For those of you outside the US, tomorrow are the mid-term elections. As should be obvious to most, the only discernible policy promoted by the Democrats besides impeaching Trump is that of open borders. This position is central to the Democratic Party platform for reasons which are poorly explained to voters. The mystery surrounding this stance is all the more intriguing in light of its novelty.

Democrats did not always support open borders. The Democratic Party used to stand for protecting the interests of the American worker, which are undermined by the cheaper wages of undocumented workers. Back in 1975, California Governor Jerry Brown opposed letting Vietnamese refugees into the country for this very reason and Senator Joseph Biden introduced legislation to curb the arrival the Vietnamese fleeing the fall of Hanoi.

20 years later, the Democrats still opposed unchecked immigration, as evidenced in Bill Clinton’s 1995 State of the Union address, when he said, “Americans… are rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country. The jobs they hold might otherwise be held by citizens or legal immigrants. The public services they use impose burdens on our taxpayers.” Bill Clinton received a standing ovation in 1995 for words which would have him condemned as a racist today.

In 2006, then-Senators Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer all voted, along with 22 Democratic Senators to build a fence at the Mexican border. However, nine years later, while campaigning for President, Hillary was suddenly scolding the country for enforcing border controls.

As Tucker Carlson in this video asks, “What changed?” What changed is that the DNC stopped caring about the American worker and the American Middle Class and they’ve set their sights, instead on the 22 million+ undocumented people living in the US, as outlined in their 2016 Democratic Party Platform.

The DNC intends to grant citizenship to this massive demographic, as doing so would create a voting bloc that would give them a permanent electoral majority for the foreseeable future – which, in turn, would enable members of the DNC to embezzle and to steal and to sell out the US to the Globalists like never before. If that’s what you want, vote Democrat tomorrow.

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  • Tucker, undocumented workers do not take welfare without paying taxes. You’re thinking about corporations! It’s not what this FOX News pundit says, but rather, what he does NOT say! He did not say that the corporate state of America has taken its operations overseas to exploit cheap foreign labor – which is why jobs, and, in particular, good paying jobs, have left the country!

    In addition to cheap labor, US corporations take advantage of lax environmental regulations overseas to reduce production costs even further by polluting foreign countries, instead of paying up for cleaning up their mess!

    So, closing the borders only closes the border to the incoming poor migrants trying to come in and make a living; but NOT to the outgoing corporations exporting American jobs them! Tucker Carlson only looks at one side of the equation!

    If US government was a people’s government and truly wanted to keep the jobs in USA, they’d penalize exporting of jobs overseas by, say, putting import quotas or tariffs, on the products of those companies who sell out the American jobs to cheap foreign labor. But they won’t! You know why? Because the American government is funded, elected by, and works for those int’l corporations! Hell, they even give’m subsidies to do it, and won’t tax them!

    So Tucker Carlson of FOX News is just beating the drums of tomorrow’s election for the Republicans – or the party of the Rich, trying to appeal to the blue color voter/laborer who has come to be brainwashed to blame his poverty on immigrants instead of those who exploit their labor inside & outside US borders!

    • YOU are “Slowly” Catching on to this country’s HYPOC-CRAZY…Ham Sanger…BUT IF you STILL believe in LYING “Politician’s” You are in for a TITANIC disoppointment.

  • All I’m going to say is that we have to much Demon-Crap in our so called governing body as it is, we need a big change. Now we need to drain the cess-pool. And build a very big wall around them. The problem is the appointed government that does leave after the term is up. Lots of luck with that. Thanks Alexandra, for all you do to open our eyes.

  • Saying that Democrats support open borders is pretty much on the same level as saying that Republicans support gun control. Yes, I said “Republicans support gun control”. In some limited cases, they do. And in the same way, Democrats could be said to support open borders, in some limited cases. Generally speaking, Democrats are perfectly comfortable with the status quo of immigration, namely: keep immigrants illegal so they can be screwed and no laws or rights apply to them. Which is exactly the same policy that Republicans endorse. If you thought for a moment that Republicans are against illegal immigration, check any big company run by any Republican, and count the illegal workers. Of course they love them! They come cheap, no need for minimum wages or any other expensive rights that other workers have.

    The only slight difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats are willing to allow some people to become American citizens, if they’ve been living in the country for long enough and jumped through a ridiculous amount of hoops. Republicans don’t like this because they prefer that illegal immigrants remain illegal and be exploited for ever. Democrats think that turning them into voters after a sufficiently long period of time (that is, once they’ve made their profit) will improve morale in the illegal workers, make them work harder, and get them votes eventually.

    But make no mistake, if you worry that illegal immigrants may take your job, don’t vote for either of the major parties. They both want illegal immigrants to take your job. It’s cheaper for both the right-wing and the left-wing elites.

    • Immigrants have been weaponized throughout US history. Everybody uses them for cheap labor, including on your side of the pond. Republicans were using illegals to break labor unions in 1990s, which was a scandal such that having an illegal immigrant nanny was grounds for several political appointees to be shot down during their Senate confirmation hearings.

      Automation and the massive offshoring of US manufacturing have probably had a bigger impact on jobs and wage stagnation than illegals but it’s not the jobs that are emphasized in this report, it’s the Democrat-supported non-citizen voting, which is already openly happening.

      In San Francisco, residents who are non-US citizens are being allowed to vote in the election tomorrow: and if not in Boston already, then they’re introducing a similar Democrat initiative, with more jurisdictions on the way.

      • @Alexandra
        My comment was NOT directed toward You…So WHY did You post it under YOUR comment???
        Are you a Jesuit asset???

        • Only a “Half-Wit” cannot SEE this was an attempt by you to make it Appear that I support YOUR comment…REMEMBER ” WHO” IS WATCHING “EVERYTHING” GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

        • I was responding to Maria’s comment. I didn’t do anything to your comment. Look at the time stamp. Your comment was posted over 6 hours after mine.

          And I have zero relationship to anything Catholic.

  • What amazes Me about all this crap about “Immigration” is that its really a VERY Old problem and practice WORLDWIDE.
    This “Corporate United States” was formed out of IMMIGRATES coming from European countries…Only THEY FORCED their way into this country that really belonged to its INDIGENOUS Beings called AMERICAN Indians, made up of AFRICANS and Natives coming in from the North.
    This country was LITERALLY Stolen from them by VIOLENCE and FRAUDULENT practices dealing with the Natives here….REMEMBER anyone???
    Now here they are wanting to seal off the borders so that other Immigrates cannot move in?!?
    The corporate USA did NOTHING to stop it BEFORE…I remember during the 1980’s down till the late 2000’s I used to see these immigrates running through my back yard when I lived in San Diego, CA…trying to get into here.
    The corporate USA actually ENCOURAGED immigrates during those times, actually making it EASIER for Them to get into here, by providing ALL the paperwork for them.
    How is THAT for Hypocracy ???
    NOW they are trying to make it LOOK like they appose it, by CREATING this “Mass Immigration” approaching the borders now.
    Folks, it was EUROPEAN Fraudulent “Economic” and outright VIOLENT practices that have created IMMIGRATION in the First place…and STILL ON GOING…in Africa and the middle east!
    And you Wonder WHY there is a MIGRATION Problem worldwide???
    All this mess could have been AVOIDED, Had the supposed Announcements been made on the morning of September 11th, 2001 at 8:45am about the signed into LAW…NESARA act
    Let THAT “Sink-In” for a moment Folks…and this corporate United States of so-called America KNOWS this is TRUTH.
    Just look into NESARA on line for ALL the facts about it.

  • While I would not diminish the efforts of Hugo Chavez to protect American workers or his place in history, it appears contradictory to say the methods used by the Democrat party have changed. Fire bombing homes and cars, beating people with chains and barbed whips ? Sounds like Antifa tactics. Perhaps it is more accurate to say the Democrat party is finally being exposed for what it has always stood for. Power for the few at the expense of the whole. We #WALKAWAY liberals have been blinded by the emotional appeal to our sensitivities that has always been the Dem’s playbook. The problem is much deeper since their embedded agenda has spearheaded our nation for decades by manipulating both political parties into one corporate Uniparty in pursuit of Global Power. Hence the concepts of Deep State and Draining the Swamp. America is waking up. #GREATAWAKENING Love and unity is the only path forward, as our president often states. That has always been the will of the American people under the flag of liberty.

      • NAMASTE brother…Imagine HOW “GREAT” this country would become IF they CONFESSED all their lies and deceptions, then PROVED their sincerity by ENFORCING That NESARA LAW.
        Just to run just ONE feature it would have provided ALL US Citizens over the age of 21: $100,[email protected] Month for 11 years???
        Do you think there would be ANY “Economic Problems” TODAY, if that was at play….Talk about HOME SALES Skyrocketing!..Talk about Shocking Automotive sales…Talk about EVERYTHING Sky rocketing in Sales and Services!!!
        This is just ONE feature NESARA would have done…THERE ‘ARE” MANY MORE.
        To name a few more: 1. No more DEBTS, Period…2. NO Federal Reserve banks…3. A Common Law system to REPLACE the Vatican law system
        4. ONLY ONE Tax system (15% flat tax)
        Do THINK there would a IMMIGRATION problem with THAT going on TODAY Folks??????

        • Ooooh…Another thing would become Become OBSOLETE with NESARA/GESARA …HOMELESSNESS and POVERTY…UNDERSTAND??????

  • We see the same thing happening here in Canada with TURDeau telling other countries that he’ll take their middle-eastern terrorist suspects into our country. Some with massive criminal records and proven ties to ISIS etc. It’s all about the future votes, you’re spot on Alex.

  • What changed is the Democrat shift from pandering to the American worker to pandering to the global worker! They’ve kicked the American worker to the curb to make way for global workers or government dependence and future votes.

    I’m old enough to remember the great Pope JP II laboring for a place at the globalist table, now that Jorge Bergoglio’s got it, he’s been cheerleading mass migration caravans all along, and shaming resistance to it.

    The caravan’s dynamic duo George’s Soros and Bergoglio famous races to the borders. Soros pays the freight, Bergoglio furnishes the soft soap.


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