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    This is the third video by Joe M of Storm Is Upon Us.

    Joe M’s been putting out these professionally-edited videos that espouse the themes from the QAnon posts as if he were an insider, though in his show notes, he is adamant that he’s “Not affiliated with Trump, Q or any intel source.”

    As in previous entries I’ve made about Joe M’s videos, I’m not interested in verifying their predictive accuracy, especially as Trump’s firing of Jeff Sessions yesterday invalidates the whole “Trust Sessions” trope promoted by Q followers over the past year. What is of abiding interest to me is what QAnon and these videos say about the hopes and dreams of the people who follow Q.

    What’s being expressed is the elation of throwing off our shackles, of peeling the scales off our eyes and being in the presence and in the light of God. “Something is going on,” says Joe.

    It’s ecstasy. It’s the apocalypse. It’s the death throes of an old mindset. It’s the revelation of an unfettered future. It’s the lyrics to Amazing Grace. “Was blind, but now I see.”

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    • If anyone says there’s now (or ever will be) a political person or party that is resilient to the deep state is a liar and very much part of the cabal!
      If anyone thinks humans can be the answer and the plan here on earth, is delusional!

      Yet, there is hope in the Creator and His Way.

    • The guy on the street doesn’t seem to be too upset about the workings of the Deep State. I’m not sure why the vast majority of our population is ‘off line’. What I do know is that the DS depends on being the hidden hand. Their control is beyond our measure of power and their scope is also. Without the masses to do their bidding….life as ‘they’ want it wouldn’t be worth it. But …. here we are….trying to figure out what the ‘real’ plan is and what its’ ending will be…endings are fickle….they have a way of being very unpredictable. I like that!

    • I’ve never been a trillion dollar military fan…55% of our budget? No thanks! Earth has always been a place of darkness…this is the place (Earth) to forge our spirit!

    • This may be oblique, but what ever became of the 200 plus patriot General Officers Obomber removed and forced to retire? One would think those influential people would be up in arms.
      This dude, voice of reason, lost me when he analogized donnie and crowd to ‘the light’ at around 6:30 in.
      Uh, imnsho, placing that sort of ‘concern and integrity’ on the present POTUS and minions is beyond screwy and well into ridiculous…ain’t lies great??!!

    • ALL “Melanin Beings” will have no problems at All because THEY WILL BE PROTECTED through out this Luciferian/Satanic Madness….NOT SO FOR THE LATTER.
      I wowuldn’t listed to ANYONE who will not Identify themselves by REAL Name.

    • I’m thinking NLP. With my AirPods in – his voice is in one ear, then the other and both. Its more programming imho.
      And I do not like ANYONE messing with my brain without permission. I am Sovereign.
      Thanks for sharing this.

    • The delivery reminds me of Stormcloudsgathering. A site that has all but disappeared.
      This is a hopeful piece, and if only bits of it are true, then I’m in. But when you have
      rogue low-level tyrant despots, ( law enforcement) who follow no such rules of engagement
      ( gang-stalking, psycological profiling, shooting of un-armed citizens) I guess it doesn’t
      matter if you might escape the clutches of the “CABAL”. The system is infected with a
      virus and death is the only cure. “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility
      against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • I’m starting to believe there is no way out of the swamp, let alone draining it. Maybe I need more HOPE P0RN. Or some real charges brought against some top criminals, now that would be hope. Best wishes, not sure I have any hope left.

    • While much of the story line presented herein is mostly accurate, it, too, falls short. The assumptions are built upon lies.

      While I love the brass and the militaristic theme of victory, we have another histrionic and in a male hysteria is unbecoming.

      To each and everyone I say the same thing: Those of Adam-kind must READ THE BIBLE and cultivate the Spirit.

      Don’t stop reading and work daily upon your connection with YHVH and avoid those shallow feel-good-social-justice-warrior types who present themselves as holier-than-thou because I assure you THEY ARE NOT!

      • The “Bible” a historical record of conduct ???…Only by negative example. The Abrahamic God favor overs one Tribe over another, and advocates killing “The Others” raping their women and enslaving their children…What kind of Christian nutbar advocates the Bible as a “Guide” to living in Peace and Respect ?????????????????????

    • The premise is correct, the conclusion is fanciful. It aint oveah till the fat lady sings! Heck, she hasn’t even been arraigned yet! Not even close.

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