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The big story of the day is the imminent passage of the debt ceiling bill. After passing the House earlier in the week, it passed in the Senate late last night, with 46 Democrats rubberstamping the bill, along with 17 GOP sellouts. 30 Republicans stood with We the People, along with 6 Democrats. Here is the full vote breakdown in the Senate.

Nothing makes sense. Lindsey Graham doesn’t like MAGA but he voted “Nay”, on our side. Chuck Grassley loves MAGA – but he voted “Yea” to codify and fund every insane, woke, America-destroying Biden Regime policy through the end of this presidential term in January 2025. What the Hell is going on, here?

Here’s what Marjorie Taylor Greene had to say about it late last night. Seriously, what the Hell is going on here?

L Todd Wood from CD Media is calling for her resignation, writing:

“Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene voted yesterday for the destruction of the American financial system. She has been lying about her agenda, and has been in bed with the traitor Kevin McCarthy from the beginning. She has been gaslighting American citizens about ‘impeachment week’ and other shiny objects to deflect from the treasonous behavior exhibited by RINOs in Congress. She has lost all agency and trust to fight for MAGA. She is a liar, and is dishonest. Resign now MTG! Save whatever honor you have left.”

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace, who voted “Nay” tweeted a lengthy and highly-educational thread that reads, in part:

“This ‘deal’ normalizes record high spending started during the pandemic. It sets these historically high spending levels as the baseline for all future spending. The bill then grows government even more each year at about ~1%…The government grew massively over the past 3 years. This growth was supposed to be emergency funding only during COVID. During this time, the government grew 40% or by $2 trillion from 2019 to 2023. We went from spending just over $4T to spending just over $6T. This deal keeps that record high spending intact and makes it the baseline for all spending. Wild. The bill doesn’t actually set a debt limit. Rather, it suspends the debt limit entirely until Jan. 2, 2025 and there is no actual amount capping the debt ceiling…it fully funds every spending request by the Biden Administration (pretty much)…63% of Americans want Congress to cut spending as part of a debt ceiling deal. This bill doesn’t do that. Unacceptable. Washington is, was and always will be lousy at responsibly spending your tax dollars. That won’t change unless we demand change.”

And we’re also learning from North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop and Arizona Congressman Eli Crane, who were present that it was not even the Democrats who asked to extend the limitless debt ceiling through to 2025. It was Kevin McCarthy, himself! He claimed he did it because the Republican Party would be quote “weaker” a year from now.

Why would the Party be weaker? What the Hell is going on, here?

This, like the Ron DeSantis presidential campaign is the Uniparty War on MAGA and it’s terrifying to find that MTG, of all people appears to be against us! What the Hell is going on, here?

Remember all of the theatrics last January and the deal McCarthy cut with conservatives who blocked his path to the speakership, when McCarthy agreed to make the process for ejecting the speaker easier in exchange for their votes? Under the rules he conceded to, one member can kickstart the process, which requires a majority vote in the House to pass. But the damage is done. So what was the point of all that? It was all Uniparty theater. The bill now goes to Biden’s desk and he will sign it into law.

On another front in our quiet civil war, FBI Director Christopher Wray has finally caved, after being threatened with a “contempt of Congress” vote and he agreed to hand over a subpoenaed informant file alleging that Joe Biden engaged in a $5 million bribery scheme while he was vice president. As Just The News reports, Congressman James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, announced on Friday that the long sought-after memo will be available for all lawmakers to study on Monday. The FD-1023 in question, filed by an FBI informant in June of 2020, claims that Biden actively tried to change U.S. foreign policy in exchange for a $5 million payment to his family’s business by an unknown foreign country or entity. After the document’s existence was first revealed by a whistleblower’s congressional testimony, Chairman Comer used the power of the subpoena to demand that the FBI hand it over. But the bureau repeatedly refused to hand it over, until Comer said that he had actually already seen it.

Mike Davis joined Jack Posobiec earlier today with his analysis of what we’ll learn about this document, hopefully next week.

People are posting this video and saying that the information shared here by Dr Rashid Buttar is the reason why he was “murdered” shortly afterward, nearly two weeks ago. While the circumstances of Dr Buttar’s death are a bit suspicious, with his family having announced that he’d been “in perfect health” at the time, we don’t know that he was murdered. His official cause of death was heart attack. But when we recall that Dr Buttar had been an activist physician discussing the link between autism and vaccines for over 20 years and when we recall that by 2017, 80 of Dr Buttar’s peers in that same world had died mysteriously over the course of a two-year period, then his death may appear to fall into that pattern. In this video, Dr Buttar talks about a coming “second wave” of the scamdemic that he says will be triggered by signals transmitted via 5G cell towers.

Human nerve and muscle cells are highly electrical by means of calcium ions and Dr Buttar says that the millimeter waves transmitted by 5G cause disruption in our cells’ voltage-gated calcium channels causing a permeability to many different pathogens, especially enveloped viruses, like coronaviruses. Dr Buttar, who was a retired Major in the US Army who served in the 5th Special Forces group and in the 101st Airborne Division said he had confirmation from two different sources that the vaxxines contain a payload of “Some type of pathogen that will be activated by a sequence of 5G bursts.”

Extremely disturbing stuff, straight out of dystopian sci-fi movie. Dr Buttar went onto say that the mass death from this Marburg epidemic, in turn will be the false flag to activate the World Health Organization and the CDC to impose martial law and to kick the New World Order into the next level, by scaring and forcing more people to get vaxxinated. He said millions of people would be dying due to the 16 GHz-activated Death Shot and their deaths would be used to justify forcing more people to get the Death Shot. We can see the WHO relentlessly moving to usurp the sovereignty of all the world’s governments with the latest amendments to the International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Treaty and their constant references to “the next pandemic”.

The scenario Dr Buttar describes would be perfect for the WHO achieve its desired goal. He said he believed that those who are unvaxxed, with intact immune systems should be safe from the 5G event, as long as they can resist being force-vaxxed. As for what could be done to help those who had already taken the vaxx, Dr Buttar alluded to recent research he’d been doing, looking into older medical journals. He said he didn’t want to discuss potential treatments in that video, he wanted to save it for his Advanced Medicine Conference in St Louis the following weekend, when there would be a few thousand people in the room, as well as a few thousand people listening to the livestream. Dr Buttar said it was going to be highly controversial and that treatment is readily accessible and doesn’t even require a prescription.

I think I have some idea about where Dr Buttar was going, based on an interview I saw with his friend, Dr Bryan Ardis with our own Kristi Leigh last week, which was actually a very good interview, that I encourage you all to watch. Dr Ardis also didn’t come out and say it, either but he did mention that before the St Louis event was cancelled, the title of his presentation this past weekend was going to be “Nicotine: Addictive Toxin or Miracle Healer?”

Dr Ardis mentioned that smokers were among the least affected by both COVID and the COVID so-called vaccine and he also referred to NIH studies conducted during the pandemic, in which patients were injected with venom that caused three irreversible diseases, Parkinson’s, Type 1 Diabetes and glioblastoma brain cancer – all of which were successfully treated and reversed within 72 hours using quote “just one thing”, which he described as a highly-demonized substance that he didn’t name but which we can guess is nicotine which, the more you look at it, the more fascinating of a substance it is.

Some of you may have already heard about the “Smoker’s Paradox”. This one NIH study that I found says that the number of current smokers hospitalized for COVID was lower than expected and that some studies show that smoking and nicotine reduce the amount of the ACE2 receptors which are used by the novel coronavirus to enter cells and that the interaction of SARS-CoV-2 with neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors is suspected of dysregulation of the nicotinic cholinergic system, which is associated with the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and that nicotine could restore the impaired function of the nicotine cholinergic system and possibly mitigate the cytokine storm that was so deadly and was what prompted doctors to put thousands of people on the respirators that ended up killing them, in conjunction with the drug, Remdesivir.

So… nicotine is good now? The world is upside down. I’m not a doctor, and I’m totally out of my depth on this topic, so I’ll wait for Dr Ardis and others to share their findings as they become available.

Question: is Ron DeSantis a robot? We’ll let you decide! This video was posted on the XANDREWX channel on Bitchute, which posts great videos but he never credits the creators or offers any context or explanation or descriptions of the videos’ contents. So, I don’t know the name of this creator but he’s a riot. Watch. We report – you decide!

And now, for your Moment of Zen.

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  • The running time said less than 2 minutes…obviously that was incorrect. Please post the correct running times…thanks!

  • A ‘larger’ ‘problem’?
    No ‘BAU’?
    ‘Most’ ‘economic thinking’ is ‘short run’ and ‘redundant’? ‘It’ ignores the ‘supply side’? ‘Growth’ {and ‘civilisation’} depends upon ‘cheap’ F.F. – those so called ‘halcyon days’ are ‘over’. ?
    “The crisis now unfolding, however, is entirely different to the 1970s in one crucial respect… The 1970s crisis was largely artificial. When all is said and done, the oil shock was nothing more than the emerging OPEC cartel asserting its newfound leverage following the peak of continental US oil production. There was no shortage of oil any more than the three-day-week had been caused by coal shortages. What they did, perhaps, give us a glimpse of was what might happen in the event that our economies depleted our fossil fuel reserves before we had found a more versatile and energy-dense alternative. . . . That system has been on the life-support of quantitative easing and near zero interest rates ever since. Indeed, so perilous a state has the system been in since 2008, it was essential that the people who claim to be our leaders avoid doing anything so foolish as to lockdown the economy or launch an undeclared economic war on one of the world’s biggest commodity exporters . . . And this is why the crisis we are beginning to experience will make the 1970s look like a golden age of peace and tranquility. . . . The sad reality though, is that our leaders – at least within the western empire – have bought into a vision of the future which cannot work without some new and yet-to-be-discovered high-density energy source (which rules out all of the so-called green technologies whose main purpose is to concentrate relatively weak and diffuse energy sources). . . . Even as we struggle to reimagine the 1970s in an attempt to understand the current situation, the only people on Earth today who can even begin to imagine the economic and social horrors that await western populations are the survivors of the 1980s famine in Ethiopia, the hyperinflation in 1990s Zimbabwe, or, ironically, the Russians who survived the collapse of the Soviet Union.” ?

    “It is this belief in a new digital revolution which gave rise to the much-derided article by Danish politician, Ida Auken – originally titled “Welcome to 2030: I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life has never been better.”  More popularly known as “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy.”  It is a world of digital currencies and digital IDs, vaccine passports and 15-minute cities, electrification and driverless cars.  All of it based around the “energy too cheap to meter” from wind turbines and solar panels, and all of it operated by autonomous artificial intelligence within the “singularity” of the “internet of things.”
    It is a mirage, of course… one only visible to so-called “virtuals” – people whose lives and careers are now so detached from the material world that, were there not so many of them, could otherwise be diagnosed as certifiably insane.  The real world, meanwhile, looks more akin to the second global collapse – the first being the collapse of the integrated economies of the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean empires sometime around 1186 BCE.  The majority of ordinary people have seen their living standards decline over the past two decades – a process compounded and accelerated by two years of lockdowns followed by a year of self-destructive sanctions on key resources.”?
    “Current thinking is that global industrial businesses will replace a complex industrial ecosystem that took more than a century to build. The current system was built with the support of the highest calorifically dense source of energy the world has ever known (oil), in cheap abundant quantities, with easily available credit, and seemingly unlimited mineral resources. This replacement is hoped to be done at a time when there is comparatively very expensive energy, a fragile finance system saturated in debt, not enough minerals, and an unprecedented world population, embedded in a deteriorating natural environment. Most challenging of all, this has to be done within a few decades. It is the authors opinion that this will not go according to plan. “?

  • The best solution to the debts is for congress to pass a law eliminating the debts and the interest on that imaginary debt. Obviously the congress authorized a cartel to print the dollars, hence whatever they printed over the past 100 years is a fiat money.

  • This is what is going on:

    Brian T. Kennedy, America’s Top National Security Concern

    Connecting the dots – over two years ago!

    At the hands of treacherous domestic Bolsheviks, wheeler-dealer politicians and compromised fools, the CCP has since successfully turned Russia, a natural ally of the west by the way, and the US against each other in a futile land war in Eastern Europe and at the same time turned Russia back into a renewed alliance with the CCP!


    To add a cherry on top of the CCP victory ice cream sundae, conventional weaponry stocks and bank accounts are being quickly depleted in all western nations foolish enough to participate in this clever boggy land war trap. Is this brilliant or what?

    What next? Only a few days ago China’s president alerted China to imminent hot war with the US and to make all preparations for it.

  • Alexandra,

    As if the above assaults were not bad
    enough—it’s actually worse :

    Below post found here :

    JungianINTP says
    ( JUNE 2, 2023 AT 7:11 PM )

    Richard David,

    Cluelessness, in actuality.

    Here’s a dose of R E A L I T Y,
    Richard et al., :

    It has been a decades-long
    Wrecking-Ball of assaults on
    Americans’ health—FROM
    removing vital iodine from
    bread products ( replacing
    it with a known sedative :
    BROMINE in 1973 ) TO
    putting RAT POISON –
    fluoride – in cities’ water
    supplies TO protecting the
    cause of heart disease and
    stroke – table sugar – ( not
    the health-giving FATS,
    such as real dairy butter ) TO
    inverting the Food Pyramid
    from protein while advancing
    weight-gaining carbs/starch
    TO advancing anything-goes
    SEXUALITY and resulting
    P A N D E M I C / CANCER-
    Causing HPV and other STDs
    TO ubiquitous PORN—keep-
    ing boys and men in a constant
    state of sexual arousal TO . . .

    My below post is found here :

    JungianINTPJune 1, 2023 Reply

    And none of it is by happenstance nor
    accident nor angelic forces—but by the
    Medical Mafia :


  • The Debt does Not exist. It’s All an illusion.
    No Country/Nation is in debt.
    They cannot Rob a Nation’s Gold and/or resources, loan the Government of that Nation Monopoly Money, with interest, and then say you owe us.
    These people are finished in their illusions, & for some reason Congress & the Media are still “Playing House.”

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