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You probably thought I was exaggerating when I said that the Globalists were calling for UN intervention in the US due to its “systemic racism”. You were wrong.

Yesterday, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination released the statement urging the US Government “to take immediate and appropriate reforms aimed at eliminating racially disparate impacts or structural discrimination in the police and the criminal justice system..” and George Floyd’s family has petitioned the UN to physically come in and disarm the police in the US (while their GoFundMe has garnered over $14 million dollars in two weeks).

Retired forensic commercial real estate appraiser and anti-Agenda 21 activist, Rosa Koire joins Spiro Skouras to weigh in on the latest Communist technique called “systemic racism”, which she says is the same as that used by the Nazis and by Mao “to destroy the personality and to rebuild you as the New Man. You are going to be rebuilt as the new Global Citizen.”

Rosa Koire has been doing an excellent job of raising awareness about Agenda 21 for many years. She describes how it is being rolled-out – never by name. This is carefully avoided. She says Agenda 21 programs can be identified by their so-called “communitarian” ethos that is imposed from without by NGOs, circumventing the will of communities and the individuals within.

Agenda 21 has been re-branded as the Green New Deal and has been getting pushed hard in the agitprop of Greta Thunberg, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, the Extinction Rebellion and the Sunrise Movement. The Green New Deal aims to restructure the entire global energy economy within 10 years by completely “transitioning” the US out of fossil fuels and nuclear energy and into renewables, like wind and solar power, a goal that seems more realistic than ever, now that the Globalists have engineered the COVID-19 “pandemic” and the George Floyd riots to collapse various economic sectors.

Agenda 21 is the action plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, law enforcement and judicial systems; all information, all food and all human beings on the planet.

“It is an inventory and control plan. It’s about data-sharing, it’s about money transferring from the developed nations to the lesser-developed nations and ultimately, it’s about destroying your ability to have a voice, destroying your ability to have representative government. It’s about changing your government to governance…entirely destroying your ability to be free and to be independent.

“And the goal, of course is to transfer power from local- and individuals to a global governance system. You can’t do that all at once, so it’s been a long process and you see it as exactly what you’re seeing right now: It’s a plan to disrupt and destroy the existing system. It’s a plan of transformation and control – and that’s what we’re living through right now…

“They plan to have this fully locked-up and completed by 2050. If you go to, which is a Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation project, you’ll get a look at what their idea is for in fact, what they want the United States to devolve into, which is to destroy the sense of having a unified union and to, in fact not have 50 states any longer; to have 11 megaregions…

“What this plan does is it destroys the concept of the nation-state and it completely destroys it and devolves it into the city-states or regions. And these are not individual cities, like San Francisco or New York, these are regions that are governed by megacities, which are huge, enormous cities that could be part of Washington State, part of Oregon, part of Idaho and part of British Columbia.

“So, it breaks the national borders, it breaks state borders, it breaks, of course, county and city borders and this is about destroying your ability to be able actually control what it is that happens to you…

“It’s a global plan that’s implemented locally…it’s a stealth plan and you’ll never see it called Agenda 21…

“If they could have arranged an alien landing, they would have done that…global crisis requires a global response and that justifies global governance. What could be more global than Climate Change? Well, how about a pandemic?”

She says this plan has existed openly on paper since the 1880s with the Fabian Society, attracting luminaries like HG Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Bertrand Russell but it tends to hide behind environmentalist causes and just now behind COVID-19 and “systemic racism”. It wasn’t until now that the technology existed to make their dreams come true.

The destruction of local police forces is intended to make way for more automated policing by means of Artificial Intelligence and drones and robots. “Then, you’ll have a real dangerous situation where you’re not able to reason with a real human being,” she says.

As Spiro says here, “We’re transitioning to a new digitalized system, where everything will be monitored and tracked and traced on the Blockchain and everything will be essentially tokenized…this is a technocratic takeover operation that Eisenhower warned us of…and here we are living it, right now…when we see it, it’s a very anti-human agenda…” and depopulation is definitely a big part of the agenda.

Rosa says, “Yes, it’s about depopulation, because you know what? You are just not worth it. You use too much. You are taking up too much room. This is what the Climate Change thing is all about. You are using too much energy, too much water and too much land and you need to be isolated and moved into the high-density city center, where you can be more easily controlled and managed ad surveilled – and that’s what this is doing to you right now. It’s not like this is happening in 2030 or 2050 – 2020 is a really important year…in the implementation of this plan.”

As for solutions to this ominous threat, Rosa says that awareness is the first step in the Resistance and action is the second step.

“We’re being conditioned to be passive right now. We’re being conditioned to click a “Like” and think we’re being a political activist…I don’t mean to insult you – but let me insult you, here: you don’t even know where your city council meets. You think it doesn’t matter. But those are the people who make the rules that you live under, right there in your town and you better believe it does matter.

“And don’t tell me that your government is so bad that you can’t do anything about it…you’ve let it get that way and if you continue to let it get that way, it ain’t going to get better.

“So, what you need to do is…be your government. We’re in the endgame here, there’s not a lot of time left, you should have been doing this a while ago but…you need to know what Agenda 21 looks like and recognize it, so when you see it in your city, you can go and talk about it, you can get yourself elected – or not get elected – but talk about it.

“You can stand up at your city council. Every item on that agenda is probably related to Agenda 21, if you know what you’re looking for...

“But just knowing without doing something about it is not enough…so you have to become more politically-active and you have to not be a First Adopter…you’re going to see Virtual Reality, that’s going to replace your reality, it’s going to be so much ‘better’…Once you do that, your life is over. You’re going to want this stuff. They’re making it so that you want it…We have to fight this together. We have to resist.”

Rosa is the foremost expert on Agenda 21, there’s a lot more important information in here and it’s never been more vital to hear what she has to say than right now.

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  • No, we do NOT “know” that George Floyd was killed by the police! When are reporters going to start saying that Floyd was “allegedly” killed by police? Actually, “allegedly” killed.

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