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Nobody believes that Joe Biden is actually running the country and there have long been rumors that the horror show that we’re now living through is actually Obama’s third term.

Many in the Biden administration served under Obama and we’ve also seen that, rather than leaving DC after the end of his term – like every other US president before him – Obama bought a mansion near the White House, from where he, Valerie Jarrett and other Globalist agents allegedly plotted the endless putsches against Trump.

Last Friday, rumors of the real éminence grise piloting the shipwreck of state were re-ignited, when White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki made a Freudian slip during her remote appearance on The View.

After the low-IQ coterie of resident CIA assets had obsequiously fluffed Psaki and the regime for an entire segment, Joy Behar asked her if it was true that she would soon be leaving her post.

Psaki responded, “I don’t know when I’m leaving, this is an honor and privilege and I love working for President Ob- – President Biden – every single day!”

And now, footage has emerged of John Kerry in December 2019 during the Democratic Primary campaign in New Hampshire, appearing to let slip that a Joe Biden presidency would equate to having President Obama back in the White House.

Kerry was seated next to Biden. After Biden tells the interviewer, “No matter what the circumstance is, I’m gonna need John’s advice,” the interviewer then asks Kerry, “You wanna come back?”

Kerry replies, “I have no plans. I’ve been very happy doing what I’ve been doing but I certainly would be thrilled if we had President Obama…”

Biden’s head swerves to face Kerry, his expression betraying some alarm as Kerry continues, “so I could be confident that the country’s in good hands and I’d offer advice whenever the President asked me.”

Kerry didn’t even bother correcting himself. He was actually stumping for Obama’s third term.

But we don’t have to augur the gaffes of these Globalist minions, we can go straight to the horse’s mouth.

In November 2020, President Obama, himself told a slavering Stephen Colbert on The Late Show that he would consider doing a third term from his basement, in his sweats and speaking into the earpiece of a “frontman or frontwoman”.

Recall, as well the controversy during the 2020 debates about whether Biden was wearing an earpiece.

Anyone could see that Biden’s press conference last Wednesday was completely scripted and that despite Obama in his earpiece and having 5 days without public appearances to rehearse, his criminal agenda and his dementia proved insurmountable. Like everything else about his presidency, it was a catastrophe.

And now, the clueless trust fund babies who run the Biden Regime are perched to get us into World War III, to distract us from the debacle of their blatantly treasonous domestic policy.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The dronemiester in chief running the Brandon shit show from his basement makes sense to me nobody lives or works in the WH anymore . The life we are becoming accustomed to since Trump crapped out and abandoned his post makes politicking a surefire way to hide the looting of the last of whatever is left from the treasury / Fort Knox in this controlled demolition of the economy. Barry is CIA just a fuddy duddy made man. Worrying about which POS is the president is just part of the game you are being distracted with while you lose all those paper assets you own . If you can’t see it or hold it, it’s been looted already. First they kill you then they steal your shit. The cull is a bonanza for the white collar buzzards. Speaking of banks why is the blood clot bank running low on clots.

  • In my mind, this is Barry’s 4th term. The deep state M.O
    Was in play for 4 years during, Trump time. Same circus, different clowns. Hence…the immediate take over is here
    But thats just, me..

  • I suppose it is understandable that some see this as Obama’s third term, or even Hillary’s first, as the result would be the same. However, all need to realize that Obama, as exemplified in his rare unscripted, yet fore knowledge interview above, is almost as much a bumbling idiot as Joe and by NO means a “Mastermind”, he was and remains a puppet of the Deep State, groomed by the CIA since he was about seven years old!
    His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, a CIA operative under Geoge HW Bush when he was CIA Director, Soetoro specializing in “Color Revolutions”.
    If Obama gives any orders, it is only relaying such, as he is incapable of original thought, as he has long been conditioned to obey!

  • In my Opinion this is exactly why Hillary will never replace Jobama or Kamala’s Smellyhairyass. The Hillary WOULD NOT PLAY That Game. She is too Rogue.

  • I am Nick , NavyBlueSmoke & I am the one whom started all the censoring / banning on social media ! I called BHO a Traitor on twitter platform shortly B4 he left The White House. 40 seconds after I called him Traitor , my cellphone rang & Barack was immediately going into a rage on the other end of the line. He must’ve had my cell on speed dial. I listened to his rant & tried to respond but he wasn’t listening to me List the items that I had on his list of Traitorous acts. I then decided to hang up the phone on him. Immediately thereafter all the censoring / banning began. I am not apologizing for hanging up on the Traitor in Chief however I wonder if his rage against me has made him a bit more active than he otherwise would have been. I am sure he is speaking in Bidens ear & playing Biden like Charlie McCarthy sitting upon his lap. Please watch out now as I fully expect the duo of Rice / Barack to start a major distraction as they try to make Russia / Ukraine an item of profit & distraction ! They need another bright shiny object to keep the drug addled leftist masses ( of _sses ) concentrating on Ukraine instead of the Myriad of Failures of the Biden admin. Cordially , Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

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