If you have fallen out with someone over political differences in recent years, or if you have pushed away someone close to you because of their opinions, now is the time to realize it wasn’t their fault and they were tricked.

Don’t school them anymore. Just love them so that we can start to heal.

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  • Ha, so many have been really fooled by Trump, his allies, and the oligarchs he represents. It’s pathetic to see how people put their faith in this man, who’s just a snarly conman and a heavy weight champion liar.

    Do the research on Trump’s history!

    No sense going on against Trump on this site, it mostly falls on deaf ears.

    • Michael, I hear ya. I just don’t get how people keep falling for the Trump ruse. The elephant in the room is his closeness to Israel. That was not even mentioned in the video. I can’t see how someone who is Israel’ s lap dog is going to move this planet in the right direction, it’s an oxymoron.

    • You must get your news from Yahoo! and your research must be from the Communist Party headquarters. Misguided, but you’re still one of God’s children.

  • Alexandra, thanks for this excellent piece. I do think, however, that those of us who are more or less awake need to find a way to bring to the forefront what happened before, during, and after the recent campaign. I’m having great difficulty finding a way to present what I have learned and continue to learn to the people who fancy themselves to be progressive and on the left. I acknowledge that the problem begins with me as I have an incredibly short fuse with people who simply won’t do their homework. Oy.

  • “Don’t school them anymore, just love so we can start to heal.”
    I don’t think so, there is a price to pay for willfully remaining ignorant. When stacks of documented facts are presented and people still choose to remain blind, I don’t want such humans in my life….at all.

  • oh boy, that was longest 43 minutes of my life, the video is clearly hanging on the back of hillary to sell it’s book. Targeting Senior Citizens, “again” like the preachers of the 80’s targeting them for their money for salvation this cure all book is “not” free, it’s is “not” free, you must join and pay for membership with their GoldWard Winning team for natural cures from Cancer to Dementia. Again using Hillary and Pharma scare tactics to sell their book. Anyway

    • Hey ther, Kitty. Please tell me where you found the information about this book you mention in your comment.

  • This BS was SICKENING to watch…Still trying to sell a WHITE “Savior” who is PART of the “Swamp” he is supposed to be draining…GIVE IT UP….THE REAL PROVE IS ALL OVER THE INTERNET…(Laugh!!!)

    • Hi there. Please consider the possibility that Trump is where he is due to some reallly, really powerful backstage forces. Please do yourself a favor and get in touch with Daniel Liszt and his Dark Journalist site, and pay particularly close attention to his X Series. Daniel’s work is worth every penny and second most of us have invested in our post-secondary education—and I use the word “education” advisedly. Please let me know what you find out!

    • Yes, he adds to the swamp. As I said above, why are people holding this guy up as the savior without mentioning a word about his allegiance to Israel? Why is there so much silence around that issue? The fact that Trump keeps following the NWO plan with Syria and Iran also needs to be addressed. Not mentioned in the video. Why? Because the person making it is only trying to tear down one side of the political architecture (did a fine job, but only one-sided).

      Carol, I’ve listened to some of the Dark Journalist stuff. Granted I haven’t heard all he has to say, but I’ve only heard him question the appointment of John Bolton (which is very scary indeed). But, he does not mention (as most others) Trump’s close ties to Israel and Trump doing what Israel wants him to do. Why is there no mention of this colossal problem? Israel is the elephant in the room when it comes to conversations about Trump (even from a large swath of the alternative media). No mention of why Trump follows NWO plans by bombing Syria, with no investigation and pathetic evidence (something that joker, Obama couldn’t even pull off) and his stance on Iran (again, along with the NWO plans). There are more issues with Trump, but this Israel question needs to be asked and clarified before anyone jumps for joy for this puppet.


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