For 14 years, Pakistani immigrant, Imran Awan was a Congressional Information Technology staffer, along with his wife, two brothers and 3 other family members and friends for 44 House members.

He had already been the subject of much speculation with regard to his possible role in the DNC email leaks and the dozens of smashed Clinton Blackberry cellphones before he was arrested last summer at Dulles airport en route to his native country, having transferred roughly $300,000 into a Pakistani bank which he’d received in the US as a home equity loan.

Awan has been the subject of intense speculation by members of the Alternative Media for the past two years, suspected of having stolen government hardware and/or classified government data from the politicians he worked for, suspected of being a member of Pakistan’s ISI intelligence service and of possibly having blackmailed Debbie Wasserman Schultz. However, on July 3rd, Awan entered a plea of guilty to making a false statement on a bank loan application, with all other charges dropped.

Those who have been following the case closely are in a state of shock. The feeling is that the FBI is intent on making a case that fits their narrative of “Russian Collusion”, instead of pursuing other lines of questioning, like Awan, who was the actual person in charge of protecting the security of the DNC emails and would be familiar with the details.

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