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Alex Jones reports that on the evening of July 2nd, Fox’s Tucker Carlson hosted family members of those who’d been killed during the 9/11 attacks. Their lawyer, Jim Kreindler, said that Robert Mueller, who was FBI Director during 9/11 was responsible for the cover-up of Saudi involvement in the attacks.

As for Jones, his insider sources are telling him that this is just the beginning of Trump playing his “Ace Card”, which is to expose how criminal elements within the US Government, along with Wahhabist elements staged the 9/11 attacks and ordered the NORAD stand down and helped to weaponize Islam to take over Middle Eastern countries on behalf of Saudi Arabia and others, in a plan famously outlined by General Wesley Clark known as “7 countries in 5 years”.

A huge part of what originally appealed to many in the Alternative Media about Donald Trump when he was campaigning in 2016 was that he openly doubted the official explanation of 9/11. No other person who’d ever run for the US Presidency had ever expressed dissent from the status quo about 9/11. To have the US President finally prosecute those crimes was an exciting prospect for us.

As Trump said during one of the debates, “I lost hundreds of friends. The World Trade Center went down during the reign of George Bush.”

Later that year, the House Intelligence Committee released the once-classified 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 Commission report, which although still partially redacted did contain some bombshells, including that the alleged 11 hijackers received support or assistance from “individuals who may be connected to the Saudi Government”, at least two of whom were alleged by some to be Saudi intelligence officers.”

Trump is now said to be threatening to release either the previously redacted information from those infamous 28 pages or new documents, entirely.

It is worthy of note that during Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman crackdown on the corrupt royalty, targeting 10 princes and 38 senior cabinet members earlier this year, many were strong allies of the Bushes and Clintons and that Saudi Arabia accounted for 20% of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign funding.

Jones says that there will be more on this soon, which not an unpleasant thought to have on this July 4th!

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  • Assuming that the “9/11Truther” movement was created to catch those rejecting the lie about 19 hijackers and direct them to a better lie like explosives, thermite, or nukes, it appears that there is more to the “9/11Truther” movement than just containing people. After all, who created the phrase, “9/11 was an inside job” and why have so many folks latched on to it? For those who have eyes to see, it’s clear that it was not the airplanes that were the terror weapons of the 9/11 attack. Instead, it was the pre-planned and well-organized attack by propaganda and disinformation by the “9/11Truther” movement that followed in its wake, which was the most devastating weapon. Knowing that a misinformed electorate that deeply distrusts its democratic institutions is a prerequisite for their victory, was the purpose of the 9/11 attack used to secretly undermine and destroy democracy from within using freedom of expression as a weapon? What are the alternatives to completely abandoning democracy? There was of course no coincidence that 9/11 was carried out during the Internet age. With the help of the Internet revolution, those who perfected the “9/11Truther” propaganda have enjoyed as much success as Nazi Germany only dreamed of 70 years ago. Stormtroopers no longer wear brown shirts with a swastika armband, they wear T-shirts that read: “9/11 was an inside job”.

  • Just got back i n town late yesterday and seeing this today encouraged me because I talked about this for years until I just wore out on it. Any damned fool could see what went down on 911 if they had been thinking critically about what the propaganda ministry was telling them which defied what their eyes were seeing. None of us are going to agree on everything, impossible. But thinking people do agree we’ve been defrauded by our own central government which is now fighting exposure.

    Sadly what I am seeing is the bursting of only a few governmental pustules among many festering unmolested because the global collectivist infection is systemic and institutional. We are being treated to the treatment of one or two pustules while not recognizing the underlying disease of collectivism itself. It’s in the minds of not only the parasitical political classes, but also in the minds of so many now who have been deceived by the collectivist idealism of justice for all through a totalitarian political system. The twin collectivist systems of collectivist corporatism and collectivist workers have been the scourge of the 20th century and most seem to have learned nothing by it.

    If we are unwilling to teach our children HOW to self-govern, we’ve no reason to expect anything less than an all powerful, all knowing, omni-present central government enforcer of leveling schemes, which in effect makes government God.

    The Infowars clip may be hopey, but valiant as Jones is, liberty is not winning because central government is controlling the minds and the lives of Americans through public education and the MSM.

    My heart is heavy for the likes of Alex and Alexandria who sacrifice themselves in the defense of liberty.

  • It’s no reflection on Jews that Mossad is rotten to the core any more than it’s a reflection on Americans that the CIA is rotten to the core, but listen, Mossad masterminded 911. Israel has long been in bed with the Saudis, so in what capacity Saudi Arabia is involved in 911 I don’t know, but the Saudis don’t have the brains or even the wherewithal to have come up with 911.

    Trump knows all this. I can’t imagine that Donald Trump doesn’t have the guts to reveal the truth, and am guessing he will.

  • That is EXACTLY What all these LONG and drawn out explanations over the almost TWO decades since 9/11 are all about “HOPE”…Loads of BS “Who shot John”…What Happened or didn’t happen…LOADS of promises about Mass Arrest about to happen…but…NO ACTIONS!
    Another name for this crap is called “Stalling for Time” so as to attempt to ENSLAVE Us with Their AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technologies and the SECRET Space Program/Force (Witch will NEVER be allowed!!!)
    Alex Jones is just PART of all this BS, along with several other FAKE “Disclosure / Truth sites”
    They cannot even get the REAL Truth about OUR History right…Like the FAKE Jews now occupying “Isra-Hell” (Israel) who were ALL BLACK RACED Beings…NOT White!
    Fortunately the Internet is LOADED with solid Proof about REAL History
    ALL these “Luciferian/Satanist” run RELIGIONS and GOVERNMENTS are just “Trapped” here awaiting the “Removal” by “Divine Providence or Prime Source Creator” once their “Grid” is shut down by “Magnetic Energy” now showing up.

  • When asked what it will be like in the end days, Jesus Christ said, “Be careful that you are not deceived”. And the Buddhists have forever said that the whole world is one big illusion. And present day forbidden archeologist Lloyd Pye is famous for saying that “Everything you know is wrong”. So, on this 4th of July, what is real and who do you trust ?

    • The beautiful energy (God) of the multiverse lives inside us all. He/She walks with us through all falseness and asks us to be in this world without becoming corrupted by it.

      The true spirit world is indeed found here, as it is found everywhere, but the illusions that you see will all be gone when we move on beyond it.

      The true Temple should be constructed around your inner heart with God, and that church is wherever you are.

      All attempts to install the world’s false matrix, in a true believer, falls flat on its face every time. Stay true to yourself, which is also to say, stay true to Him.

      • The main reward of publishing this site (because it does not even pay my groceries anymore) is the involvement and commentary of all the smart people who visit the site.

        Thank you all so much for reading my little blog. I love all of the different opinions. I think it’s fascinating and educational.

        You are who make me get up every day and do this and I love you!

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