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    In our post-truth world, even the truth-tellers can be slipped up, with the deceit being so pervasive. I am now left with more questions that ever about the Las Vegas Shooting.

    We don’t have to agree with this presentation but the narrator makes a very strong case that this entire event was a hoax. If the YouTuber called HDRCFX Cornwall is to be believed, he is a UK-US dual citizen who says he’s using text-to-voice technology for narration because he suffered a brain hemorrhage last year which left him partially paralyzed and unable to speak clearly.

    This video includes never-before-seen footage during the Las Vegas Shooting, of people fleeing in terror at Caesar’s Palace, Planet Hollywood, Hooter’s and the Bellagio. He has done a great job of matching publicly-released documents and audio from the LVMPD with video from various sources. Together, these paint a starkly different picture of what happened in Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017 from what has been widely reported, both in the Mainstream Media and by the Alternative Media, including by me, up to this point.

    Considering the large number of casualties, HDRCFX Cornwall was not surprised when ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack (remember that?) However, the media outlets insisted and police confirmed that Steven Paddock was the “lone gunman” who had fired over 1,000 rounds of automatic fire.

    HDRCFX Cornwall says the first discrepancy was found was when photographs of Paddock’s room showed no more than 50 empty shells. Had Paddock been the lone shooter responsible for all of the horrible carnage, there should have been hundreds upon hundreds of empty shell casings in his room.

    There were thousands of calls placed to 911 and police audio accounts of multiple gunmen and very loud close-range gunfire from practically every resort and hotel along the two-mile Las Vegas Strip:

    [LVMPD audio]: “There’s one coming in…23:06 hours…shooter at the front desk of New York New York and there’s a approximately 150 subjects sheltered in place inside the kitchen area, there and two shots were fired on the casino floor. There are several subjects down at New York New York. OK, I’m getting information of active shooter at Tropicana. Now, they’re all saying one at Aria…there’s a 413 [police code for person with a gun] at Paris…can we get contact with Planet Hollywood, we’re getting reports of possibly some shots there…at the Bellagio employee entrance, there’s a male walking in with a rifle…possibly a white male in black t-shirt the long rifle is going into the nightclub…be advised there’s possibly three females at the trash area on the CVS, who look likely possibly have weapons in their hands…”

    The LVMPD later dismissed all of the above reports and asserted that there were no casualties from these incidents. However, the hundreds of resort customers seen in these videos were all detained until around 4AM.

    Although the FBI had requested that everybody turn in their phones, more and more videos were uploaded to the Internet and some of them showed some very unexpected scenes. Some of the crowd’s behavior seemed unnatural. While some people seemed panicked and ducked for cover, others seemed totally disinterested.

    A segment of the famous taxi driver footage is shown that I’d never seen before. Most have us have seen the part where the driver was alone, describing the automatic gunfire from the driveway at Mandalay Bay. Now, we see that this taxi picked up some concert attendees, one apparently with a broken leg. The passengers are initially insistent that they be taken to the Luxor Hotel but then decide that any “nice hotel” will do (why not a hospital?)

    For the duration of most of the video, the driver had appeared to be driving with one hand and taking video with the other – until she takes a sharp corner and we notice that driver used both hands to maneuver the car…Clearly, someone was behind her filming the whole time!

    I have previously ignored claims by many that the Las Vegas Shooting was a hoax where “nobody died” because I’ve spoken to those who have friends and family who were there and whose stories unanimously state that there were multiple shooters. This is the first time that I have seen footage that strongly suggests that at least some of the scenes in Las Vegas appeared to have been crisis training exercises. Many good examples are shown, including a few of what are clearly rubber dummies or “Tactical Operations Mannikins” (TOMS), as seen in other hoaxes and False Flags over the years. Notable as well, almost no victims were taken to the hospital by ambulance, most were taken by pickup trucks.

    The narrator offers his best guess for the motivations of such massive chicanery:

    “I believe at this stage of my investigation it was propaganda designed to primarily target Red State Americans and specifically the Second Amendment. It was hoped that such an attack would cause such disgust and anger that people would voluntarily give up their rights and also turn them against Constitution-supporting, patriotic Americans. They did this under the cover of provisions afforded them in the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 which allows for the first time for State Department in government propaganda to be targeted at Americans.”

    HDRCFX Cornwall investigated this and many other aspects of this troubling case in much greater detail in several other videos, including a discussion of evidence suggesting that the Las Vegas horror show was to be far greater in scale but that something caused them to abandon those plans.

    “We also postulate…that the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act not only allows them to create this kind of propaganda but also attempts to control the reaction to it through the news media, the Internet and social networks and video-sharing websites and their comment sections, promoting ridiculous theories about attack helicopters Saudi Arabian snipers trying to kill a royal prince, MS-13 gangs, ISIS, multiple gunmen or the really crazy idea about an old man in his hotel room.”

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    • Another video reveals staged victims at Hooters casino as ambulances completely ignore Rou-91 to convene at Hooters…nearly a 1/4 distance from the alleged scene. This presumes everyone who was shot was able to (1) immediately agree to convene at Hooters(2) had the ability to walk all the way no matter the extent of the injury to the head or legs. Total staged BS.

    • Count the number of fleeing actors holding hands as they exit. This high number of hand-holders is a very suspicious anomaly. In some cases for see groups of 4 to 5 hand-holders. This type of organization is characteristic of a “drill” as seen in Sandy Hook and numerous other staged shootings

    • No matter what else you think, this video proves foreknowledge when police cruisers were already flashing their lights outside Route-91 before the first shots were fired.

    • JT below has the right ideas about all this. Blurry videos with speculative narration over it doesn’t prove a thing. I say, what’s needed is some tangible proof that the Las Vegas shooting was faked and used crisis actors or not.

      Here’s my suggestion, but it would cost some money. Hire a reputable private detective firm and have them obtain the public records of all the victims(or alleged victims) that were either wounded or declared dead. Then track down the hospital records and what happened to the bodies of the dead(or supposed dead) and check the mortuaries, and so forth.

      If these victims were fake victims, they’ll be alive somewhere, walking around, spry as a crickets Experienced private investigators should be able to track them down, of they’ll till alive, Get some videos of them and present them publicly.

      f they were real victims, then get the death certificates all mortuary records, funeral services records, etc. Present that evidence publicly, which would prove the conspiracy people were wrong on that count.

      Of course, like I said, all this would take some time and considerable money. Who would put that kind of investment up, with no monetary return, though?

    • Thanks for posting, some interesting footage and more questions
      None of it proves the entire operation was a hoax or real
      What’s wrong with accepting it was both
      Nearly all of these false-flag operations include crisis actors, Sandy Hook and Boston for example, all of them still pose many questions including if or how many people actually were killed/injured
      As for Vegas I do believe innocent people were killed but that is the only element of truth to the official narrative in my view

    • Just MORE “Time Stalling Tactics” by the “Luciferian/Satanic” operatives now controlling this planet…known as GOVERNMENT.

    • The primary rules are: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.
      Welcome to the New World Order that keeps circulating throughout time…

    • Alexandra, you seem to be confusing a false flag, like Sept 11th, where government creates/sponsors an event to get folks to rally around the flag just to start or enter a war. See “The Maine – Cuba, Sept 11th, FDR WWII;

      …with a HOAX crisis shooting, like a school shooting, where allegedly a lone crazed actor shot up a school but Hoax theory says that there are crisis actors and nobody died.

      Anyways, grainy and blurred vids and photos that don’t show what you’re saying don’t help.

      There are many answers to weird human behavior, especially during crisis events and not necessarily what you are espousing…people do weird stuff, freeze in panic, do the opposite of what they should do, etc. It’s human nature.

      That’s one reason why law enforcement is skeptical of eyewitness accounts and need verification from other sources. Just look no further than Sept 11th. How many saw planes fly into the towers? Yet freeze frames of those videos show photo-shopped images doing what planes can’t do…

      I’ll stick with what looks like truth. That it was a real false flag and NOT a hoax.

      * Vegas Victims List:

      * Las Vegas Reporter’s work on Vegas shooting is extensive:

      And yes, those ambulances were reported to have come for victims in the casinos but not at the shooting site, where victims waited for hours. So yeah, it’s all confusing and hard to understand, unless you were there. Which I was not. It just makes more sense.

      If this was a hoax, than either:

      @ mass mind control is happening regularly.
      @ people are redily available for a few bucks who really would sell their mom for cheap.
      @ or, our society is nuts and its much too late to save us.

      • You’re right, this guy is calling it a hoax, not a false flag attack. I guess I’m so hard wired into believing the attack was real that I’ve kept calling it an attack…

      • @JT….oh yeah ? Show me one real catastrophe where they wheelbarrow in practice dummies and perform CPR on them, which was a major part of the film “Las Vegas-Loose Chips”. And if there was supposed to be only one shooter, how come so many hotels were in lockdown because there was the sound of gunfire right outside their doors, some up to 2 miles away from the “main event” ? And what was with the actors running back to the shooting scene thru a dark lot, unseen on the camera until someone turned the light on ?

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