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    Protesters occupying the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “CHAZ” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill District are claiming that they will not disperse until their list of 30 demands have been met, including “dismantlement of the police department (of which they are occupying a station), the abolition of imprisonment, free public housing and socialized healthcare.”

    According to a friend of a friend of mine who owns a home in captured CHAZ territory, he is being extorted for thousands of dollars to prevent occupiers from burning his house down.

    George Webb takes a very dark view of the situation, believing that CHAZ is a set-up for a Euromaidan-type of false flag event, similar to what we saw in 2013 in Ukraine, in which foreign snipers were brought in to shoot members of both sides of the protest, thus kicking off the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution. He believes Minnesota Attorney General and former DNC Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison will help coordinate the delivery to CHAZ of a large weapons cache to re-enact a Kent State massacre that will be blamed on Trump and prevent his re-election.

    The Liberal establishment is clearly in support of these developments. The Minnesota Freedom Fund promoted by several Hollywood celebrities, which pays bail for rioters and the George Floyd GoFundMe have each taken in tens of millions of dollars in donations. US corporations have funneled over $450 million into Black Lives Matter over the past 2 weeks. BLM donations are being processed by the DNC’s de facto payment portal, ActBlue, whose Terms of Service states that if a campaign or a committee doesn’t cash an ActBlue check within 60 days or a contribution is refused, the donation “will be re-designated as a contribution to ActBlue.”

    Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington State Governor Jay Inslee appear delighted about what’s happening, exulting in the prospect of a “summer of love”. New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and his wife were also beeming about the riots and the demands for a de-funding of the NYPD, with his wife describing a police-free City as “Nirvana” albeit unreachable. Their daughter, Chiara was arrested rioting with Antifa.

    Many top Democrats are sympathetic to Antifa, including Ellison, who tweeted a selfie holding the Antifa Manual, saying that this should “strike fear in the heart” of Donald Trump. His son, Jeremiah tweeted his support for Antifa on the Monday following the first weekend of rioting.

    Facial-recognition technology has confirmed that Ilhan Omar and her then-married boyfriend, Tim Mynett attended the riots following the Trump rally in Minneapolis and her daughter was soliciting logistics support Antifa during the George Floyd riots while Minnesota Governor Tim Walz’ daughter was tweeting out police locations to Antifa.

    Linwood Kaine, the son of Virginia Senator, former DNC Chair and Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential running mate Tim Kaine is a member of Antifa who was arrested at an anti-Trump rally in 2017.

    This video is Part 1 of a documentary by Millie Weaver about the overwhelming evidence that the mass riots across the country were pre-planned. It focuses on the Leftist radicalization of minors through the Sunrise climate change movement. Sunrise has formed a powerful grassroots that helped propel many Social Democrats into office, along with their Globalist Agenda 21 platform, the Green New Deal.

    These minors have also been involved in helping to coordinate the riots.

    Weaver says here that during the peak of rioting in Minneapolis, their undercover investigator within the Sunrise movement sent some of their internal communiqués to the DOJ. Soon afterwards Discord, the messaging application put out a public statement saying they would not help aid terrorism, which was quickly followed by many Black Lives Matter and Sunrise Movement kids tweeting warnings not to use Discord, telling followers to switch to the Signal app. This put Signal in the top 10 most downloaded social app on iOS for the first time, causing Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey to command his followers to download the app.

    Following the first week of violent week of riots that saw dozens of people beaten or killed, causing billions of dollars of property damage, New York Congresswoman, AOC participated in a private Zoom conference with the leadership of the Sunrise movement, downplaying the violence and encouraging the abolition of police departments. She said, “You know, there are folks who are dismayed at the violence and at the destruction…when you talk about police abolition and people say that this is a radical demand. You know what police abolition looks like? It looks like a white affluent suburb and when it comes to environmental justice it’s the same thing.”

    Weaver asks, “Why did it take so long for the police to file charges and for the District Attorney’s Office to move towards criminal prosecution. There was plenty of video evidence circulating on social media to justify immediate action by local law enforcement. Why? Is it because it allowed for more escalation and shift of blame towards the organizers true goal of going after President Trump, his supporters and the American justice system?”

    The Mainstream Media, Big Tech and big corporations appear intent on stoking racial division and mayhem across the nation, in lockstep with the Globalist agenda to perpetrate the idea that the racial tensions have become so unmanageable in the US, especially in the wake of the economic devastation caused by COVID-19, that outside intervention may be necessary – or more importantly, that major corporations must invest in their fraudulent carbon-trading schemes for the sake of “environmental justice”.

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