COMMIT SUICIDE.
    I Long for the moment we NEVER use Money at all, as our “Cosmic Family” doesn’t who are masters of “Alchemy” (Mind-Over-Matter) technologies…Where we can CREATE by THOUGHT!

      What do you think the so-called “Insiders” are??? The SEC actually PROTECTS insiders….GET-IT???

  • The Honorable Paul Hellyer is without doubt got this one nailed to the wall for all to see. Now, we may know this, but, how do we go about changing it so people have more of a right to live then a corporations?

    • 1) Send a strong, unequivocal message. “Your” scam is over. Cease the land and assets of the Fed.

      2) Transfer wealth back to the American people by setting up a paper dollar backed by gold.

      3) Commit to a global trade war to get the Rothschild clones out of our country. They may re-enter if they like, but on our terms.

      4) Bring troops home from Europe.

      5) De-fund the CIA.

      Of course, we’ll need enough troops on our side to do it by force.

  • Heller’s diagnosis is correct, his materialistic remedy flawed. Not entirely surprising being as he is the progeny of English loyalists. We already have a generation of eager beaver socialists working for change, who are useful to the Bilderbergers and the international banking cartel.

    What is not entirely recognized is the world is being stampeded into debt, personal and state debt by appeals to our baser natures for stuff we don’t have or need. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and these monsters play on that very human flaw to drive us to buy things we don’t really need, to move to the other side of the fence, individually, racially, tribally, nationally and it all generates debt.

    People are moving everywhere, across borders, into the cities, out of the cities and this is a gold mine for the bankers. It has created massive inflation which is also good for the lending business and the tax collectors. In addition to the massive population movements in Europe, it’s taking place all over the world including right here in River City USA.

    I have studied the US real estate market for decades and people work themselves nearly to death to move and pay, move and pay again and again, thinking to improve their lives, but the improvement is nearly always temporary. It creates enormous real estate inflation and enormous wealth for the money lenders and the tax collectors.

    Them as holds the gold makes the rules and as long as people ignore the dangers of the lust of the eye and the pride of life, I guess we will go the way of all previous civilizations.

    Spiritual depravity can never be remedied with a material remedy.

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