This Tactical Operations Manikin, dubbed the “T.O.M Man” is designed to move like a human and simulates massive bleeding in an emergency- or combat-training environment.

The “instructor” has access to remote control audio features such as talking, breathing, bleeding, breathing sounds and sucking sounds, plus visual and tactile effects, mimicking chest wounds, respiratory distress, massive bleeding, needle decompression for trainees to make tourniquets, surgical airways and wound packing. Several areas of massive and minor bleeding throughout the main arteries and face are managed via a single remote controllers, providing trainees with “live responses”.

The false flag LAX Shooting of September 1, 2013 (which I’d already forgotten about, as there have been so many of these during this Presidential Administration) deployed two of these dummies; one to play the victim, TSA Agent, Gerardo Hernandez and the other for the shooter, Paul Ciancia.

The dummy photographed in this clip (playing the role of “Ciancia”) was given the death sentence by then-Attorney General, Eric Holder for murdering TSA Agent, Gerardo Hernandez, who was played by the dummy seen in this video, as well as in this one, which after it “bled out” for a magickal 33 minutes, it was “rescued” by LAX Police and taken to an LAPD ambulance, which remained parked in front of the airport and didn’t “rush” him to Ronald Reagan UCLA Hospital, as falsely reported.

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