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What if the tyrannical theatrics we’ve witnessed across institutions and governments over the past nearly two years was actually a diabolical eugenics program, in which the bloodlines of those misguided enough to have been vaxxed will be wiped out?

What if this whole vaxx thing is a Satanic worldwide “Darwin Awards” depopulation ceremony and mass-sacrifice?

The gene pool of those straggling survivors would be that of a higher IQ, independently-thinking, situationally-aware group, some of whom may have utility to the Powers-that-Be in the “SciFi World” that is to follow.

This is the dystopian premise of Mike Adams’ new mini-documentary about vaxxinations and the globalist depopulation plan, in which he theorizes that, whether ironically or on purpose, our current tribulation “Will ultimately lead to the elimination of the OBEDIENT masses.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Smells of good old fashioned “exceptionalism” repackaged for the unvaxinated group.
    Isn’t it enough our adversaries riek of it that it has to be copied!

  • This would be far too rational for Earth! On the contrary, maybe this mild virus is a way of setting us up for a deadly virus like weaponised smallpox that will kill the disobedient who won’t get that vaccine when it’s offered. The Elites don’t want free thinkers around.

    • possibly, or over some time people will become dependent on the vaccine and will be Required to fully submit to their ruler for the next life saving shot. just a guess ,

  • Only God is to be feared. The Babylonian king is in hell, the abode of the damned, the pool that burns with fire and brimstone; and the devil who deceived him was thrown into the pool of fire, and will be tormented for day and night forever and ever. So a king is to day, and to morrow he shall die. For when a man shall die he shall inherit serpents, and beasts, and worms. Pride was not made for men; nor wrath for the race of women.

  • If your plan was genocide to enslave a population you would genocide the critical thinkers not the reatrds. Your goal would be to create a slave class with yourself as the overlord of the world.

    You would want people dumb enough to just do what they are told without questioning why.

  • I’ve come to the same conclusion. This is the test. I hope I’m wrong of course, but everything seems to be being played out with the goal of The Rosetta Stones in mind.

  • I’ve heard murmurings in that Mike Adams is ‘controlled opposition’. This video has me leaning into that camp. For openers he sure knows a lot about what the globalists actually think. He’s finding a big big excuse for the elimination of millions (he says ‘billions’ because that’s what the globalists want). He never goes into those who have been shed on, such as I.

    As an intuitive empath, (mea culpa), this video made my flesh crawl. Pretending to be one of ‘us’ still, he was planting a seed. Alexandra, you’re too sharp to have missed it.

  • I unsubscribed from Mike Adams blog because of too many of his so-called “bombshell ” reports (such as the cleaning of the swamp in DC. via mass arrests) turned out to be a duds.

    • Just because the world’s military doesn’t report to you their current classified operations doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

    • Why would they want to rid themselves of the obedience class.
      They have invested much in creating and maintaining that class which has served them best.

  • Interesting hypothesis, however it seems antithetical to their apparent intent, as exhibited in the mandates, giving cause for one to assume that the effort to depopulate is somewhat indiscriminate, less the select few.
    I would postulate that the true objective is, as Fauci states, “Numbers”, all just a matter of reducing the numbers, as a smaller population is much easier to control, most especially with those who survive the jab will forever be dependent on the government/ Pharmafia for future injections just to continue living, thereby assuring absolute control, absolute power.
    Such would make for a very compliant population, perhaps to the extent of gleefully hunting down the “Pure Bloods”, the dissidents, the noncompliant trouble makers. After all, to what extent will one go to assure their continued survival?
    A mere ideological Civil War turned neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, children against parents. We have already seen the vial hate and contempt from the Left, many would end a conservative with glee, imagine what they would do if directed, provided absolution by the government, even the Church, as was done in the Holy War, the loathing compounded by the knowledge of certain death should they fail. A committed foe indeed!

    • Hmmm. I don’t see that sort of ‘hate’ here in Canada. People who are vaxed are brainwashed, for sure, but they just fearfully, but politely, stay yards away from those they suspect are unvaxed. A sort of uncomfortable silence ensues mainly. It’s like they’re lobotomized or something. But polite.

      • Most of the comments I’m reading are sounding as if this man isn’t speaking the truth or that what’s happening isn’t really.. ?? I’m not quiet sure. It’s VERY concerning though. Seeing as to how everyone of us for the most part has has well enough time to study, research and look in to the science, the data, thel key players along with their rabbit holes! It’s scary and upsetting because I’m seeing the very same attitude in my personal circle of peoole. No one cares enough to find the truth, or even hell, DEMAND IT. Or at the very least, persue it! To be honest, there’s a few here that are absolutely delusional!! One seems to have done some homework. One person. The rest of you would rather give your theory in these comments boxes but never, EVER do any damn digging.

    • “We have already seen the vial hate and contempt from the Left, many would end a conservative with glee, imagine what they would do if directed, provided absolution by the government, even the Church, as was done in the Holy War, the loathing compounded by the knowledge of certain death should they fail. A committed foe indeed!”

      Hypocrisy much?

      We have already seen the vial hate and contempt from the reft, many would end a aliberal with glee, imagine what they would do if directed, provided absolution by trump, even the Church, as was done in the Holy War, the loathing compounded by the knowledge of certain death should they fail. A committed foe indeed!

      See what I did there?

  • This is bizarro world. They make it virtually impossible for you not to take the shot. They put stressors on where you can go , what you can do and now even your ability to earn a living. The crazy part is that if you succumb to this your reward is injury or death. This is so ironic in that the things that you are taking the shot to be able to do, you may not be able to do because you are injured or dead from the shot they told you that you need to be able to do these things in the first place. This is definitely a deal with the devil. Remember he promises you everything you want , but the deal with him is never how you expected it to be. Then the other thing is that , if you get the shot and have no effects, you are free only until the next shot, which until you take that one you lose those “freedoms”. Once you let this start it will never stop.

  • Stop your bullshit Michael. These politicians are evil, they are not gleaning obedient people, they want the sheep to be obedient. This poison is a trans-humanism agenda, the graphene in the vaccine is a conduit and will work with 5G to make people part of the “cosmic god consciousness. Your “followers” buy your bullshit every day, and don’t have the brains to challenge you. I have found many of your teachings to be far from true, yet many follow unquestioningly, they are incapable of free thought or analytical critical authentic research. But they refuse the jab. You are a charlatan, and I call you out.

  • This is a misleading view by Adams.

    It’s only a PARTIAL elimination of the obedience class. In the end, the ruling class will violently eliminate the disobedience class and what will be left IS part of the obedience class and the ruling class.

    Simply because the entire human history has been the dominance of the ruling class IN COMBINATION of the OBEDIENCE class, and why we are in THIS mess and any other IS primarily because of this obedience class that always makes up the bulk of humanity (virtually all people anywhere) — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” at

    “The psychopathic cult(ure) baptizes consenting individuals as “successful” and “intelligent”.” (from cited article)

  • My analysis has led me to believe that the push for CV vaccines is not about health, but something else is being hidden from the public. Because of the new way of counting CV deaths, medical studies show me that only 6% of the reported US deaths are actually caused by CV. However, I am inclined not to extrapolate VAERS data by multiplying by some factor because of unreported events. There have been studies in the past that show that only 1% of events are logged, but I think that has become invalid due to the increased knowledge and use of the database during this pandemic. So, as of early November, 2021, I am looking at a two-year total 46,000 US deaths “from CV” vs. 18,000 deaths and 17,000 permanent disabilities from the vaccines in less than a year. The vaccines have also proven themselves not to prevent getting CV or transmitting it, so they are of no societal benefit past the possible protection of the person receiving it, and the protection they offer there only lasts 4-6 months. Meanwhile, this is a worldwide effort, so my mind jumps to thinking about some conspiracy happening. I have focused on three scenarios: 1) The powers that be have recently discovered a miracle cure for many ailments of human health. This mRNA shot may cure cancer, AIDS, flu, etc. Rather than wait 10 years to get it to market, they well-intentionally changed the way they count CV deaths and used totally flawed PCR tests to promote fear during the pandemic so they could cure the world in less than a year. Conspiracy Scenario 2) They promoted that same fear to sell vaccines offering 90% efficacy (compared to 85% of asymptomatic infections and 99.87+ survival rate) for profits, convincing everybody to use their product and the Governments to pay for it all. Conspiracy Scenario 3) They are just trying to de-populate the world. Either scenario is genius in its own rite, but it has divided people that believe the vaccines are a great thing from the people that are afraid of the latter two scenarios. I think the basis for this division is whether or not people believe that a mask will stop an airborne virus. The people that believe that it won’t realize that a virus is so small that it is almost to the point to where if you can breathe through the mask, the virus can pass freely – which leads to the virus growing better in a warmer, moister lung because of the mask. Anti-maskers that see this relationship go on to discount the PCR manipulated tests and also the outrageous “deaths with CV” vs. “deaths from CV” that was announced when all this started – which leads them to give more credence to scenario 2 or 3.

    • They are really slick, no they are using that same ineffectiveness to push the booster shots. At first they were lying and saying how effective the shots were. Now , they don’t mind admitting that the effectiveness of the shots wane after 6 months. So that tells you shots will be needed every 6 months. They are saying it without saying it.

  • It’s a reasonable assessment if things are as they appear. I’d like to play devil’s advocate and present an alternative theory. This is just a plausible scenario that one must consider if the theory presented in this article is also being considered.

    In the event this could be true, it could also be true that in the vaccine is some actual preventative medicine though mixed up with dangerous inclusions. The medicine may be inoculation for an upcoming virus, or bio-weapon, which renders the vaccine taking population immune and the rest of us, not. While the vaccine may also render the takers very sick, dependent, and unable to fight back. Perhaps, also infertile. It will keep them alive but dependent.

    Truth is, these people have been developing technologies and advancing science behind the veil of secrecy given by the declaration that all is being done so in the interest of national security. The technological capability of mankind is far greater than that us plebs understand, and it’s been in development for a century or so, without any of us being informed. Anything could be possible, and these vaccines open the door for all kinds of potentials, many of which we couldn’t possibly predict because we don’t know what is truly possible given the gap between their technology and we believe ours is.

    Eat healthy, take those Vit D and Zinc supplements. Take care of your bodies.

  • The ongoing COVID-19 nonsense here in the United States exists solely and exclusively because our governments have failed to use the correct treatment. They used so-called “vaccines” when Japan has just proven, in less than ONE MONTH, that Ivermectin can wipe out the disease. IVM was awarded the Nobel prize for medicine in 2015. One of the 3 most important drugs in human history: Aspirin, Penicillin, and Ivermectin. Get your Ivermectin today while you still can!

    • Question: Why would “The Elite” want to keep dissenters around? Especially when at every opportunity they have murdered them. Wouldn’t they want obedient slaves to still be around? Or perhaps they are going for the whole Georgia Guidestone thing. You know, because they are a death cult. One thing is certain, they have always slaughtered people in large numbers for various reasons. Could it be that the shot will kill folks and the ones useful left alive will be assimilated into the Borg as slaves?

    • ProudUSAGirl — Ivermectin was developed to kill parasites and that’s all. It may offer to many “the placebo effect” and this I don’t question. But Carrie Madej, MD and Andrew Kaufman, MD and a myriad of other MDs say that Ivermectin doesn’t kill virus. The clot-shot has parasites in it. If you’ve taken the jab, Ivermectin becomes one of your best friends.

  • Chillingly clear. I always wondered of the motive of culling the sheep as the percentage of rebels in the population increases proportionally.
    It may be a case of kill the sheep then capture and cyborg implant the survivors.

      • P.S.

        Avoid table sugar during flu season,
        as its immuno-suppressant (( for about
        five hours after, say, a can of Pepsi or
        Coke or ice cream or . . .

        Keep the body a bit alkaline—avoid acidic foods.

        Word-search :


        “Introduction: Water is the universal solvent inside all cells and extracellular fluids. Water molecules (H 2 O) can dissociate into hydroxide ions (OH-) and hydrogen ions (H +).Other molecules or parts of molecules have the ability to either give up hydrogen ions, acids, or accept hydrogen ions, bases.”


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