Economist Paul Krugman wrote that prior to the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, all the pizza shops in New Jersey had their TVs locked on CNBC for its up-to-the-minute financial coverage. As much as any other analytic, this told Krugman that the stock market was overheated manipulated.

A parallel observation to Krugman’s in the present time has to do with politics in video games, as reported by Hype Break, which says that unlike its competitors, Bioware and Riot Games, Ubisoft chose to rebuff political activists seeking to politicize their games. They chose instead not to alienate customers on the other side of the political spectrum.

Some may be surprised to hear that not even video games are safe from the depredations of the Full Spectrum Dominance PC Police but largely unknown to most who aren’t professionally involved is that video games are a much, much bigger and more profitable business than Hollywood.

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  • America is torn to pieces due to politicizing.

    The biggest companies and market is America and one is wondering why the games are politicized?!

  • JEEEEEEEEEEEPERS! Folks! Haven’t you figured IT Out yet??? Did YOU “SEE” WHAT WAS PRESENTED in this laughable video???
    POLITICS IS THE “PROBLEM”….Does Anyone SEE this YET???
    Government’s CREATE Problems so that they can MANIPULATE their sheeple.

  • Every rule, every regulation adds friction to the free movement of Human and Financial Capital….Government is a parasite and it seems to make no difference who’s in charge, but perhaps We did not fully understand the meaning or implications of the words “Power corrupts”

  • ” You can get anything you want at Alice’s restaurant, excepting Alice… ” Thank You Arlo. If you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, then this world has got you, and is dragging you down the rabbit hole to the queens garden. Or maybe I have just lost it…..LOL, have a good one.

  • Very informative short vid. There is a dilemma in society and this points to the Great Divide. There are indeed two sides and that might seem to be an oversimplification but the cure, the absolute fix does not appeal to people. It has no sex appeal. It certainly is not instant. Moreover, it requires a well developed sense of gratification.

    While games have advanced tremendously since 1983 the real war continues. It began in the heavens and it came to the earth. We are all in it whether we like it or not. Again, I urge all, especially the descendants of Adam-kind, to immerse themselves in the foundation of all Western Civilization and spend time in the Bible.

    It yields great dividends. It is time well spent. It pays off handsomely.

    Once you hit a certain level like I have you can no longer be deceived. Well, almost never. Your mind will open and you will see much more clearly. Before I read the Bible a couple of times I was blind, totally.


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