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Amazing Polly lays out very clearly the mechanics of how the psychopaths intend to roll out COVID 2.0.


This is the drug trial syndicate. This is how they get away with human experimentation. Live.

This vaxxine is admittedly in the Phase 3 clinical trials as we speak.

Live, out there on your children and your parents and your husbands and wives and your sisters and brothers. Live.

And how are they getting away with it?

Aren’t there overseeing bodies that are making sure that the vaxxines are safe?

And they’re keeping track of the adverse events?

Sure! Yes! There are! And they’re all captured by the World Bank, the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Then they partner with the organizations that are making the drugs and the “philanthropists” who want global population reduction.

Literally, this is one team. This is one team.

Do you really think they have your best interests at heart?

Or do you think this partnership is handy for covering up vaxxine adverse events?

Freeze it. Personalize it, they said. So I did.

I picked Fernando Polack.

And I investigated him and we find out about his network of pediatric hospitals in Argentina, where Vanderbilt University is sending medical students with the opportunity for them to perform “Translational Medicine”.

In other words, human experiments on the babies and children in these 26 hospitals.

Who funds this?

Bill and Melinda Gates and the National Institutes of Health.

We know what “Translational Medicine” meant for Kano, Nigeria, when Pfizer went and tested their Trovan drug, using medical students and inexperienced, unlicensed providers. I can’t even call them “providers” – just people.

They just sent some people over there and they stuck Trovan down the throats of these children, many of whom died.

They don’t care about you.

And now, Fernando Polack, through his Infant organization and his access to the babies might be testing the RSV vaxxine – The Respiratory Synctytial Virus.

And we saw how many are in the pipeline.

They’re going to aim this at the children, again.

Who knows? But all these people, all these drug companies and universities and research centers, they’re betting that they can pull COVID 2.0.

For another “disease” that causes symptoms like the Common Cold.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Oh yes, the amazing Polly, what a wonderful researcher! I am so glad I clicked on your name just a little over a year ago now and I haven’t been disappointed yet. Always spot on and so very interesting. Thank you for all you do and please, please, keep ’em coming!

  • Mahalo Polly for seeking the TRUTH and exposing these DIABOLICAL connections. There are still many compassionate medical professionals out there that share your deep concerns. Keep the good work up. You are a true ANGEL sent by GOD!

  • Amazing Polly is one of the finest examples of GODs love for us all, just a shame she has to dirty her beautiful mind climbing through the sewer these tricksters live in to inform us of the dangers Thank you for giving so freely of your time and talent to keep us safe. you too Msz Bruce

  • It’s very clear it’s a two pronged attack with the vaccine Poison. While the medical and political systems are busy dealing with spike proteins and mRNA , the deeper agenda of the hydra and mettalic a remains still hidden in the main media.
    I have been looking at super prison building in the UK. A few years ago they announce a prison upgrade of existing prisons and six new super prisons each holding 1.900 prisoners. Most of these prisons are complete but unoccupied. They are massive site’s and half of them do not appear on Google earth.
    Wellingborough prison is a bit stark,with no visible recreation feilds,visitor parking and ominously ,built right next to a new big cremetaria called Nene Valley.
    Looking at older Google earth photos of Wellingborough the layout suggests 96 prisoners on each floor ,five stories high. That’s assuming one prisoner to a spacious cell. On the seven tower blocks it means494 prisoners per block ….times 7 which is 3.400. the official figures are 1,900 for each prison . They are in a hurry to finish them. The site had an extensive solar farm and ancillary buildings.
    Just counting the super prisons newly built it means … in official figures..11,400 aprx…
    Googles earth old photos
    using one prisoner to a cell
    Basically the UK ate planning in the next two years to have an over 25 percent increase in prisoner pop, not counting existing prison upgraded.
    Maybe these places are the nev ‘ Smart cities’ ?
    In the UK over four years ago traffic wardens were instructed in becoming tempory police operatives under the new anti terror laws. Many cognitively suspect there will be around up of the UN vaxed. Prison officers in new prison pr videos refer to the prisoners as RESIDENTS.

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