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    TRUTHStream Media has knocked it out of the park with this satire promo of the new “e-Residency” program being offered by Estonia, which is a kissing cousin to the “Real IDs” that are being rolled out all over the world.


    “Welcome to your future! A digitally-interdependent, hyper-connected, networked world! Throw off the tethers of ordinary reality and join the digitized multitudes ruled by global e-governance, with your very own New World Citizen of the People’s Federated Republic of the Great Democratic United Global States, Incorporated Chip Card!

    “Just one chip is now a key to every relevant database you are in on Earth! We’re taking identification to a technocratic level beyond Aldous Huxley’s wildest dreams and George Orwell’s nightmares!

    “One chip, linked to your Unique Citizen Number connects to all of your relevant societal business, including your passport, your driver’s license and all Federation-required licenses, titles and registrations! Your car, home and medical insurance, all of your medical records, including your mandatory annual psychological evaluation, your DNA profile and your prescriptions, your voter registration and history and your bank account and digital Universal Basic Income Credits – but that’s not all! Your blockchain-protected New World Citizen Chip also gives you a digital footprint everywhere you go on the web, from online news sources to all of your social media accounts, authenticating you online, to ensure a safe, peaceful and secure society, where no one can offend anyone else, because no one can hide!

    “Continuous real-time 24/7 tracking and tracing will ensure a truly peaceful, digital utopia for all! No more fear of identity theft or forgetting those pesky passwords, as your Digital Citizen Mark will be biometrically-verified through your fingerprints, iris and EEG, voice print and facial map. From Cairo, to Rome, to Ingolstadt, to Paris, to Washington, to Estonia and Astana!

    “From ocean to ocean to ocean to – heck, all of the oceans! Being a Digital Resident offers you a new concept of freedom: to be a Global Citizen under your borderless, digital New World Order!

    “[May be incompatible with faith and the actual definition of freedom. Databases wholly-owned and operated by the People’s Federated Republic of the great Democratic United World States, Incorporated and their subsidiaries. Your digital citizenship is legally-binding and data may be shared with third parties listed in Subsection 187-C.2, without your express knowledge or consent. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time, which is fine, because they are 8,642 pages long and we know no one is reading the fine print! Travel allowed only in pre-approved chip-validated mega-regions and not including for Core Reserve Sustainable Development Zones, as designated by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity. Online behaviors deemed negative or harmful are subject the UBI Digital credit deduction without notice, up to and including account termination. See User Agreement for further details.]

    “Our SmartGrid Network touches every corner of the globe. It’s one digital New World and your chip is your portal to it, so apply today, to authenticate and secure your Digital Citizenship. Because if you didn’t do anything wrong you shouldn’t have anything to hide – and in this brave new world – you won’t be able to.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • For many of us, accepting a chip will be the proverbial line in the sand, not gonna do it officer.

    • You guys EXCEED! Brought it up in my face and perfect for ‘independance’ day I’d say…Is that on purpose? Ah…there are no accidents…good on you two ! Thank you

    • Let’s face it: it’s going to be reality ! The NWO is a Neo-Pharahonic system, with ‘Gods’ (the high finance), with ‘High Priests’ (obedient governments), and thente serfs (populous) ! Why I call it Neo-Pharahonic ? Modern archaeology has proven more and more the last 20-30 years that there were no slaves per se, only serfs / servants.

      If one researches WHO is on top of the financial system, then one may suspect that the NWO-Head-Office might be ending up in Jerusalem. And as long as the ‘useful idiots’, as Josef Stalin once called 80% of the population, don’t stand up for themselves, and make non-active TV entertainments like football & hockey to their focal points in their lives, it will become reality ! The ancient Romans knew it already: ‘… Bread and games’.

      We could call this NWO system Neo-Socialistic as well, worldwide ! Everybody will get a ‘hand-out’, if he works. By the way – which group of people did the ‘inventor’ of Communism belong to ? Right on…, it’s the same ‘Gang’.

      With the younger generations, which I titled ‘Homo iPhonis’ (= Homo iDiotis’), I don’t have much hope …, of change for the path of the future ! Just study the TRUE history, not the ‘Hollywood’ crap.

      Sorry for my sarcasm / cynicism, but I meant every word. ‘Divide et impera’ !!!
      Hopefully beloved Alexandra let’s my comment go through … ʠ 😉

    • Sheople of the World Unite within the One World Global United States of Coercian Inc (and their subisdiaries).

    • Horse feathers! Total BS with maggots crawling all over it NWO crap! (LAUGH!!!)
      Citizens are SLAVES!…AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the means of the one-percent’s way of ultimate CONTROL over the Sheeple using Cryto-currencies (Fart-Money)…Mark-of-the-Beast money.
      Unfortunately for those FAKE gods, Magnetic Energy will SHUT ALL OF IT DOWN SHORTLY!

    • Why of course, we must first establish that lower grid of slave souls from Sweden and e-estonia as examples for the Rothschild/Rockefeller/Lazard/etc e-brand of slaves. How can one build a pyramid without the lowest grid to step over first?

      eurotrash goes global!

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